Reinette Senum’s Kickstarter campaign for a film “They Call Me Fruitcake”

cb3e42634fd94e7d86a5e58cc3cc381b_largeReinette Senum — our local adventuring storyteller, filmmaker, writer, community activist, and former city council member and mayor — has launched a $30,000 “Kickstarter” campaign to fund a film about her becoming the first woman to cross Alaska alone, and the inspiring family connections and revelations that followed.

Our family has seen Reinette’s one-women show documenting her walk across Alaska at the Nevada Theatre, and our son, along with the rest of us, thoroughly enjoyed it. As a result, we happily donated $100 to the filmmaking venture this morning. The hope is that that this DVD can be used by schools, organizations, and the public at-large

We also have appreciated Reinette’s pioneering effort to launch the Nevada City Farmers Market, the annual farm-to-table banquet and the Boardwalk — all of which has added vibrancy to lower Commercial Street. It has led to gatherings such as First Friday Artwalk. Reinette also helped inspire the Three Forks Bakery & Brewing Co.  She is a hard-working community volunteer.

These are nonpartisan endeavors. We need to support the diversity in our community.

They Call Me Fruitcake is an inspiring true story about unparalleled self-discovery 120 years in the making, spanning the last frontier, transcending generations, and revealing an epic twist of fate and the legacy it left behind,” according to Reinette’s Kickstarter campaign.

“Humorous and compelling in its telling, They Call Me Fruitcake is the true story of Reinette Senum whose search for answers about the meaning behind her wandering life leads her to the Alaskan wilderness in 1994. Traveling over 1,500 miles and hauling a sled weighing 160 pounds with rescued sled dog, Diamond, this 27 year-old self-made adventurer battles sub-freezing temperatures, exhaustion and the vast loneliness of the Alaskan wild.”

Why is the film titled “They Call Me Fruitcake”? “When Reinette announced to the Steven Village elders that she had decided to continue her journey in a her own hand-built Athabascan style canoe – they swiftly changed her name to Fruitcake — hence the title of this film and a turning point in Reinette’s life.”

The link to a video is here: (The photo below is static but it shows Reinette’s pioneering spirit). Good luck!

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