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Union editorial board member Sauer defends unqualified education secretary DeVos

One reason The Union is such a mediocre newspaper is that it has stacked its “editorial board” with selfish ideologues.  In a politically diverse community such as ours, it serves to divide, not unite. Norm Sauer is one shining example. … Continue reading

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Wonder why The Union’s print circulation has “plateaued”? Another Rebane column

“Our print subscriptions have plateaued along a line that would show a slight drop since the recession,” writes Publisher Don Rogers in his weekly column. “The drop is very, very slow, but yes, perceptible.” One reason is The Union’s choice … Continue reading

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More bull “you know what” in the local blogosphere from George Rebane

Editor’s note: This is the typical bull “you know what” from local hard-right political activist and blogger George Rebane. Contrary to what he has written below, here’s the kind of nasty remarks George has made about Anna Haynes, who created … Continue reading

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Local political “know-it-all’s” definition of “elitist” perfectly describes Mike Pence

Local Barry Pruett — our local, self-described political know-it-all (who also lost the race for county clerk-recorder in every precinct against Greg Diaz) — has returned to the blogosphere now that Trump-Pence has prevailed, enlightening us with his bull on … Continue reading

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Rebane’s latest KVMR commentary: “Minorities — ‘unaware and compliant’ voters”

Hard-right political blogger George “Raghead” Rebane has posted the transcript of his latest KVMR commentary on his blog. It is titled “Minorities — ‘unaware and compliant’ voters.” The transcript begins: “The bottom line is that blacks and other minorities have … Continue reading

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Here comes Heidi! Duane’s crew better open wallets wider, finance reports show

Duane Strawser has collected $14,200 in campaign contributions from January 1, 2016 to April 23, while his opponent Heidi Hall has collected much more — $24,703 at last count, campaign finance reports reviewed by Sierra Foothills Report show. Duane’s cash … Continue reading

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Wingnuts hijack the KVMR News Hour

Our hard-right political blogger and activist George Rebane has once again soiled the KVMR News Hour with his “commentary.” It continues to amaze me that KVMR doesn’t reserve a show for George as it does for others instead of including … Continue reading

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