Global warming skeptics get louder — during a record dry spell

The drumbeat of anti-global warming activism is on the rise — the drier it gets.

If you needed another reason to ignore our provincial community newspaper, check out Greg Goodknight’s “Catastrophic global warming theories have not been proven” Other Voices.

I enjoy attempts by locals such as Greg, who have no expertise in the subject at hand, to “educate” us. “Thomas Crosswhite” is another that comes to mind. (In a small community, the pool of letter writers is small, so you can memorize their names. There’s never anything new.)

I have never read a newspaper, ever, filled with so much information that is written by people without any expertise of the subject matter —though we applaud it as “community” journalism.

Rather, it reminds me of the “no child left behind rule” of an op-ed page. “We will run whatever you send us. Just subscribe.” And a lot of these folks seem to have no shortage of spare time.

In one long sentence Greg writes: “As I write, a shipload of activist scientists and climate tourists are stuck in a sea of frozen irony in Antarctica, there to witness a loss of summer ice but instead awaiting rescue by helicopter after two modern icebreakers were unable to reach the distressed ship; climate skeptics would be fewer in number were there nothing to be skeptical about.”

Then Greg’s like-minded friend Russ Steele runs a chart “January-December 2013 statewide ranks” on his blog and concludes: “Looks like California is in the minority, mostly due to the extended La Niña pattern.”

“And the cause of this?” writes Steele’s friend Anthony Watts: “Certainly not ‘global warming’ though I’m sure the activist idiots will use every trick in the book to try to create a linkage.”

Wait a minute. Who’s the “activist idiot” here? Maybe it’s the ex-TV weatherman turned global warming skeptic/expert.

Watts goes on to blame “environmentalists and their campaigns to stop new water storage systems” for the poor water resource planning. Or is it the global warming “activist idiots” who keep us tied up in political knots on this issue when we could be planning for it.

Their recent rants remind me of the phrase “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”

Some studies have linked climate change to California droughts. The drought goes well beyond California too — Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, Kansas, Texas, Arkansas, Hawaii, Idaho, and Oklahoma.

Global warming skepticism is more about money and politics than science. Studies show that “dark money” from well-funded conservative foundations funds climate denial effort.

So no matter how fast Greg, Russ and Anthony keep shoveling their you know what at us, the debate will continue — and only grow louder.