Todd Juvinall: His deceptive email name is “Nevada City Guy”

(Drawing of Todd by R.L. Crabb that circulates on the internet)

What kind of a guy would go around hiding behind the email name, “Nevada City Guy”? And for what purpose?

Well, it’s not Matt Damon or Brad Pitt. Hold onto your bottle of Aqua Velva! “Nevada City Guy” is none other than Todd Juvinall, a grown man in his late 60s who acts like a two-year-old and who has become known for lashing out at many people in our community for years. (And a one-time county supervisor, no less).

I cannot think of a more unfit individual to represent our community as “Nevada City Guy” — even on his own terms or whatever his motive. In fact, Todd is an embarrassment to our towns.

His loud mouth is responsible for much of the political divisiveness in our towns. He is widely know for his personal attacks, name calling, and verbal bullying going back to his founding of CABPRO, an extreme right wing activist group that has fizzled as the western county becomes more “middle of the road.”  Todd routinely picks fights with locals in the community internet forums and insults women such as Hilary Hodge and Marilyn Nyborg. He has attacked me routinely — he likes to dish out the “fat jokes,” for example — because I challenge him and his extremist, sometimes hateful views. It is one reason this blog began — to address the hatefulness from Todd and his political allies who were trying to run our community.

Steven Frisch of the Sierra Business Council is another favorite target of Todd. Steve and I don’t hesitate to punch back, as well as others.

“Todd Juvinall has been spewing hostility and anger toward his Democratic enemies for years. I have not heard any constructive criticism, interest in listening, dialogue or understanding. I strongly question his motivation and targets. His writing seems very closed to anything outside of his own idea of truth,” as one local, Marilyn Nyborg, wrote in a letter to the editor of The Union.

The signed comments in The Union forum go like this: “Once again, Todd Juvinall spews his hate-filled rhetoric for all to see and hear,” wrote local Joan Merriam. “Todd Juvinall … your reply insults women,” writes another, Richard Sciaroni. “Todd Juvinall … this last one crossed a line into hate speech,” wrote Mike Mooers. “The Todd has been over the top for at least 25 years,” said Jon Shilling.

As the community becomes more “middle of the road,” extreme political activists such as Todd are becoming more vocal — and truly outlandish. I suspect the Trump presidency has emboldened them too. Lately, Todd has become as childish and unhinged as ever, lashing out like a toddler. I guess he (along with a few of his internet trolls, who are too cowardly to sign their real names) want to be heard.

Well, Todd, we hear you. Now go pound sand in your sandbox. lol

A parody page of Todd Juvinall shows up as he ponders run for Supe

Former County Supervisor and CABPRO founder Todd Juvinall’s statement that he might run again for District 1 Supervisor has led to a parody Facebook page “Draft Todd Juvinall for Supervisor” that is drawing attention in the community.

“Todd Juvinall has a vision for Nevada County,” the Facebook page reads. “It will be a place where people who think alike can come together to raise families. It’s a place where what people once thought the Constitution meant still means something. It will be a place where a guy can still build a subdivision in a forest or a shopping center at an exit ramp or open a mine if he wants too.”

I had nothing to do with the page except to point it out. I have no idea who created it, but it is the kind of NC Scooper-like humor that we have come to know. The link to the “Draft Todd Juvinall for Supervisor” Facebook page is here:

Todd has gone on a rant about the page on his blog in his typical bombastic style. (Among other things, Todd informs us that he “named” the Rood Center; I did not know that). The page even has drawn the attention of Todd’s daughter.  At least someone is commenting on the page with the handle “Tracy Juvinall.”

“How about trying to make a difference in someone’s life instead of trying to tear someone down?” the person “Tracy Juvinall” writes.

“Golly Tracy Juvinall, I guess you just can’t face the fact that Todd is saying he wants to run for Supervisor and is the best choice for Nevada County,” the Facebook page’s administrator writes. “Todd sets such a good example of doing good in the community and going out of his way not to ‘tear someone down’ that we just can’t think of a better candidate. Expect to see much more from the grassroots Draft Todd Juvinall for Supervisor effort in the future.”

The administrator points to Todd’s own blog as an example of nasty, boorish, bullying, lying, insulting behavior. Internet trolls run rampant; people do not sign their names. I do not know if his daughter reads her dad’s blog.

My only observation is that Todd Juvinall reaps what he sows. Longtimers tell me he has a history of this type of behavior. One example is here.

I hope Todd decides to run for District 1 Supervisor — if only to confirm his gross misunderstanding of his popularity in our community.

I’d like to see how many people wind up voting for Todd and how much money he can raise. Todd is a retired contractor. Will the Nevada County Contractors Association endorse him? Will the Nevada County Republican Central Committee endorse him? Will current Board of Supervisor members endorse him? Will Nevada County natives such as Russ Steele or right-wing political activists such as George Rebane endorse him?

I’d also like to see people sign their names in support of him — not anonymous internet trolls who run rampant on his blog.

Former supe Juvinall seeks to build 33-lot subdivision on his land in GV

Juvinall (Credit: Juvinall's blog)
(Credit: Juvinall’s blog)

On Wednesday, the Development Review Committee in Grass Valley “conducted a conceptual review” of a proposal to add a 33-lot residential subdivision to a Grass Valley neighborhood, as The Union is reporting on Thursday.

“The property is owned by former Nevada County Supervisor Todd Juvinall. SCO Planning and Engineering prepared the map and design for the project.”

Indeed the proposal confirms that Juvinall is the owner of the land. The applicant is “530 Capital Partners L.P.” The proposed 33-lot subdivision is located at Glenwood Road and Woodland Avenue. Details are here.

The project site contains about 3 acres of wetland/riparian areas, according to the staff report. “Upon submission of the formal application, the applicant will be required to identify who the responsible entity will be for the wetland/riparian areas,” it adds. “Moreover, the applicant shall be required to provide details on how these areas will be preserved.”

Former County Supervisor and CABPRO founder “Todd Juvinall et al.” is listed as being delinquent on property taxes as of 9/9/15, according to the County’s records.

Juvinall has battled local environmental groups

“CABPRO was established in 1993 when some residents of Nevada County saw property rights, limited government and common sense being replaced with a big government, environment-only focus,” as the group points out on its website. More details are here.

Also in 1993 Juvinall was accused of circulating “serious misinformation” regarding efforts to seek wild and scenic designation for a stretch of the Yuba River. “Serious misinformation regarding Wild and Scenic designation for the South Yuba is being circulated by local opponents Todd Juvinall and John McAlister in a concerted effort to influence public opinion.,” according to a SYRCL document from 1993. “South Yuba landowners and business supporters have received letters from McAlister’s ‘Yuba River Landowners Alliance’ containing significant inaccuracies and irrelevant facts regarding Wild & Scenic designation.” More details are here.

CABPRO: It’s baack! And full of hateful rhetoric

Here’s the April cover of the CABPRO newsletter. (The NS-Frauen-Warte, pictured below, was the Nazi magazine for women. Also be sure to check out page 11, where the newsletter mocks the crash of Malaysian Flight 370, which has disappeared with 227 passengers from 14 nations. The image is a picture of the plane and the crew from TV sitcom Gilligan’s Island, with the caption “The plot thickens,” shown at the bottom of this post).

Screen shot 2014-04-29 at 10.29.27 PM

EDITOR’S LETTER Melinda Monaghan

“You won’t be getting this copy of the CABPRO News on April 1st, so you can rest assured it’s not an April Fool’s issue!

“Kirk (Pharis), Kim (Janousek) and I would like to thank all of the members who showed up at the March 17th Special Membership meeting to support us. Well over a quorum came out and voted to continue with CABPRO as an organization, and voted unanimously to have Kirk, Kim and I continue our leadership as the Board of Directors.

“During that same meeting, a number of the members also signed a petition requesting another Special Meeting to be held in order for the membership to vote on completely severing all ties between Mr. Chuck Shea and CABPRO. That meeting date is still to be determined. There will be no April General Membership meeting.

“As we’ve said before, we are dedicated to moving CABPRO forward and continuing its mission of education and activism on local issues of concern.

“This month CABPRO has pledged its support to Jan Collins of Common Core Concerns, who has put together a Common Core Community Town Hall on April 29th at the Grass Valley Elks Lodge.

“We urge all of you to attend, even if you have no children in public schools at this time. Common Core is NOT a state-sponsored education initiative; it was developed by three NGO’s at the federal level, and states were seduced into accepting it as their education model by monies granted to them under the now-infamous TARP bailout.

“I can’t stress enough how important this issue is. Our system of public education has been going downhill for years; we are even scoring below some Third World countries, which is appalling, and Common Core will only make it worse. It is nothing more than a systematic brain-washing of our children so they will meekly accept government control over their lives. It is frightening that this could be acceptable in this country.”


BTW, for needed balance, an article titled, “Understanding Common Core State Standards,” by Shar Johns and Kathleen Kiefer of the Nevada County Superintendent of Schools Office is here:

“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.” — Benjamin Franklin

“Enter the Common Core State Standards. In 2009, after years of declining student achievement, rising high school and college dropout rates, and students entering but unable to compete in the global job market, these new, national standards were offered to states as a way to place our students on an equal path toward academic success and college and career readiness.

“The standards were informed by: the best state standards already in existence, the experience of teachers, content experts, states, and leading thinkers, and feedback from the public. On August 2, 2010, the California State Board of Education adopted the standards after lengthy discussion and public input.

“These new standards differ from the California Standards we’ve known for the past 17 years because they ask us to focus on evidence of student learning, helping students raise their literacy levels, teaching higher level thinking skills, fostering learning confidence and independence, and teaching fewer concepts more deeply at each grade level.

“As educators, we hear from parents and community members every day, and everyone wants the same thing for their children: to learn the skills necessary to be prepared for college or career, to be competitive in a 21st Century global market , and to become competent thinkers and contributing members of our society. This is exciting, since this is exactly what the Common Core State Standards emphasize.

“What are the Common Core Standards? They are a set of expectations that students are expected to learn at each grade level. The standards are NOT a curriculum. In a recent Union article Jan Collins was quoted as saying, ‘The curriculum should be under local control because nobody knows our children and our students more than the teachers that teach them every day.’ We could not agree more.

“Lucky for us, the Common Core Standards establish what students need to learn, but do not dictate the curriculum used or how teachers should teach. Those decisions are determined solely by our local districts.

“How will our students benefit from a national set of standards? For decades, students in every state have been held to vastly different sets of expectations, some states more rigorous than others.

“As a child who moved to five different states during my K-12 education, as many in our military are required to do, I can tell you that it has a profound impact on a student’s ability to transition successfully into new learning environments.

“Parents have concerns that our students are not entering the work force or college prepared to compete globally, and yet we have not held our students to the same set of real world expectations across our United States. These standards unite our states with a common set of expectations, but leave the curriculum and how those standards are taught to local control.

“Are the Common Core Standards abandoning classical literature and basic arithmetic? Absolutely not. In fact, the English Language Arts standards require analysis of rich literature, as well as developing skills in critical thinking, reading, writing and speaking across the curricular areas.

“The emphasis of teaching literacy does not fall solely to English teachers. In math, the Common Core Standards focus on procedural and problem solving strategies, while demanding mastery and automaticity with basic facts, algorithms, and the understanding of critical arithmetic skills. By focusing on fewer topics in a more in depth way, students learn to think, not just memorize and regurgitate facts.

“Our job is to educate our children for tomorrow’s challenges. To quote an unknown author, ‘You can’t expect to meet the challenges of today with yesterday’s tools and expect to be in business tomorrow.’

“The Common Core Standards are an example of a transformative and powerful change for our students. As Benjamin Franklin and our Founding Fathers discovered, great change can bring a peak of unease, frustration and resistance, but is often tempered by the promise of amazing possibilities on the other side: the possibilities for ‘improvement, achievement, and success.'”

Source: Page 11, CABPRO April newsletter
Source: Page 11, CABPRO April newsletter

Sources: Meagher expected to run against Vernon for Treasurer

Dai Meagher is expected to run for County treasurer-tax collector against incumbent Tina Vernon, according to my sources.

Meagher lost to Vernon four years ago in the treasurer’s race. Vernon had about 52 percent of the vote, compared with 48 percent for Meagher. The job — a “plum” position for our rural region — pays $121,871 annually.

This is more of the “cold soup” politics you see in our community, because nobody new rarely moves in — and nobody moves out. The political faces you see are largely the same. Some alliances extend back to high school.

Last month I wondered aloud whether Meagher would run, noticing he’d been highly active in the blogosphere, including on Moonshine Ink.

Meagher also joined the newly formed NCTV board as Treasurer, along with greater Grass Valley Chamber co-CEO Keith Davies, who is president. I wondered if he was trying to bolster his public resume.

I asked Meagher point-blank in the threads whether he would run. No answer, which made me suspect the answer was “maybe yes.”

CABPRO recommended Meagher for treasurer four years ago. Meagher launched an “October surprise” against Vernon that largely backfired.

Hard-right activist blogger George Rebane — who supported Meagher and contributed to his campaign — reported that Vernon had filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 1996.

It was another cheap political shot from the hard right, redolent of Barry Pruett’s campaign against Greg Diaz for Clerk-Recorder, which failed miserably.

Rebane never contacted Vernon to ask why. Vernon responded in a post on YubaNet.

Voters sympathized with Vernon, concluding it was an “apples” and “oranges” situation.

Meagher outspent Vernon by more than 1.5 times in the race. He is a CPA. In the end, I wondered whether CABPRO’s endorsement cost Meagher the election. He signed the Grover Norquist “Taxpayer Pledge.”

Vernon has done a good job as treasurer. The hard right has always badgered the Rood Center about unfunded pension liabilities, though they have managed the situation well. In addition, the issue is more in the hands of state politicians, not local ones.

As with most of the nonpartisan jobs in the county, partisan political groups like have “control” — or think they do. It is sophomoric behavior but it is rampant in our community.

Scoop: Pot-stirring CABPRO facing major strife of its own — just as election season heats up

logoThe 22-year-old California Association of Business, Property & Resource Owners relishes stirring the pot in our community with its extreme right-wing politics. Now CABPRO is facing its own major internal strife, complete with a lawsuit, Sierra Foothills Report has learned.

The political and legal imbroglio comes just as the election season is heating up. CABPRO has long been active in local politics, with endorsements and monetary contributions. It has been influential in the past, going back to NH2020, and local like-minded candidates are counting on its support again this year. The elections are in June.

“I’m sure you’ve all heard rumors of the recent unpleasantness at CABPRO, for which we are deeply sorry,” reads a letter recently sent to the membership by board members Kirk Pharis, Kim Janousek and Melinda Monaghan.

“In late October, the Board of Directors removed Chuck Shea from his volunteer position as Executive Director,” the letter alleges. “CABPRO’s attorney has advised us not to discuss details. But please understand, the decision was not made lightly, and there were major issues between the Board and Mr. Shea relative to the forward movement of our organization.

Shea on Friday denied the version outlined in the letter, citing legal action against the three directors. In “CABPRO v. Monighan, Janousek, Flores and Pharis,” it alleges:

“Defendants Melinda Monighan, Kim Janousek, and D. Kirk Pharis resigned as members of plaintiff’s board of directors on September 1, 2013, which resignations were accepted.

“Upon their resignation, Dick and Tina Marshall remained as plaintiff’s directors. They appointed Thom Forsythe as a director to fill the one required vacancy on the board under plaintiff’s bylaws.

“Defendants Monighan, Janousek and Pharis took it upon themselves to attempt to retract their resignations. These same defendants in concert with defendant Donna Flores have seized plaintiff’s books, records, accounts, computers, computer programs, website, and e-mail program and refuse to return that property.

“Defendants’ seizure of plaintiff’s property renders it impossible for plaintiff to conduct its affairs.

“Additionally, defendants Monighan, Janousek and Pharis are posting false information on plaintiff’s website and communicating false information to plaintiff’s members.”

CABPRO’s offices are located at Robinson Enterprises in Nevada City.

“Please know, we are making every attempt to resolve this dispute without being forced to spend CABPRO finances defending the organization in litigation,” Pharis, Janousek and Monaghan said in their letter sent to members.

The letter went on to say its general membership meetings are starting back up in February. (A new CABPRO newsletter said the meeting is February 18, at 5:30 p.m., at Penny’s Diner in the Fowler Center in Grass Valley).

“If you are interested in joining the CABPRO Board of Directors, or helping out as volunteers, please let us know,” they added.

In the new newsletter, Melinda Monaghan continued voicing CABPRO’s high-pitched rhetoric in an “editor’s letter”: “We need to elect people who are not satisfied with government grants in place of vibrant economies, we need to return the States to the forefront of government, we need to stand up and shout ‘NO!'”

Other authors in the February newsletter include JoAnn Rebane, spouse of hard-right blogger George Rebane, and Jean Gerard, whose mean-spirited opinion article in The Union about the Boardwalk touched off a polarizing discussion. In the end, the Boardwalk was retained, at least for a year.

“If you or anyone you know will be affected by (Mountain Yellow Legged Frog and Yosemite Toad) land grab, please notify us here at CABPRO. The Pacific Legal Foundation has made an offer to represent an owner or group of owners that may be facing the debilitating consequences of a potential designation,” Gerard wrote.

The local hard-right blogosphere includes Rebane, Todd Juvinall, a founder of CABPRO, and Russ Steele, a former CABPRO advisory board member. But none of them have written about the dispute, though the letter has been circulating for weeks. Self-censorship? You can decide for yourself.

The letter is here: letter

The court filing is here: court filings

The case # is here:
Case Type:CIVIL – LIMITED Case Status:OPEN File Date:02/05/2014 Case Judge: Next Event: 06/02/2014

A CABPRO member survey is here: membersurvey

CABPRO’s Agenda 21 speaker in GV: “Don’t be so nice. This is war.”

“Rosa Koire, a self-proclaimed liberal and author of ‘Behind the Green Mask: U.N. Agenda 21,’ told scores of people at the Grass Valley Veterans Hall Tuesday that development efforts billed as ‘sustainable’ or ‘smart growth’ are just the tip of an iceberg designed to strip rural communities of their property rights and turn them into dense urban centers,” The Union is reporting.

“Koire further told the crowd to become proactive, attend government meetings and speak out against Agenda 21-related matters during the open-topic comment portions of such public gatherings.

“Dominate your government meetings,” Koire said at the three-hour lecture put on by the California Association of Business, Property and Resource Owners, or CABPRO.

“You are going to go and talk to your elected officials and if they blow you off, you are going to target them for removal,” Koire told the crowd about voting uncooperative representatives out of office.

“If a nonprofit supports the kind of sustainability development or receives funding from Agenda 21-related organizations, cease supporting them, she said. Koire implicated the Sierra Business Council and Nevada City’s Sustainability Team as such organizations.

“She also requested that those who attended Tuesday’s meeting copy fliers she supplied and leave them on doorsteps.

“’Have compassion,’ Koire said. ‘People don’t get it right away … Have patience.’

“However, that statement was followed with the advice — ‘Don’t be so nice,” she said. “This is war.’

The rest of the article is here.