Travis Allen’s mostly false claim about crime in California

Hard-right political activist Todd Juvinall is gushing on his blog about meeting Travis Allen, the Orange County Assemblyman who is running for governor.

Todd and his like-minded retirees  “Norm Sauer, Don Bessee, Crawford and Josie Bost” gathered for salad and pizza at the Realtors building to hear Allen.

What Todd left out was Allen’s mostly false claim about crime in California — a dog whistle for his white fan base in a state that is become more Hispanic.

“I have seen crime increase in every major metropolitan area (in California) … Crime is on the rise in every major market,” Allen has stated on the campaign trail.

But Polifact California poked a giant hole in Allen’s narrative: “California has seen dramatic long-term crime reductions since the 1990s,” it noted, and it showed a chart to illustrate it.

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