Supervisor Dan Miller challenges cannabis growers to participate in more fundraising efforts

The race for District 3 supervisor is underway even though only one candidate has announced. (Other than The Union’s columnist/”journalist” George Boardman, many people expect Hilary Hodge to enter the race).

In a column in The Union, incumbent Dan Miller writes: “I am often approached by business owners who inquire, ‘Why don’t the cannabis growers participate in fundraising efforts?’ Frankly, I have no answer for them.

“It is often mentioned the cannabis industry brings in boatloads of money to our county. Where is it? Since the growers do not pay taxes yet, this challenge provides an opportunity for them to participate in a jumpstart of goodwill.

“I ask them to consider some of the following: Contribute to Hospitality House or the Salvation Army. I know Habitat for Humanity needs help, and also the Interfaith Food Ministry.

To be sure, cannabis growers do support local businesses — some of them “in spades.” In fact, their contribution is significant — and we’d suffer economically without it.

And some individual cannabis users are big local donors, thought not in “the name of cannabis.” (Dan should have acknowledged this more and had more of an “answer” for the naysayers).

But Dan raises a good point. Our small business, for example, makes a lot of local donations for its size, ranging from donations to arts and culture to a monthly contribution to feed families at the Interfaith Food Ministry. It is part of the culture of our towns, and it’s enjoyable.

As cannabis becomes legal, it would be good for the growers to make some high-profile, long-term donations. Having said that, the non-cannabis crowd, including “good old boys,” needs to reach out and invite them into the tent. We still are a “cliquish” town.