Anti-MJ activist to “update” Tea Party on marijuana legislation

You can’t make this stuff up! The NC Scooper’s take on Don Bessee is here. You’ll also notice the Tea Party flyer reads “Lunch is salad, bread and desert (sic).” Do you mean dessert???!!!

As we roll into another year in western Nevada County, nestled in the Golden State of California, I’m reminded this blog will never, ever run out of material.

Go Don! Please “educate us” over “desert.” LOL.

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Nevada County Tea Party’s “Back the Blue” campaign includes donating search tools to our police

Besides its “Adopt a School” program, the Nevada County Tea Party Patriots has launched a program called “Back the Blue.” It includes providing officers in Nevada County with search tools. “Law officers nationwide are under attack,” according to the tea party’s website. This is the latest example of the tea party attempting to influence our culture, not just our politics.

In Ohio, “the Portage County TEA Party announced that it’s [sic] members would be taking cookies, cakes and pies to local police and fire departments over the next week to thank them for their service to our communities. The effort is partially in reaction to the statements that have been made attacking police officers in particular after the events in Ferguson, MO and New York City,” the group said.

In 2010, the Tea Party Patriots, led by local Mark Meckler, held a rally at the Elk’s Lodge in Grass Valley outlining the 40-year plan to “take back our country.” The plan is far reaching. “Meckler suggested it would tackle four areas: educational, judicial, political and cultural, infusing them with traditional values by supporting conservative teachers, judges, politicians and musicians,” according to the Internet reports. The Tea Party also is targeting voter fraud.

The Union’s role in tea party messaging

The local tea party’s website also includes a section titled “Patriot’s speak out.” It includes a list of articles that have appeared in the op-ed section of The Union newspaper. One example: “Patriot Norm Sauer speaks out about recent Supreme Court decisions.” Sauer is a member of The Union’s editorial board.

Others are: “Eddie Garcia: Observations on State of Jefferson presentation
Read May 29, 2015 Union Other Voices here

“Nancy Garcia: Time to learn more about the State of Jefferson
Read May 27, 2015 Union article here”

The tea party’s “Back the Blue” campaign is spelled out on its website here:
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Nevada County Tea Party wants to “adopt a school” but can’t spell “constitution”

The Nevada County Tea Party Patriots are seeking volunteers for an “Adopt a School” program for the 2015-16 school year, according to its website. It involves being a “co-ordinator for the Pocket Constition [sic] and the Constituional [sic] Quest to get them to schools at the same time.”

It also calls for putting “NCTP stickers on the back of the Pocket Constituions [sic] and to “update and/or create an Excel spreadsheet of every school in the county, including a spreadsheet on the teachers in each school.” Here’s a screen grab of the post:

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Local tea party welcomes divisive radio talk-show host to our community

Screen Shot 2014-05-18 at 9.19.21 AMWe hear how the hard right is so freedom loving and fiscally conservative, but the discussion often turns toward race, gay rights, bashing the President and the “culture wars,” revealing a hidden (and no-so hidden) agenda. The tone is negative, insulting, even hateful.

A shining example is Phil Cowan of KTKZ AM 1380 The Answer, dubbed “the conservative voice of Sacramento County,” whom the Nevada County Tea Party is inviting to speak in our community on May 28.

Cowan joins the hard-right “hit parade” that recently has come to our community, including Constitutional “Sheriff” Richard Mack, “Defend Rural America” activist Doyel Shamley, Paster Rafael Cruz, and Tim Donnelly, the tea-party candidate for governor, among others. (Still no word whether Neel Kashkari, the other GOP candidate for governor, will come here).

Cowan claims he is “intelligent, conservative talk,” but a glance at Cowan’s Facebook page (with just 407 “likes”) reveals content that is more about “how insults quickly fly,” as the L.A. Times wrote about conservative talk show hosts in an article titled “Conservative talk radio on the wane in California.” Some examples from Cowan’s Facebook posts:

On Beyoncé topping Time’s 2014 ‘100 Most Influencial People’ list: “Really? I mean, REALLY?”

On UCLA rejecting a $3 million gift from Donald Sterling (and integrity): “I’m disappointed. Yes, he’s a racist, but this is a grant that could have saved lives. Isn’t that more important than a public show of ‘diversity?’ Take the racist jerk’s money and put it to good use! It doesn’t have to mean you endorse the man’s viewpoint.”

On NFL player Michael Sam declaring he’s gay: “Read this story from NBC and tell me if you think Michael Sam came out for some noble social purpose. One quote says it all: ‘If he isn’t selected, it’s a public black eye on the league.’ THAT is why he came out. He’s daring the NFL to not draft him.'”

On young people supporting Hilary Clinton for President in 2016: “This is the youth vote that fuels the Democratic Party. These kids’ ignorance would be amusing if it wasn’t destroying the country.”

10369895_645118525574253_3926510794131077098_nOn fashion (and how Cowan chooses to illustrate it): “I know I sound like an old guy, but this is a fashion trend I don’t quite understand. When I saw this guy today, I had to take a picture (shown to the left). He’s wearing his pants so that the waistband rides BELOW his butt. He couldn’t walk normally! WHY?! Why would a rational person do this?”

People such as Cowan reveal a set of values that extend far beyond being fiscally conservative and freedom loving.