Local right-wing blogosphere shows stupidity in attacking Hodge for Supervisor

No sooner had Hilary Hodge made her candidacy for District 3 Supervisor “official,” running against Dan Miller ( AKA “Dan has lived in Nevada County since he was a sophomore at Nevada Union High,” as Patti Ingram Spencer wants to remind all of us) than the local right-wing blogosphere began a pit-bull attack on Hodge.  They made fun of her job, her skills, and columns (“sounds like somebody done got fat shamed”) and even commented on her looks.

And they illustrated their sheer stupidity.

George Rebane wrote on his blog “Hillary Hodge running for Nevada County’s District#3 supervisor?!” And Rebane concluded his rant, writing “Would I be that far off to doubt that even the Sierra Business Council would have a hard time endorsing her as our county’s revitalizing sparkplug?  Well, maybe.”

No, George. As Steve Frisch had to remind him: “Just for the record the Sierra Business Council, the organization I work for, does not endorse political candidates. As a 501c3 nonprofit we are precluded from endorsing candidates.”

But wait there’s more.

Gregory Goodknight wrote: “Look at the bright side on the Hodge candidacy… it means she won’t be writing the column in the Tea Party Gazette until it’s over. I find it interesting that the candidate HH has opted for a new, cleaner looking hairstyle and covering up that tattoo on her chest. Now if she can button up the hate she has for people who think her worldview is at right angles to reality… nahhhh.”

Then Todd Juvinall weighed in: “She has a tatoo on her chest? LOL!”

Someone named “ScenesFromTheApocalypse” corrected them and and linked to a photo to prove it.: “This pic?http://www.theunion.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/HilaryHodge-GVU-mug-5.jpg Looks like a necklace.”

Gregory concluded: “I stand corrected…. in the low res color printing of The Union it always looked like a tat to me but zoomed in, it’s obviously a necklace.”

As I said, this race is going to be ugly.