Locals dis proposed subdivision on Todd Juvinall’s land in GV

The Union followed up this week on the details reported here last month: a proposal to build a 33-lot subdivision on land owned by Todd Juvinall, the ex-County Supervisor, CABPRO founder and caustic hard-right political blogger.  Some of the land has been identified as environmentally sensitive. Though never short of opinions or nasty remarks on his blog, Todd didn’t have much to say about the proposal, telling The Union: “I really have nothing else to say.”

But on Facebooks, local residents had a lot to say — and unlike the internet trolls on Todd’s blog, the residents signed their names. Some examples:

“Hilary Hodge: New housing is essential to Nevada County and sustaining a viable economy BUT that new housing must be affordable for families and for people who are employed in middle and entry-level jobs. More housing for retirees out of the Bay Area looking to stretch their retirement dollars is NOT what this community needs. We need housing that supports young, working folks whose talent and growth continue to support small business and the local economy.

“Jessica Churchill: Yea build more housing that the normal American can’t afford especially in this county so sad most of these places go vacant when there are hundreds of family’s out there that could use a nice warm place to live.

“Larry Bratcher: While I no longer live there GV/NC is still home to me. I am concerned that building more housing in the area will bring more people than the area can support. I reluctantly left in 1982 as unemployment was high then unless you wanted to drive south to to Sacramento our west to Marysville or north to Reno. I went back in 2009 for my mom’s funeral and was shocked at the changes. More congestion in traffic on roads that were not built to handle that many vehicles. Not to mention what was happening to air quality.

“Claire Keller: We don’t need it!

“Susann Grace:  Look around want more of the change that’s taken place in
Nevada County?

“Eleanore MacDonald: Wetland and riparian areas should be left alone. This is 2015, not 1815. And infrastructure? On an already overtaxed system?

“Josh Emery: They will have to either avoid the wetlands or mitigate for them, state and federal law and regulation will ensure that.

“Nancy Ross Bishop: Regardless of state and federal regulations, we residents should pay close attention to the plans.

“Josh Emery: Yep. I hate sprawl and irresponsible development, but this expands the city without expanding its footprint. It impacts habitat that is already affected by fragmentation, instead of expanding and fragmenting more habitat. If development is going to happen, this is how it should be done.

“Sharon Currie: Now you know how us Penn Valley people feel … except we got stuck with the low income inventory.”

“Freq Rider: There goes the neighborhood.”

Former supe Juvinall seeks to build 33-lot subdivision on his land in GV

Juvinall (Credit: Juvinall's blog)
(Credit: Juvinall’s blog)

On Wednesday, the Development Review Committee in Grass Valley “conducted a conceptual review” of a proposal to add a 33-lot residential subdivision to a Grass Valley neighborhood, as The Union is reporting on Thursday.

“The property is owned by former Nevada County Supervisor Todd Juvinall. SCO Planning and Engineering prepared the map and design for the project.”

Indeed the proposal confirms that Juvinall is the owner of the land. The applicant is “530 Capital Partners L.P.” The proposed 33-lot subdivision is located at Glenwood Road and Woodland Avenue. Details are here.

The project site contains about 3 acres of wetland/riparian areas, according to the staff report. “Upon submission of the formal application, the applicant will be required to identify who the responsible entity will be for the wetland/riparian areas,” it adds. “Moreover, the applicant shall be required to provide details on how these areas will be preserved.”

Former County Supervisor and CABPRO founder “Todd Juvinall et al.” is listed as being delinquent on property taxes as of 9/9/15, according to the County’s records.

Juvinall has battled local environmental groups

“CABPRO was established in 1993 when some residents of Nevada County saw property rights, limited government and common sense being replaced with a big government, environment-only focus,” as the group points out on its website. More details are here.

Also in 1993 Juvinall was accused of circulating “serious misinformation” regarding efforts to seek wild and scenic designation for a stretch of the Yuba River. “Serious misinformation regarding Wild and Scenic designation for the South Yuba is being circulated by local opponents Todd Juvinall and John McAlister in a concerted effort to influence public opinion.,” according to a SYRCL document from 1993. “South Yuba landowners and business supporters have received letters from McAlister’s ‘Yuba River Landowners Alliance’ containing significant inaccuracies and irrelevant facts regarding Wild & Scenic designation.” More details are here.

Todd Juvinall: Our Village Idiot

Here’s Todd, George Rebane and friends with Dan Logue, who is running for LaMalfa’s state senate seat. (credit: “Rebane’s Ruminations):
Here’s Todd, hard-right blogger George Rebane and friends with Dan Logue, who supported Rick Perry for president. (credit: “Rebane’s Ruminations):

Along with its cartoon “The Village Idiot” by RL Crabb, The Union this weekend treats its readers to commentary from our community’s longtime real-life village idiot: Todd Juvinall, founder of CABPRO and — get this — once elected to be a County Supervisor.

In “It’s the Democrats with the extreme views,” Todd rambles on about the local Democrat Central Committee, climate change, “liberal extremist power grabs,” PG&E smart meters, Saul Alinksky, Planned Parenthood — all in one article. Did I leave anything out? LOL.

Here’s an excerpt: “Lately we have seen a full-court press by the local democrats to convince people ‘climate change’ is caused by humans. After all my research, it appears to be a hoax.”

“After all my research”? And what are Todd’s qualifications as a climate scientist? “I have been a General Building Contractor since 1977, now inactive,” Todd writes on his blog, which is a mud pit of nasty personal attacks, where internet trolls are allowed to run amok.  “I consider myself a conservative and I support conservative people and issues. I have lived here in Nevada County most of my life. My parents came here in the middle to late forties. I attended NUHS class of 68′ and Sierra College.”

Todd’s commentary is entertaining — like a real-life cartoon — but not informative. It is another shining example of The Union running itself into the ground as a credible information source — ironic, since the newspaper’s publisher likes to make fun of social media and its lack of credibility.

Rather, the newspaper is focusing on holding onto an aging, declining demographic by running whatever material it can round up. Often it comes from longtime subscribers like Todd, whose views represent the past in our community (and an ugly one at that), not the future. There is no fact checking or vetting of the material, a common policy at most other newspapers.

It also is a sad mirror into the small but vocal element of our community, where “those who reject mainstream climate science,” supporters of seceding from California and tea party activists are praised.

None of it ever gets adopted as local policy, but the noise is loud enough to make our community a political laughingstock of Northern California — burning bridges with the rest of the state when it should be building them.

Todd has long been our local poster child for nasty politics, going back to NH2020 and efforts by environmentalists to declare a stretch of the South Yuba River “wild and scenic.” “Serious misinformation regarding Wild and Scenic designation for the South Yuba is being circulated by local opponents Todd Juvinall and John McAlister in a concerted effort to influence public opinion.,” according to a SYRCL document from 1993.

Todd lost this one, along with others. CABPRO is a shell of its former self.

Even local GOPers laugh behind Todd’s back. I once asked one of them how a majority of progressives once got elected to the County Board of Supervisors. He looked at me with a straight face and exclaimed: “Todd Juvinall.”

It’s ironic to think we want to attract a bunch of thoughtful and successful people and businesses here while touting such extremism. It will just scare them off. And The Union is playing right along.

Juvinall forks out $2,500 for a mug with with LaMalfa and Boehner — and thinks he’s “special”

(Credit: Todd's blog)
“Grip and grin” photo (Credit: Todd’s blog)

CABPRO founder and former County supervisor Todd Juvinall is long delinquent on a property tax payment, at least according to the County.

But he still was able to afford a $2,500 donation to Doug LaMalfa’s campaign for Congress. Check out the details here.

But like American Express, “membership” has its privileges. This week, Todd has a post where he’s mugging with Doug and John Boehner, who has now stepped down as Speaker of the House. “I have my picture with him and Doug LaMalfa on my table,” he writes on his blog, waxing on about his political “genius.”

What Todd left out is that the photo was at a political donor gathering at Doug’s big rice farm in the Central Valley: “After mingling for a while, The Speaker of the House, John Boehner arrived. He was escorted by a few Sheriff’s vehicles and he was accompanied by some Secret Service people.  … After a short while we all stood in line and one by one we got our picture taken with Doug and the Speaker.”

The details are here.

So it sound like Todd didn’t earn this photo; he stood in a line and paid for it, like children who wait in line at Macy’s for a photo with Santa Claus.

This is the MO for national politicians, traveling to the hinterlands and getting country bumpkins such as Todd to pony up $2,500 for a “photo op.”

Doesn’t that make Todd special. ROFLOL!

Is a vote for Cheri West a vote for Bessee, Juvinall and their gang?


Crossing a line — again

Now that Assemblyman Brian Dahle’s legislative director Cheri West has declared she will run against Heidi Hall, the question becomes “Is a vote for Cheri a vote for nasty hard-right political activists such as Don Bessee, Todd Juvinall and others?”

Bessee uses the word “bitch slap” in his comments on George Rebane’s blog, such as Walker did bitch slap the Unions into line and won 3 elections in 6 years. He used the phrase again this week. And those are the signed comments!

And Todd calls well-meaning people in our community “turd suckers,” such as this comment to progressive Ben Emery — again on Rebane’s blog: You are a real turd sucker. Really Todd?

This wouldn’t matter much except Bessee became a de-facto spokesman to defeat the marijuana cultivation initiative, Measure “S,” supported by the Sheriff and others. Bessee addressed the Board of Supervisors on Measure “S,” as well as the hazardous vegetation ordinance. He is a board member of the Alta Sierra Homeowners Association.

Most of us do not approve of the word “bitch slap,” including, I suspect, Cheri West or Heidi Hall. Yet I did not hear the proponents of Measure S, including our Sheriff or other “electeds,” threatening to wash Don’s mouth out with soap.

Rebane lets the comments stand without moderation or warning, though most of us would find it distasteful.

Bessee’s behavior is being condoned with silence, just like Donald Trump was silent on the accusation that Obama was a Muslim. Yet silence often speaks a thousand words. It condones political bullying.

The same goes for Juvinall, founder of CABPRO and a former County Supervisor, who often crosses the line with ugly personal attacks, going back to the days of NH2020. Todd has donated hundreds of dollars to Doug LaMalfa’s campaign, as well as some local politicians — but again not a peep from Doug or the others.

All told, I hear nothing but silence from even the more thoughtful GOPers when it comes to these antics. Yet I do hear these same people make negative comments about local Democrats, such as Jim Firth.

It’s a double standard, to be sure.

So people will want to know if Cheri West condones the actions of our local hard-right political activists — on the record. Or are we just going to let history continue repeating itself.

The reason that Heidi Hall is winning support stems from people becoming tired of the hard-right antics, which do not reflect the political diversity of our community. She will win votes from the left but also the middle.

Compared with the hard right, I know of no one who is a left activist who uses words such as “bitch slap” or “you are a real turd sucker” in their commentary.

This is akin to what’s happening in national politics, more from the right than the left. It’s our locals’ version of the Jerry Springer show.

People will be watching to see if Cheri West takes a stand. It needs to be part of the conversation, for these candidates and any others in District 1.

Juvinall thinks Beason’s retirement could mean an opening for him

Who will tell the Emperor he has no clothes?
Who will tell the Emperor he has no clothes?

You can’t make this stuff up!

After Nate Beason announced he would not seek a fourth term as County supervisor, CABPRO founder Todd Juvinall wrote on his blog: “It may leave an opening for a old guy like me to get back in the game.

“So maybe if I don’t have to work as hard as I did many years ago, I might jump in.”

Delusional! Absolutely delusional! But it makes for good theater.

Todd Juvinall’s blog: A shining example of our local extremism

I thought I’d share with my readers an excerpt from the “blog” of Todd Juvinall, once a Nevada County supervisor and founder of CABPRO (see image below). You can find some other locals posting on Todd’s blog, such as Barry Pruett, Don Bessee, and The Union columnist George Boardman, among others.

Todd has contributed to the campaign of candidates such as our Congressman Doug LaMalfa, and Doug’s campaign staff has happily photographed Todd with Doug in “grip and grin” shots.

Todd contributes to local campaigns too. Todd and Jeff Ackerman, the former Union publisher who still is on the newspaper owner’s management team, are good friends.

Along with posts like this, you can also find insightful comments on Todd’s blog such as “Get ready for the bend over and grab your ankles for 2015.” Todd has lived in Nevada County most of his life, he writes on his blog. His parents came here in the ’40, he adds. His blog reads: “A place we can discuss, bloviate and debate issues and topics of interest.”

Todd’s blog is increasingly pollinated with anonymous comments and personal attacks, lies and innuendo that go unmoderated. Here’s what Todd posted on his blog on Saturday afternoon, while many of us were out Christmas shopping or doing chores:

Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 1.01.29 PM