An Ackerman disciple rejoins The Union as City Editor: Woo-hoo!

Remember Jeff Ackerman? The “Donald Trump of western Nevada County journalism”?Well, he’s baack! – at least a protegé has returned as the City Editor.

Ross Maak apparently has rejoined The Union as its City Editor, at least according to a weekend article on the newspaper’s website. (The masthead still hasn’t been updated). He replaces Liz Kellar, who moved to Alaska.

Ross is a longtime pal of The Union’s current editor Brian Hamilton; Brian was the sports editor and Ross was a sports writer and copy editor. Jeff, Brian and Ross were bosom buddies.

You can read Ross’ “swan song” here, from The Union, though it is locked behind a paywall. He transferred to retail (selling appliances) and Swift’s Greeley Tribune.

Small-town journalism in communities like ours is a hoot! Like recycling. The future of journalism is HERE, not here.

A real question for The Union’s readership is why can’t it attract any new blood outside of shifting people around within the Swift newspaper “empire”? It keeps happening.