Local Tea Party’s holding “gun raffle fundraiser” on March 29

Now’s your chance to win a bolt-action rifle with 5-round capacity and a scope, or a “double action” revolver with 5-round capacity, thanks to the Nevada County Tea Party Gun Raffle Fundraiser. Tickets are $5 each, 3 for $10, 10 for $50 or $50 for 100.

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Podunk? The Union calls Wildwood Independent “the official voice of Lake Wildwood”

The New York Times and Washington Post are in an old-fashioned newspaper war, as the journalistic “think tank” The Poynter Institute points out in a well-written article this week. “In the early days of the Trump administration, The Times and The Post have been at the forefront of some of the most important stories. . . . Americans find themselves bearing witness to a curiosity at a time of supposed diminished relevance for print journalism: an old-fashioned newspaper war.”

Meanwhile, in our neck of the woods, our little newspapers are going in a different direction. The Wildwood Independent, now a sister newspaper of The Union, calls itself the “official voice of Lake Wildwood ” or  even”the official voice of Lake Wildwood Association.”

Well isn’t that special?

No matter what size, a newspaper is supposed to be an independent voice, not an “official” one. An independent voice leads to objective reporting, including the activities of homeowners associations. In this case, using the words “independent” and “official” in the same tagline is almost an oxymoron. This is America, not China or Russia (more details on Russia here). Ha!

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Nevada City School of the Arts’ “Matter of Taste” fundraiser on March 18

From the blog of Sierra FoodWineArt magazine:

Step right up! With live music, two bars, and better auction items than ever before — including a trip to New York City to see “Hamilton” on Broadway — Nevada County’s premier fundraising event is sure to amaze and astound!

Nevada City School of the Arts presents its 19th annual “A Matter of Taste” fundraiser on Saturday, March 18, from 6-11 p.m.

The historic Miners Foundry Cultural Center in Nevada City will transform into a mind-boggling carnival of delights, with a fabulous Strong Man Show, face painting by Penny the Clown, and an incredible array of beautiful art.

The silent auction will range from one-of-a-kind works by local artists – as well as Nevada City School of the Arts students – to airfare for 2, three-nights lodging and two tickets to see “Hamilton.”

Other prizes include vacation rentals for skiing, summer fun, and romantic coastal getaways; a 20’x36′ Cold Frame Greenhouse, tickets to local festivals and concerts; and as always, generous donations from local restaurants, artists, jewelers, health clubs, farmers and more.

The tables at A Matter of Taste are full of treasures – and bargains. So come for the auction, and stay for the party. Visit http://www.ncsota.org/AMOT for descriptions of all of the items and a look at the evening’s schedule.

Thanks to generous underwriting from AJA Video, every penny earned during this event goes straight back to support the environmental field studies and arts programs at the Nevada City School of the Arts, this year celebrating its 22nd anniversary.

One of the first public charter schools in the state of California, NCSA serves a diverse population of over 400 K-8 students, offering foundational and curriculum-integrated arts instruction, as well as music, dance, theater, film and other electives.

Unlike most traditional public schools, NCSA must provide their own facilities, and thus relies on fundraisers such as A Matter of Taste to fund its highly enriched curriculum. So every ticket is guaranteed to win support for the school  a good time for a great cause.

Doors open at 6 p.m. with a complimentary glass of wine, two no-host bars, a variety of delicious appetizers & cocktails, music by SierraCapella and hundreds of fine items in a silent auction. Following the auction, Heartbass ~DJ Brian Hartman will spin the tunes for dancing with abandon. Tickets are $20 in advance, $25 at the door. Bid early, bid often!

The evening’s schedule:

6 p.m.   Doors Open, silent auction, complimentary glass of wine, hors d’oeuvres, no-host bar, live body painting
6:30   Strongman Show!
8:00 to 8:20   Auction tables close in Stone Hall
8:30 to 9:00   Silent auction tables close Osborne Woods Hall
9:00   SierraCapella on the main stage Osborne Woods Hall
9:15    Raffle winners picked – Osborne Woods Hall
9:25   Finale Strongman show
9:40  DJ Brian Hartman starts the dancing
9:45    Check out begins
11:00  All good things must come to an end

—Nevada City School of the Arts

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Big banner ad on TheUnion.com for School of the Arts fundraiser has broken link

With The Union, the errors are endless. This weekend the Union is running a banner ad for the Nevada City School of the Arts’ annual fundraiser “A Matter of Taste.” But when you click on the link, you are directed to an error message, “The site can’t be reached. http://www.nsota.org’s server DNS address could not be found.”

Why? Because it’s a typo! “www.ncsota.org,” with a “c” is the website for Nevada City School of the Arts, not http://www.nsota. (Screen grabs below).

The Union needs to fix this error ASAP. You can’t make this stuff up!

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GOP Issa, Hunter protests getting bigger

“Congressmen Darrell Issa and Duncan Hunter were confronted by rowdy protesters Saturday at separate back-to-back town hall meetings,” as the L.A. Times is reporting.

“It was the first time the North (San Diego) County Republicans held forums with their constituents since Donald Trump became president, and in San Diego, like many parts of the country, the congressmen were met by opponents of the new administration’s agenda.

“Healthcare was a major topic of concern at both town halls.

“In Oceanside, before taking the stage in front of a crowd of 500 constituents, Issa spoke with a few people, including a 10-year-old Orange County boy who asked whether Issa would guarantee that he would have affordable healthcare.”

The rest of the article is here.

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The Union editorial board member Sauer needs to hang up his spurs — or get his facts straight

As I’ve written many times before, The Union will never grow if it continues catering to the “declining, aging population.” It’s not rocket science.

But it can’t help itself. A classic example are the columns written by Norm Sauer, whose views are to the right of Attila the Hun. He is a compatriot of George Rebane. That proves it: “QED,” as the mathematicians would put it.

This weekend, in his latest rant, Sauer seeks to educate the rest of us about the “progressive swamp of Washington D.C.”

But he begins with a misstatement of fact: “Obama wire tapped various individuals in the U. S. media, such as Fox News reporter James Rosen …”

In fact, that claim was shot down by none other than Rosen himself. “”I was not wiretapped, my parents were not wiretapped, which is where you place a listening device on someone’s telephone line and you listen to their conversations,’ Rosen told Fox & Friends on Sunday after the show’s hosts claimed his phones were tapped, as CNN and other media outlets have reported.

“Instead, Rosen explained, former Attorney General Eric Holder had secretly designated Rosen a criminal co-conspirator — because he had received classified information from a former State Department contractor — thereby giving the government permission to subpoena Rosen’s emails and phone records, including those of his parents.”

I stopped reading Sauer’s column after this. A good editor would have kicked the column back to Sauer for a revision, but I don’t think The Union management even reads the columns that are submitted — until maybe after they are published.

There’s an epidemic in our towns: It’s called “big fish in a small pond.” It doesn’t serve to inform or educate; it is self-serving and amateurish. What Sauer writes about his topic is applies to his own words as well: “Stay tuned, but hold your nose because the stink is going to get worse.”

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Twin Cities Church celebrates 25 years

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