Hodge’s run for Supe confirms The Union columnist Boardman got it wrong (again)

“Bored Georgeman”
Credit: The Union

“What office is Hodge seeking? How about GV Council?” The Union’s columnist George Boardman wrote on his blog on July 11.

No George, you got it wrong. Again (examples here, here , here and here). Hilary is running against Dan Miller for District 3 Supervisor, as she announced in a press release this afternoon. Even arch-conservative Don Bessee had figured this out in advance.

But instead of apologizing to his readers for getting it wrong, Boardman spins his own fantasy that I am a “boy toy” for Hilary, just as he claims I was a “fav” for Terry Lamphier.

In fact, I did not endorse Terry, and I do not plan to endorse Hilary.

The “boy toy” for Hilary’s campaign, I suppose, was The Union, who got the press release ahead of others in the media. She had been a weekly columnist for The Union.

It didn’t bother me to post the “news” later, because it was old news (except to Boardman). Still, Hilary wrote this note to me: “Sorry about the delay out of the gate there. A friend just told me that I should send my PRs to all media on the same email. I’ll use better protocol as I get the hang of this.”

While I didn’t endorse a candidate in the District 3 race, I did do some reporting. I was happy to call out a bullying campaign practice where Miller’s supporters hung a sign over the Grass Valley Chamber of Commerce during last District 3 race, supporting Miller. The Union wrote about it too. It showed no class.

Boardman goes on to speculate: “He yearns to see Hodge join Heidi Hall and alleged liberal Richard Anderson on the Board of Supervisors to create a new progressive majority.”

Other than sounding threatened, Boardman is wrong (again). But what Hilary does bring to the table is a more mature temperament that what I have often seen from the boisterous 60- and 70-something “get off my lawn” white males in our towns (Boardman is one of them), who dominate our homogenous demographic.

We are changing, though. In fact, I noticed a loyal show of support for Hilary on social media, including from some longtime residents. It’s apparent that some are fed up. The results of the last local election showed as much.

And as I predicted the campaigning already is getting ugly. On Facebook, an ugly group called “Deplorables of Nevada County” posted this under the announcement on The Union’s Facebook page. Here we go again!