A mister “Online shopping” has joined the hard right blogs as a commenter

I wondered the other day whether the hard right blogs were going to tighten their standards for commenting after a vile post appeared. Lots of people post without signing their names; “papertiger,” for example.

I was assured “yes” in a matter-of-fact way, though that didn’t stop the usual suspects from their nasty sniping.

As for those tightened standards, look who posted tonight: “Online shopping

The robo message is here: “online shopping said…
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“Civility is the new codeword for censorship”?

The comment “civility is the new codeword for censorship” was posted this morning by “papertiger” on Russ Steele’s blog.

No other statement that I can think of more clearly shows the hard right’s contempt for civil dialogue at the expense to getting their way (or trying to). BTW, what is “papertiger” a code name for? LOL.

I am starting to consider these blogs more “propaganda machines” than anything else.

I am also starting to think that the hard right has more to lose from a civil dialogue, since it’s the inflammatory rhetoric and violent imagery that is part of their routine.

Comparing speeches of Obama and Palin

Here’s a blog post titled “Comparing speeches of Obama and Palin: ‘It’s difficult to imagine a starker contrast.'”

“At sunrise in the east on Wednesday, Sarah Palin demonstrated that she has little interest—or capacity—in moving beyond her brand of grievance-based politics,” as Politico stated. “And at sundown in the west, Barack Obama reminded even his critics of his ability to rally disparate Americans around a message of reconciliation.”

The full post is here.

Are we “stubbornly backwards”?

Though Grass Valley and Nevada City endorsed the Science Series, the county supervisors — bowing to the vocal hard right and global warming denialists — did not. Here’s some responses from county constituents on this blog who see its merits. Their comments made sense to me:

I find it incomprehensible that the hard right demands that our county government do “something to create jobs” to bring us out of the economic doldrums that we find ourselves in and at the same time demand that lectures to promote science be assigned to the rubbish heap. The fact of the matter is that our county desperately needs to re-invent itself. We are not going to be economically based on gold, timber, construction or real estate sales in the foreseeable future. We can build a local economy based upon technology and outdoor recreation. If we are going to foster a technological friendly community we need to be able to generate a population that actually can engage in conversations with words that consist of more than one syllable.

–John Vodonick

As a graduate of HSU, one of the finest natural sciences schools in the country, I have never understood the lack of environmental education here in Nevada County schools and college, where the “classroom” and “lab” is literally right outside our backdoors.

It’s one thing to be a quaint backwards little community, but to be stubbornly backwards is simply unworthy of respect.
If this educational and enlightening series can go forward without the county’s endorsement, it should.

–Judith Lowry

New local GOP officers shows lack of diversity

Here’s the new list of the county Republican Central Committee’s Executive Committee.

It shows the lack of diversity I’ve been talking about all along when it comes to this group. Two of the seven are Barry and Kim Pruett, and four of the seven live in a single neighborhood: Alta Sierra. As you know, our neighborhoods are distinct — including in the south county.

How’s that for representing the neighborhoods of our county — even “red” ones? It might as well be a homeowners association. It explains a lot.

Chairman – Richard Ulery (Alta Sierra)
1st Vice Chairman – Carla Embertson (Truckee)
2nd Vice Chairman – Greg Marks (Nevada City)
Secretary – Deborah Wilder (Grass Valley)
Past Chairman – Bill Neuharth (Alta Sierra)
Treasurer – Barry Pruett (Alta Sierra)
Director at Large – Kim Pruett (Alta Sierra)

Palin’s charge of “blood libel” spurs outcry from Jewish leaders

“Sarah Palin’s remarks Wednesday in which she accused critics who would tie her political tone to the Arizona shootings of committing a ‘blood libel’ against her have prompted an instant and pronounced backlash from some in America’s Jewish community,” according to the L.A. Times.

“The term dates to the Middle Ages and refers to a prejudice that Jewish people used Christian blood in religious rituals.”

“Instead of dialing down the rhetoric at this difficult moment, Sarah Palin chose to accuse others trying to sort out the meaning of this tragedy of somehow engaging in a ‘blood libel’ against her and others,” said David Harris, president of the National Democratic Jewish Council, in a statement. “This is of course a particularly heinous term for American Jews, given that the repeated fiction of blood libels are directly responsible for the murder of so many Jews across centuries — and given that blood libels are so directly intertwined with deeply ingrained anti-Semitism around the globe, even today.”

The rest of the article is here.

A sponsor responds to local lecture series flap

Editor’s note: Nevada City Mayor Robert Bergman, also a sponsor of a local “Science Series,” has posted a response here about the proposal, which our elected supervisors declined to discuss on Tuesday after hearing protests from our local hard right blogging contingent.

Global warming denialist Russ Steele urged his readers to send protest emails to the electeds, and tea party advocate Barry Pruett applauded the board’s decision. Robert’s response — including the reminder that Nevada City and Grass Valley sent letters of support — is here:

The series that Judy Kildow and I are advancing is educational and not political, and yet the “usual suspects” are trying to characterize our series as something it is most definitely not.

It’s such a shame that these people are so fearful.

The title we are using carries its purpose: ‘What’s Next in Science.’ We want the community to hear firsthand from field leaders – exciting and engaging speakers – about new discoveries and developments on a wide range of topics. This is altogether missing from our area.

In future years, after our first program on the oceans, we’ll look at (no set order): space science and cosmology; neurosciences and the brain; conservation ecology and biodiversity; the future of computers and artificial intelligence; the business and boundaries of science; world health and epidemiology; natural disasters (earthquakes, volcanos and other geological phenomena).

Grass Valley and Nevada City have sent us letters of endorsement/support for the series. We had only asked the Board to do likewise.

Here is a link to agenda item to read what the series is:


Robert Bergman