Todd Juvinall’s blog: A shining example of our local extremism

I thought I’d share with my readers an excerpt from the “blog” of Todd Juvinall, once a Nevada County supervisor and founder of CABPRO (see image below). You can find some other locals posting on Todd’s blog, such as Barry Pruett, Don Bessee, and The Union columnist George Boardman, among others.

Todd has contributed to the campaign of candidates such as our Congressman Doug LaMalfa, and Doug’s campaign staff has happily photographed Todd with Doug in “grip and grin” shots.

Todd contributes to local campaigns too. Todd and Jeff Ackerman, the former Union publisher who still is on the newspaper owner’s management team, are good friends.

Along with posts like this, you can also find insightful comments on Todd’s blog such as “Get ready for the bend over and grab your ankles for 2015.” Todd has lived in Nevada County most of his life, he writes on his blog. His parents came here in the ’40, he adds. His blog reads: “A place we can discuss, bloviate and debate issues and topics of interest.”

Todd’s blog is increasingly pollinated with anonymous comments and personal attacks, lies and innuendo that go unmoderated. Here’s what Todd posted on his blog on Saturday afternoon, while many of us were out Christmas shopping or doing chores:

Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 1.01.29 PM

An Aqua Velva man

CABPRO founder and former Nevada County Supervisor Todd Juvinall recently reported on his blog that he and a “gal pal” visited Doug LaMalfa’s rice farm in Richland for a political fundraiser. “We made the rounds … the tri-tip was so tender!” he reported, adding “I got this picture at the beginning of the evening and before he was shaking all those hands.” Urban dictionary defines a “gal pal” as a “guy who hangs around with all the girls.” It got me thinking that Todd is one of those “Aqua Velva” men.

(Credit: Todd Juvinall's blog)
Todd and Doug down on the rice farm (Credit: Todd Juvinall’s blog)