Memo to Don Bessee: “Madame Pantsuits” beats Trump in marijuana scorecard

Our local anti-marijuana activist Don Bessee is one of the nastiest local activists around — like so many others on our local hard right. He often attacks the person, rather than their idea.

Bessee repeatedly refers to former U.S. Senator, former Secretary of State and presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton as “Madame Pantsuits” on the hard-right blogs, such as “Rebane’s Ruminations.” Don makes other nasty personal references to local progressives. 

“Madame Pantsuit” is a pejorative, immature and sexist reference to the former Secretary of State about her appearance. Don doesn’t belong in a community leader role.

Yet Bessee thrusts himself into the local spotlight as a self-appointed local spokesman for “Smart Approaches to Marijuana,” opposing legalizing marijuana for recreational purposes. He shows up at county Board of Supervisors meetings and writes Other Voices to lambast the “other side.”

Well here’s some news for Don: “Clinton, the Democratic frontrunner, picked up a “B-” from SAM on a “marijuana scorecard” while Donald Trump, a leading Republican contender and businessman, received a “C+.” The rankings are here.

“Clinton was in the middle of the pack because she doesn’t support marijuana legalization but would support states ‘experimenting’ with legalization, according to the group,” reports. “She has expressed reservations about ‘medical’ marijuana, but does support overhaul of the criminal justice system to avoid incarcerating low-level drug users, and supports treatment-based approach to addiction issues,’ the group added.”

As for Trump, SAM states: “Mr. Trump opposes legalization of marijuana, but would allow states to legalize its use. He supports “medical” marijuana programs. He has not articulated a position on sentencing issues concerning marijuana possession and use.”

Marco Rubio, Chris Christie and Ben Carson all got “A’s,” according to SAM, but none of them are in the race anymore.