Some locals show up to support Dollar General stores at hearing

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What Dollar General video calls a “Yummy Snack”

“Opponents of Dollar General applauded on Thursday when the Nevada County Planning Commission unanimously signaled their intent to deny the business a site in Alta Sierra,” The Union is reporting. “In the other two sites, commissioners opted to approve a development permit and management plan for the 17652 Penn Valley Drive site. They denied the permit and plan for the 12345 Rough and Ready Highway proposal.”

“Barry Pruett argued the Planning Commission had no legal reason to deny the stores. Denying them would create instability for future applicants who want to bring businesses to Nevada County. Additionally, a lack of businesses would only perpetuate the housing problem here, Pruett said.”

“Most people opposed the stores. Discussing the Alta Sierra site, Charisse Lolli said she wanted no chain store near homes and disputed that it would complement existing businesses.

“Robin Voigt said Dollar General would create competition for existing stores, arguing that profits from the Tennessee-based business would leave the community.

“It is the visual impact,’ she said. ‘I have to say it is not a fit for the community.'”

The Union article is here. A Dollar General “Yummy Snacks” video is here:

It’s “Miller Time”: Pruett, among others, early donor to Dan’s campaign

It’s Miller Time!

The District 3 Supervisor’s race already has become interesting with only one candidate (so far)! Local Barry Pruett, who lost the clerk-recorder’s race to Greg Diaz in 2010, one of the most polarizing local campaigns in memory, is among those who already have donated money to Dan Miller’s re-election campaign for District 3 Supervisor, according to public records.

Pruett — who once declared “the only way I can fight back is to never vote for a Democrat” — donated $100 to Miller’s campaign on 6/26, the documents in the Elections’ Office show. Other donors include Miller’s friend since high school Patti Ingram Spencer ($100), Amos Seghezzi ($100), and David Scinto ($100) — part of Grass Valley “old guard.” Miller’s latest report shows an ending cash balance of $4,427. The document is HERE.

The Nevada County Contractors PAC has amassed a $10,873  “war chest’ for upcoming elections, according to filings. The NCCA has supported Miller in the past. The PAC Chairman is local contractor Keoni Allen. (Remember the “It’s Miller Time” signs when Dan ran against Terry Lamphier?)” The Elections Office document from the NCCA PAC is HERE

The filing also shows $500 in consulting fees to Dauntless Communications, a public affairs and digital communications outfit out of Roseville. It has worked for Republican causes.

With thousands of dollars already in hand, Miller’s camp must be thinking it is going to get some formidable competition, even though nobody has announced they are running against our District 3 incumbent.

Hilary and Congressman Ami Bera at a recent Democratic gathering (Credit: Nevada County Democrats Facebook page)

Hilary Hodge, who has become active in local Democratic politics, has announced she is going to be a local candidate in the upcoming elections but hasn’t said what race.

The Union columnist George Boardman thinks Hodge is going to run for Grass Valley City Council, he wrote confidently on his blog. Hmm. That doesn’t pass the smell test, at least to this seasoned journalist. (Of course I only worked at The Chronicle for 12 years, not the teeny-weeny San Mateo Times as Boardman did). lol

This wouldn’t be the first time that The Union’s columnist Boardman got it wrong.

And it wouldn’t be the first time that we had an ugly, polarizing race for a nonpartisan seat in District 3. Here we go again.

Diaz polishes off Pruett for clerk recorder — and McClintock “machine” suffers setback

Based on the very early returns, I’m already declaring that the county clerk-recorder’s race is over: Greg Diaz beat Barry Pruett.

I’m glad to see professionalism and experience win over small-town partisan politics. Details are here. I’m batting a thousand in my first — and only — foray into local political contributions.

My sources tell me Barry was sounding angry over on KNCO tonight. I’ll be LOL to see The Union backtrack on how it covered this race. Pitiful.

•All told, the McClintock political “machine,” inherited from the Doolittle regime, is losing. His “favored child” Steve Poizner got pounded by Meg Whitman for governor. Casey Tanner is losing big time in Placer County for auditor. Aaron Klein, a McClintock fan, endorsed both Tanner and Pruett. Keene, McClintock’s guy, is losing to LaMalfa. McClintock himself won, but that was expected. What’s going to happen in 2012?

•In Grass Valley, Terry Lamphier is closer than expected with incumbent John Spencer for 3rd district supervisor. Even if he loses, the narrow margin will be a “wake up” call for the “good old boys/girls” who think they run Grass Valley. If Chauncey Poston would have run against John, he would have won, based on the results between Spencer-Lamphier.

•Sue Horne is handily beating Rolf Kleinhans for assessor. The race will be closer than the current results, but Sue will win. She’ll be in for a “Rood” awakening at the Rood Center, however. A majority of supervisors sided with Rolf. She’ll need to do some “fence mending” to be an effective administrator. Her paid, out-of-county political consultant will crawl under a proverbial rock until November, I suppose. Yuck, but that’s what he gets paid for.