Rebane once called STEAM education “specious”; now his TechTest is integrated into the local program

Local hard-right political activist Dr. George Rebane — a legend in his own mind — used to rant against STEAM education (a reasonable educational approach to learning that uses science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics).

One of the rants appeared on KVMR, where George is a commentator on the news hour (and a generous donor). “STEM is not powered by STEAM” he opined, seeming to insult the intelligence of arts students: “Preparing for a STEM career is hard, and not everyone is qualified to do so.  That is a prime reason why so many of our youth seek easier educational paths into adulthood and the nation’s workforce.”

“With all these important things going on, we suddenly see a new initiative from the progressive Left to revive arts education in our public high schools through a specious attempt to attract additional funding from established STEM programs.  This is done by injecting ‘Arts’ as a necessary and integral part of a complete STEM education – the new acronym then becomes STEAM.”

Well guess what? Rebane’s “Tech Test” is now part of the local STEAM Expo! “This year TechTestJr was part of the Nevada County STEAM Expo ( held on Saturday the 25th of March at the Nevada County Fair Grounds at which time the test takers received their awards,” the good Dr. informs us on his blog. (BTW, as most STEAM students know, it’s “Fairgrounds,” not “Fair Grounds).

A change of heart or a breakdown in George’s own rigorous “critical thinking”? lol. The “Church Lady” sums it  up best: