The Union columnist George Boardman’s blog posts about me are getting a little creepy

George Boardman
Credit: The Union

Earlier this week, I got an email that the Chevron station in Nevada City was the victim of a credit-card skimming incident. I emailed the information to Don Rogers and Brian Hamilton at The Union, and others might have too. It resulted in a news article — reasonable enough, and a good job.

But here’s how George Boardman, The Union’s weekly columnist, handled this news it in a blog post — a creepy angle, to be sure.

—”… the Chevron gas station and mini-mart in Nevada City, a business that’s within shouting distance of where he lives.” No, it is not within “shouting distance” of our home. Not even electric megaphone distance.

— “Well, we know the family likes to spend gas money down the hill at the Arco station in Auburn, so my guess is he buys most of his gas at the Arco station in Grass Valley.” No. We do not frequent either of those stations much. We mostly “gas up” at the Gold Flat Union station or one of several (never Arco) in Grass Valley. BTW, Auburn is not “down the hill”; it is “on the hill.”

—”It’s estimated that about 30 customers have been victimized to the tune of about $30,000. Was Jeffie one of them?” No; you could have checked with me.

— “Then there’s Pioneer Park, within walking distance for somebody in reasonable shape.” This is juxtaposed against an unflattering photo of me, taken without my permission some time ago by someone who has never identified themselves, that once appeared on Todd Juvinall’s blog. Are creeps following me around with a camera?

— “All of this crime may explain why he installed a security system in his home.” Too much information, George.

Small towns are a hoot!