The “George Boardman rally”

On October 31, The Union’s smug columnist George Boardman wrote on George Rebane’s blog: “After learning Sunday that the Trump mask is the most popular political mask this Halloween, I sold the rest of our stocks this morning. We decided around Labor Day that if Clinton wasn’t a clear winner two weeks before election day, we would sell our stocks so that we are in cash election day. I hope I’m not in a position to say I told you so when the markets close Nov. 11.”

We first brought this up on November 23. Since then, the market has continued to go up! And to think George was once a business writer. Gadzooks!


Two published corrections in two weeks from The Union columnist Boardman — this time on Measure “B” for our schools

George “CORRECTION” Boardman (Photo: The Union)

We find this gem buried at the bottom of  paid weekly columnist George Boardman’s (AKA “Bored Georgeman’s”) column on Monday morning (October 31) in The Union newspaper, stemming from an inaccurate, embarrassing and uninformed rant against Measure “B,” a needed initiative to upgrade our schools (and support our youth):

“CORRECTION: A $784,000 expenditure for a new track at Nevada Union High School mentioned in last week’s column on Measure B is money earmarked for a new turf field at Hooper Stadium if voters approve the bond issue. District officials state the proposed expenditure is a low priority item.”


It comes on the heels of another inaccurate, embarrassing and uninformed rant — and this correction — from “Bored’s” October 16 column:

“CORRECTION: Sloppy note taking and some ham-handed typing turned a mention of Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap in last week’s column into Dr. Bonner’s Magic Soup. I apologize for the error.”

When is The Union’s management (AKA Publisher Don Rogers and Editor Brian Hamilton) going to dump this moronic column? What are Don and Brian afraid of? The ghost of Jeff Ackerman (a Boardman “mini me”)? Jeff is safely out of the state, much less the community.

Give us all a break! I double dare you. BTW, why isn’t Boardman’s confidant R.L. Crabb cartooning this? It should be titled CORRECTION. roflol.

Boardman: A “get off my lawn” column directed at our schools


9ryvxqhThe Union’s paid columnist, George Boardman (AKA “Bored” Georgeman), this week is using his column to advocate for a “no” vote on Measure B — a selfish and short-sighted perspective that undermines our schools, our children, and exemplifies the geezerish “get off my lawn” mindset that is counterproductive to our community’s progress.

He claims “Measure B” doesn’t pass the “smell test.” He blathers on — taking a cue from the “talking points” of none other than Wade Freedle, the tea party and State of Jefferson activist. Wade’s spouse, Fran, was active in county politics during a “bitterly divided” political scene. Real role models for community progress.

What’s missing is that George never got up out of his arm chair in his “gated” community and actually visited the schools, the students and the administrators to get the real “scoop.” If he had, he would have seen the value of this $47 million bond issue. He would have heard about the need firsthand.

Broken gas main at NU
Broken gas pipe at NU

“Our facilities are in urgent need of safety upgrades and basic repairs, as our schools have broken plumbing and bathrooms, aging fire prevention and electrical systems, outdated wiring for computer technology and limited access for students with disabilities,” as the “Yes on B” campaign notes.

This week, I’ve been invited to return to Nevada Union High to address the AP government class. I enjoy having a dialogue with the students, hearing about their concerns, and learning firsthand what issues concern them.

I’ve been asked to speak about the role of media and politics. “I am sure they will be interested in hearing about a small town newspaper versus a publication like the San Francisco Chronicle or Time magazine, as well as the role of social media,” I was told.

I’ll ask the students — among our “best and brightest” — what they thought of George’s column and The Union newspaper in general. (I’ll bring along a copy of George’s column just in case they missed it).

I’ll ask them whether they think The Union management does a good job of reflecting their perspective, whether it’s Measure “B” or anything else, in the newspaper. And whether it is helping to lead our community in the right direction.

The Union columnist Boardman blames “sloppy note taking” and “ham-handed typing” for his latest error

On Oct. 10, this blog noted the latest error by George Boardman, The Union’s paid weekly columnist, mistaking the top-selling organic liquid and bar soap brand in North America for “soup.” And he also misspelled the entrepreneur’s name, writing “Dr. Bonner,” not Dr. Bronner.

George wrote this lame correction in this week’s column:

“CORRECTION: Sloppy note taking and some ham-handed typing turned a mention of Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap in last week’s column into Dr. Bonner’s Magic Soup. I apologize for the error.”

No, George, the real issue is that you are clueless (AKA, “sloppy” intelligence). As one reader here wrote: “I couldn’t resist commenting over there Jeff:  Magic SOUP? Would that be the kind with mushrooms? Does anybody at the Union spell check his articles. The name is Bronner and its soap, not soup. What a geezer.”

Memo to The Union’s management (AKA Don Rogers and Brian Hamilton): Don’t you think it’s time to “retire” George’s column? It’s an embarrassment to serious journalism. Oh, and

Another factual error by The Union’s George Boardman — “Dr. Bonner’s Magic Soup” (sic)

snipimage-%7bc1560b54-4fe0-4861-8d93-ddfc6d9101b9%7d4You can’t make this stuff up! “Another business supporter is David Bonner, president of Dr. Bonner’s Magic Soup, whatever that entails,” “Bored Georgeman,” (AKA George Boardman), The Union’s weekly columnist writes this week, referring to supporters of Proposition 64 (to legalize recreational marijuana in California).

What a dunce! First his name is Dr. Bronner, not “Dr. Bonner.” Then it’s “Soap,” not “Soup.”

The bright and wordy labels of Dr. Bronner’s soaps are a common site at most organic food stores — and have been around since the ’60 and before.

“The Bronner’s story also happens to be the tale of the top-selling organic liquid and bar soap brand in North America,” as Inc. writes. “Dr. Bronner’s notched more than $44 million in sales in 2011. It has grown well over 1,000 percent in the past 12 years. The company’s president since 1998, 38-year-old David Bronner, is a ponytailed marijuana activist who drives a rainbow Mercedes that runs on French fry grease.”

This is another example of George Boardman’s ignorance. Mr. Podunk.


Van Zant points to “absurd” assertion by The Union’s paid columnist Boardman

“I was taken aback by George Boardman’s Aug. 28 column, ‘Wild lands burn while special interests argue over what’s best for them,’ writes Peter Van Zant, a former Nevada County District 1 supervisor, a long term Sierra conservationist and currently on the board of directors of the Sierra Nevada Alliance, in The Union.

“The assertion that an argument over forest management and post-fire protocol is a cause of the fires is absurd.

“…(Boardman) blames this on ‘environmentalists who … have a hard time tolerating the harvesting of dead trees — never mind ones that are actually alive.’ Really?”

“I have been involved in Sierra conservation issues for more than 25 years. There is no credible conservation group subscribing to Boardman’s assertion: ‘On one side we have tree-hugging environmentalists who would be much happier if people would just disappear from the wilderness landscape.’

“Wildland fires and the future of the Sierra landscape are serious issues. They won’t be solved by conjuring up tired old animosities.”

The Union’s weekly columnist suggests “brucelevy” is a sock puppet

"Fossil Fuel"
“Fossil Fuel”

What a hoot! The Union’s weekly columnist George Boardman now is suggesting that “brucelevy” is a sock puppet.

“… ‘brucelevy,’ who many people think is one of (the blogosphere’s) sock puppets,” George writes.

No, George. Bruce isn’t a sock puppet. He just doesn’t have much respect for The Union newspaper — like a lot of people.

What a lot of people also find astounding is how The Union publisher Don Rogers can continue to keep George Boardman around as a weekly columnist. It reflects on his judgment too.

Boardman column lumps us into North State for pot consumption to make his point

George Boardman, The Union’s paid weekly columnist, has a propensity for twisting facts to fit his thesis — as well as the words of others.

I have no idea whether The Union management notices this, but others do. It’s why he is wearing thin as a weekly commentator. He neither informs nor entertains.

And this week he’s done it again.

George begins his column: “This part of California doesn’t lead the nation in much of anything, except when it comes to the cultivation and use of marijuana.”

In fact, the region George is referring to doesn’t include our community — it refers to the North State — an area north of Nevada County.

In the middle of his column, George concedes there is a difference between Nevada County (2R in the study) and the North State (1R) but he spins it like this: “Nevada County wasn’t far behind our neighbors to the north. The researchers included us in region 2R, where 11 percent to 12.9 percent of the residents said they smoked pot at least once last month.”

In fact, the figures for 2R are prevalent in other parts of the state — and the figures for 1R are considerably higher. So are the figures for Colorado, where pot is legal.

The statistics George writes about do not paint a picture that we lead the nation in pot use and consumption, as his lead sentence implies.

George’s “observations from the center stripe” is an ongoing series of irresponsible statements and cheap shots. It is not entertaining or informative either. One example: “Just in time for the start of school, we’re seeing a spike in whooping cough cases.” Yet there is no context. In fact, the cases have been more prevalent in the past.

Another week passes with a podunk column by “Bored Georgeman.”

George Boardman: “The lady doth protest too much, methinks”

Poor “Bored Georgeman.” My blog has him all tied up in knots. I’m just holding up a mirror to his “commentary,” from asinine claims that YubaNet is “smoke and mirrors” to egregious errors such as confusing the Folsom dam with the Auburn dam. Duh!

All the talent that we have in our community, and The Union chooses a fossil with a resume of jumping from one podunk newspaper to another (and then into p.r.) as its paid weekly columnist. He is not reflective of our community.

But don’t take my word for it: Ask around. I wonder if the new publisher, Mr. Rogers, is asking around. He should be.

I guess it reflects The Union’s demographics — aging and declining. George at least ought to upgrade his email account from “AOL” to “gmail.” After all, it’s 2016, not 1998. ROFLOL.

Wise up Boardman! YubaNet scoops The Union and NCTV on big Supe vote

Editor’s note: The Union’s weekly columnist “Bored Georgeman” (AKA George Boardman) took a cheap shot at YubaNet earlier this month: “What passes for news at the web site is basically press releases and opinion pieces picked up from other sources.” I posted his drivel on Facebook, and locals roundly attacked his words. Here’s another example of YubaNet’s superior reporting. Exit question: When will The Union’s publisher wise up and dump Boardman’s column? He’s a true village idiot and a journalism hack.

The background: Pro-marijuana advocates packed Tuesday’s Board of Supervisors meeting to protest a new plan by supervisors to allow restricted outdoor marijuana farming, mostly on large parcels, as the Sacramento Bee reported this morning. The proposed interim county ordinance would maintain a ban on indoor and outdoor cannabis, growing on all residential properties under 5 acres, and impose requirements restricting the location and scale of gardens on larger properties.

The meeting lasted until past 7 p.m. YubaNet and The Union were reporting in “real time,” and NCTV was streaming the meeting “live.”

When the dust settled, YubaNet was the first to post the news at 7:07 p.m.:

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 9.30.47 PM


The Union didn’t get the vote posted until two minutes later at 7:09 p.m. — (7:08 p.m. to report the vote, but then 7:09 p.m. to post more details):
Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 7.14.05 PM

And NCTV, for some unexplainable reason, cut off the broadcast of the Supes meeting at 6:45 p.m. before the vote and posted this screenshot of the Grass Valley City Council Meeting instead. That’s like interrupting a sports game before the final outcome. Podunk.