Local: Rightwing activist Bessee seeking to micro-manage the LaMalfa town hall meeting

This was posted on Reinette Senum’s Facebook page:

“Sadly, it looks like a lot of shenanigans are going to be happening at this Saturday’s Town Hall with Doug LaMalfa.

“This comes via one of our Indivisible Women:

“Just had a long chat on the phone with Don Bessee. I tried to sign up as a volunteer for the Town Hall. He would not provide any details or information unless I provided him with proof that I had personally received the email addressed to me from Nevada County Republicans. I was asked to send back the email to him showing my name and email address. I suggested that it was unethical, undemocratic and unamerican to limit volunteer slots to one political party only. He replied that he was only interested in allowing people who got the email to volunteer. He stated there would be plenty of room for all to attend the meeting, even those who did not volunteer,. I asked him how many volunteer slots he was designating for Republicans. He would not tell me.”

The village idiots in the local right-wing blogosphere

The rightwing blogosphere in western Nevada County sure lacks business acumen.

First we wrote how “Bored Georgeman” sold his stock portfolio before Donald Trump was elected president, missing out on the biggest stock market runup in decades.

And now Don Bessee writes on George Rebane’s blog: ”
HI PE! You still need fresh material my friend. ==== Now this is not a joke– The taxi cab drivers of NY have declared a strike to show solidarity with the immigration protesters. Uber stock up in overseas trading.”

Memo to Don:
1. No “overseas” trading tonight.
2. Uber is not public.

You can’t fix stupid.

The “George Boardman rally”

On October 31, The Union’s smug columnist George Boardman wrote on George Rebane’s blog: “After learning Sunday that the Trump mask is the most popular political mask this Halloween, I sold the rest of our stocks this morning. We decided around Labor Day that if Clinton wasn’t a clear winner two weeks before election day, we would sell our stocks so that we are in cash election day. I hope I’m not in a position to say I told you so when the markets close Nov. 11.”

We first brought this up on November 23. Since then, the market has continued to go up! And to think George was once a business writer. Gadzooks!


Memo to Don Bessee: “Madame Pantsuits” beats Trump in marijuana scorecard

Our local anti-marijuana activist Don Bessee is one of the nastiest local activists around — like so many others on our local hard right. He often attacks the person, rather than their idea.

Bessee repeatedly refers to former U.S. Senator, former Secretary of State and presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton as “Madame Pantsuits” on the hard-right blogs, such as “Rebane’s Ruminations.” Don makes other nasty personal references to local progressives. 

“Madame Pantsuit” is a pejorative, immature and sexist reference to the former Secretary of State about her appearance. Don doesn’t belong in a community leader role.

Yet Bessee thrusts himself into the local spotlight as a self-appointed local spokesman for “Smart Approaches to Marijuana,” opposing legalizing marijuana for recreational purposes. He shows up at county Board of Supervisors meetings and writes Other Voices to lambast the “other side.”

Well here’s some news for Don: “Clinton, the Democratic frontrunner, picked up a “B-” from SAM on a “marijuana scorecard” while Donald Trump, a leading Republican contender and businessman, received a “C+.” The rankings are here.

“Clinton was in the middle of the pack because she doesn’t support marijuana legalization but would support states ‘experimenting’ with legalization, according to the group,” Masslive.com reports. “She has expressed reservations about ‘medical’ marijuana, but does support overhaul of the criminal justice system to avoid incarcerating low-level drug users, and supports treatment-based approach to addiction issues,’ the group added.”

As for Trump, SAM states: “Mr. Trump opposes legalization of marijuana, but would allow states to legalize its use. He supports “medical” marijuana programs. He has not articulated a position on sentencing issues concerning marijuana possession and use.”

Marco Rubio, Chris Christie and Ben Carson all got “A’s,” according to SAM, but none of them are in the race anymore.

Anti-MJ activist to “update” Tea Party on marijuana legislation

You can’t make this stuff up! The NC Scooper’s take on Don Bessee is here. You’ll also notice the Tea Party flyer reads “Lunch is salad, bread and desert (sic).” Do you mean dessert???!!!

As we roll into another year in western Nevada County, nestled in the Golden State of California, I’m reminded this blog will never, ever run out of material.

Go Don! Please “educate us” over “desert.” LOL.

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 12.07.29 AM


Is a vote for Cheri West a vote for Bessee, Juvinall and their gang?


Crossing a line — again

Now that Assemblyman Brian Dahle’s legislative director Cheri West has declared she will run against Heidi Hall, the question becomes “Is a vote for Cheri a vote for nasty hard-right political activists such as Don Bessee, Todd Juvinall and others?”

Bessee uses the word “bitch slap” in his comments on George Rebane’s blog, such as Walker did bitch slap the Unions into line and won 3 elections in 6 years. He used the phrase again this week. And those are the signed comments!

And Todd calls well-meaning people in our community “turd suckers,” such as this comment to progressive Ben Emery — again on Rebane’s blog: You are a real turd sucker. Really Todd?

This wouldn’t matter much except Bessee became a de-facto spokesman to defeat the marijuana cultivation initiative, Measure “S,” supported by the Sheriff and others. Bessee addressed the Board of Supervisors on Measure “S,” as well as the hazardous vegetation ordinance. He is a board member of the Alta Sierra Homeowners Association.

Most of us do not approve of the word “bitch slap,” including, I suspect, Cheri West or Heidi Hall. Yet I did not hear the proponents of Measure S, including our Sheriff or other “electeds,” threatening to wash Don’s mouth out with soap.

Rebane lets the comments stand without moderation or warning, though most of us would find it distasteful.

Bessee’s behavior is being condoned with silence, just like Donald Trump was silent on the accusation that Obama was a Muslim. Yet silence often speaks a thousand words. It condones political bullying.

The same goes for Juvinall, founder of CABPRO and a former County Supervisor, who often crosses the line with ugly personal attacks, going back to the days of NH2020. Todd has donated hundreds of dollars to Doug LaMalfa’s campaign, as well as some local politicians — but again not a peep from Doug or the others.

All told, I hear nothing but silence from even the more thoughtful GOPers when it comes to these antics. Yet I do hear these same people make negative comments about local Democrats, such as Jim Firth.

It’s a double standard, to be sure.

So people will want to know if Cheri West condones the actions of our local hard-right political activists — on the record. Or are we just going to let history continue repeating itself.

The reason that Heidi Hall is winning support stems from people becoming tired of the hard-right antics, which do not reflect the political diversity of our community. She will win votes from the left but also the middle.

Compared with the hard right, I know of no one who is a left activist who uses words such as “bitch slap” or “you are a real turd sucker” in their commentary.

This is akin to what’s happening in national politics, more from the right than the left. It’s our locals’ version of the Jerry Springer show.

People will be watching to see if Cheri West takes a stand. It needs to be part of the conversation, for these candidates and any others in District 1.