Gov. Newsom hints at gov’t control of PG&E if bankruptcy fizzles

“Gov. Gavin Newsom demanded Friday that Pacific Gas & Electric shareholders and executives, wildfire victims, bondholders and other parties involved in the company’s bankruptcy convene in Sacramento next week to work out a deal — and threatened to craft a government-led plan to restructure the state’s largest utility if an agreement isn’t reached quickly,” as the Los Angeles Times is reporting.

“’It is my hope that the stakeholders in PG&E will put parochial interests aside and reach a negotiated resolution so that we can create this new company and forever put the old PG&E behind us,’ Newsom said in a statement. ‘If the parties fail to reach an agreement quickly to begin this process of transformation, the state will not hesitate to step in and restructure the utility.’

“Newsom hinted at a possible government takeover of PG&E as public anger continues to grow in Northern California after back-to-back record-setting power shut-offs that left millions of customers in the dark for days on end. Under mounting pressure to take action, Newsom repeated at a news conference Friday a pledge to increase state oversight of the troubled company. He said the state’s intervention would ensure the utility that emerges from bankruptcy prioritizes safe, reliable and affordable service.”\

The rest of the article is here.

The Streets of Nevada City

IMG_3910First some pinheads on the Nevada City Council refused to reimburse race organizers for the Amgen Tour of California. (Joining other residents, we rallied and donated $250 to help out; what else are you going to do? Stiff the hard-working race organizers, like the city did?)

Then there’s the 800-square-foot “granny” (AKA more like a home) that was being erected without a public hearing within about 10 feet of a poor neighbor’s house without input. And while the process isn’t right, it’s “legal,” we’re firmly told. I suspect it will require a lot of plantings to block that “view.” “Gee, thanks for nothing!”

Now welcome to the streets of Nevada City, where the crepe myrtles are in bloom — but the streets have been ripped apart for months, thanks to a new water main and a new gas line from PG&E — all at the same time. It’s a big mess.

We joke about the “temporary no parking” signs that, in fact, are dated from 5/8 to 8/31. PG&E now thinks it will last until September. There’s loose asphalt all over the street.

Come visit if you dare, but it’s going to be dusty and dirty — just like the old west. That “new” street cleaner is nowhere to be seen.

The piles of rocks, rebar and debris would make a trip down the street unfit for a baby carriage, let alone riders in the Amgen Tour of California.

Our neighbors are all joking about “Quanitytown.” LOL.