Union columnist Boardman chides Heidi Hall for expressing her first-amendment rights

A candidate for Pink Hat Project!

The paid Union columnist George Boardman, king of  the curmudgeon, “get off my lawn” movement in our community, has a problem with incoming County Supervisor Heidi Hall expressing her first amendment rights.

In an insulting tone “Supervisor Heidi Hall’s on the job … in Washington,” Boardman writes on his blog:

“When Heidi Hall was sworn in recently as the new District 1 supervisor, she said she has a lot of things she wants to accomplish … but that doesn’t mean she can’t find time in her schedule to stand in solidarity with her sisters in Washington D.C. this weekend.” “Sisters”?

Hall is part of a peaceful march but Boardman — in the same paragraph — lumps that group with “festivities (that) included street violence, vandalism and the arrest of at least 100 demonstrators after Donald Trump took the oath of office.”

No, George, you’ve got the wrong group. And “brothers” (AKA men) also were marching with “sisters” in the peaceful march.

“Hopefully, Hall can avoid such unpleasantness and return to Nevada County in time for Tuesday’s supervisors meeting so that she can, you know, get to work on cannabis regulations, helping the homeless and getting ready for the fire season,” he concludes.

George and his like-minded “brothers” ought to be prepared for an invigorated group from our local left that likely will continue to shift the local political scene in their direction — not his.

I guess George forgot that in the election Heidi Hall won her race handily, and Hillary Clinton carried our County. Kamala Harris also carried our County. And Tom McClintock lost in our County while Doug LaMalfa won narrowly.

George Boardman would be well advised to trade his little tin foil hat for a pink-knit hat. (I came up with a rendering of what he might look like in a pink hat, choosing a fashionable one).

As for The Union, I keep wondering how George Boardman is a “growth strategy” for its own future. He is a “declining, aging” strategy.