The Union and League of Women Voters defends “My Sexbot Cut Off My Penis” journalism?

“NC Scooper’s” front page headline today

The Union joined The League of Women Voters in hosting a sophomoric presentation on fake news last week. One of the “panelists” was a computer monitor that displayed the image of a swimming fish (AKA the editor of NC Scooper). The local left and local right rarely agree, but both agreed that this presentation was sophomoric. That was an understatement! Some in the audience walked out. Details are here and here.

But The Union, rather than apologizing, is now defending this mistake with an asinine narrative: “HIT: To the timely and insightful discussion of fake news and satire last week organized and hosted by the League of Women Voters on Tuesday at Sierra Nevada Community College (sic). The managing editor of Snopes, a national fact-checking site, spoke with the publisher of Nevada County Scooper, a news satire site on the spectrum of fake. The anonymity of the site’s contributors irritates some and the mystery adds interest for others. But it appears there’s far more interest in Scooper’s brand of satire than in a couple of local blogs carping about them, based on Alexa’s measurements.”

First of all, it is Sierra College, not “Sierra Nevada Community College.” What idiot wrote and copyedited this? Second, check out the headline from today’s “Scooper”: “My sexbot cut off my penis,” claims area man.” Wow, isn’t that clever “satire.”

In addition, The Union seems to think that “Alexa’s measurements” (AKA projected but not verified web traffic) are the arbitrator of this fiasco.

In fact, the arbitrators are The Union’s circulation and revenue trends, as well as the League’s fundraising efforts as a supposed nonpartisan, nonprofit. This presentation was an embarrassment to both and has damaged their credibility.

How stupid does The Union think its residents are? The self-appointed “establishment” in small towns are a hoot, keeping it “small” and provincial.

Scooping the Scooper and “Shifters”: “Hipsters” visit Nevada City and spend hundreds of dollars

The NC Scooper and some “Nevada City Shifters” (AKA local old guard) are making light of a busload of “hipster” bartenders that visited Nevada City on Tuesday night, as first reported on our magazine’s Facebook page at 4:49 p.m. on Monday. (For the record, our magazine’s Facebook page has 7,204 “likes” — more than The Union or Auburn Journal of “old-guard” media).

Our  magazine’s post observed: “Golden Era will host a Nor-Cal Bartenders event Tuesday 2/23/16 from 6 close. Meet some of the top bartenders in Northern California with special guest Zach Saffron, from Woodbury, in San Francisco. We expect approximately 40 + of the top bartenders on this special field trip sponsored by Macallan, Cutty Sark, and Highland Park. Neat pours will be from Macallan and Highland Park. Special cocktails will be with Cutty Sark.”

It sounded like a cool event. We couldn’t make it because I was holding down the fort with our teen-age son, while my wife was out of town — in fact, introducing our “wine country” to the vintners and tourists of Amador County. Yes, an economic development mission.

But the parody-minded Scooper was unimpressed. Its anonymous correspondents wrote: “Others were equally sanguine, especially Sparky and Crabb (The Union cartoonist who lives in Grass Valley, not Nevada City), who carefully observed that Duffy’s Alley still remains closed.” The parody website noted: “Repeated attempts to contact Scoopy for comment were unsuccessful.”

In fact, I was not contacted by the Scooper. But if I had been, I would have pointed out that as a 10-year “three digit” homeowner of Nevada City (itty bitty credentials to a old-timer but still worth mentioning), I was glad to see the San Francisco bartenders (AKA hipsters) come to town:

The cocktail sponsors dropped “big coin” at the National Hotel for dinner and drinks and tips for their staff on the journey to our little burg (estimated in the high hundreds to low thousands of dollars). The Scooper and RL Crabb ought to follow up with the hotel’s owner Tom Coleman.

The out-of-town visitors also “bellied up” to the other bars and restaurants, the Crazy Horse and Mine Shaft, among others, in town during an otherwise quiet weeknight — good news for the town in general. And they are now ambassadors for our town when they return to the big city.

Crabb, Sparky and the “shifters” ought to appreciate that kind of economic development (AKA “cash on the barrelhead”). I’ve never seen their bar tab.

Meanwhile, I suspect some of the old timers’ single-minded focus on the “Duffy’s alleyway” — a “historic landmark” in the minds of some old duffers — will be resolved later this year, because the city and Golden Era bar owners are working on a solution.

Small towns are a hoot! The hipsters and the “shifters.”