Will The Union’s George Boardman match my $100 donation to Bear River High journalism?

As regular readers here know, George Boardman sold stock when Donald Trump was elected president. He wrote: “After learning Sunday that the Trump mask is the most popular political mask this Halloween, I sold the rest of our stocks this morning. We decided around Labor Day that if Clinton wasn’t a clear winner two weeks before election day, we would sell our stocks so that we are in cash election day. I hope I’m not in a position to say I told you so when the markets close Nov. 11.”

Ouch! As Jim Cramer of TheStreet.com notes: ” the S&P 500 index is up 21 percent since Trump’s election.” (Though he correctly notes, “None of these moves are about Trump.”)

So much for George’s financial acumen!

Still, I was glad to see him make a plug for Bear River High’s effort to take students to the National High School Journalism Convention in San Francisco next April.

I donated $100 to this cause, wrote about it on my blog, and — when contacted — suggested to the journalism teacher that she contact Publisher Don Rogers or Editor Brian Hamilton to write about it in their columns.

So lo and behold, it appeared in Boardman’s column. Whatever. So here’s my challenge  to George Boardman: Match or exceed my $100 donation! I’ll match whatever you contribute over $100 up to $3,500. (The goal of the campaign is $8,820 and $1,050 has been raised so far).

This should be a “no brainer” for George, because he lives in Bear River High “territory,” that is Lake of the Pines. He should want to donate money to help make his local high school sustainable.

Come on, George, we’re counting on you!