Union columnist Boardman gets it wrong (again) — this time he’s confused about the “Sunrise Movement”

The published corrections are endless with The Union’s weekly columnist George Boardman, as we all know. And here’s another one that he owes us:

This week George writes, “The Sunshine Movement, the same great folks who helped propel Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez into the crosshairs of conservatives everywhere, has announced it is backing Audrey Denney’s encore effort to unseat Rep. Doug LaMalfa.”

Huh? I think George means the Sunrise Movement, not the “Sunshine Movement.”

Listen up “Georgie Porgie”  (rewriting a person’s name with “ie” is George’s way of deprecating others, as if they were a child):

As Rolling Stone explains — “Two days after Doug LaMalfa, a climate-denying Republican, was re-elected to his fourth term in Congress, the Camp fire — the deadliest fire in a century and the most destructive in California’s history — broke out in his district. It raged for two and a half weeks, displacing 52,000 people and killing 67. On Saturday, Audrey Denney — an environmentalist and professor who lost to LaMalfa in 2018 — became the first 2020 candidate endorsed by the Sunrise Movement when she announced her intention to challenge him again.”

So there you have it: Rolling Stone gets it right (“Sunrise Movement,”) and The Union’s weekly columnist gets it wrong (“Sunshine Movement”).

Memo to George: Are you out of touch, confused, too lazy to fact check your column, or all of the above? Perhaps you are confusing the “Sunrise Movement” with John Denver’s “Sunshine on my shoulders”? ROFLOL.

And here’s the irony: Local right-wing blogger George Rebane labels his contemporary “the other George” (Boardman) a “progressive.” Ha! If Boardman is a progressive’s “friend,” who needs enemies? He can’t even get the Sunrise progressive movement right!

A video from the Chico State student newspaper explains it. Listen up George; you might learn something: