CABPRO’s Agenda 21 speaker in GV: “Don’t be so nice. This is war.”

“Rosa Koire, a self-proclaimed liberal and author of ‘Behind the Green Mask: U.N. Agenda 21,’ told scores of people at the Grass Valley Veterans Hall Tuesday that development efforts billed as ‘sustainable’ or ‘smart growth’ are just the tip of an iceberg designed to strip rural communities of their property rights and turn them into dense urban centers,” The Union is reporting.

“Koire further told the crowd to become proactive, attend government meetings and speak out against Agenda 21-related matters during the open-topic comment portions of such public gatherings.

“Dominate your government meetings,” Koire said at the three-hour lecture put on by the California Association of Business, Property and Resource Owners, or CABPRO.

“You are going to go and talk to your elected officials and if they blow you off, you are going to target them for removal,” Koire told the crowd about voting uncooperative representatives out of office.

“If a nonprofit supports the kind of sustainability development or receives funding from Agenda 21-related organizations, cease supporting them, she said. Koire implicated the Sierra Business Council and Nevada City’s Sustainability Team as such organizations.

“She also requested that those who attended Tuesday’s meeting copy fliers she supplied and leave them on doorsteps.

“’Have compassion,’ Koire said. ‘People don’t get it right away … Have patience.’

“However, that statement was followed with the advice — ‘Don’t be so nice,” she said. “This is war.’

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