Dahle defeats Kiley in Senate District 1 race

“Brian Dahle has won Tuesday night’s special election for California’s 1st District Senate seat, earning the seat representing a wide swath of the state’s northeastern tier from Redding to Placerville by six percentage points,” as the Sacramento Bee is reporting.

“The assemblyman from Bieber defeated his Republican opponent, Assemblyman Kevin Kiley of Rocklin, 53.1 percent to 46.9 percent – a lead of roughly 8,000 votes – according to the California Secretary of State’s Office. About 133,000 votes were tallied in the election-night reporting.

“Just after 11 p.m., Kiley conceded the race in a Facebook post, saying the remaining votes weren’t enough to cover the ground gained by Dahle as results trickled in Tuesday night. He congratulated Dahle, adding ‘I wish him the best in his new position.’

“It was in the capital region where Kiley held significant leads, as expected. Sacramento County results, which were concentrated in the Folsom area, showed Kiley outpaced Dahle by more than 40 percentage points. El Dorado and Placer counties, which completed their reporting around 11 p.m., showed Kiley with roughly 10- and 20-point advantages, respectively, against Dahle.

“But it was in the smaller North State counties – Alpine, Lassen, Modoc, Nevada, Plumas, Sierra, Siskiyou and, largest of these, Shasta – where Dahle garnered his strongest support. In Shasta County, for example, the largest bloc of votes outside of the capital region, Dahle surged to a 4-to-1 advantage over Kiley once reporting reached 100 percent.”

Dahle won handily in Nevada County. The latest results are here. The voter turnout was dismal, however: Just 23 percent.

Nevada City native Alexis Alford just became the youngest person to travel to every country

Credit: https://www.instagram.com/lexielimitless/?hl=en

A local — 21-year-old Alexis Alford of Nevada City — this week announced she had become the youngest person to travel to every sovereign nation.

“My name is Alexis Alford and I was born in a small town called Nevada City, California,” her website now reads. “I have been traveling for as long as I can remember with my family who started a travel agency.

“Welcome to my documented journey to becoming the Youngest Person to Travel to Every Sovereign Nation. I traveled to all 196 countries by 21 years old. My ultimate goal is to show people that the world is not a scary place and every culture harbors kindness in spite of political instabilities.

“My mission is to inspire others to choose the path less traveled by breaking down common misconceptions about the least visited countries in the world and female solo travel. Traveling to every country on the world is a relatively new ability. For thousands of years people never knew how much was really out there; until now.  The world has never been so connected and I feel overwhelming gratitude to have the opportunity share these experiences with you.

“After finally completing this massive life goal, I’ll be taking the next few months to nourish my physical and mental health as I finish writing my book about this adventure and continue to make plans for the future.”

No word in the local media as of this post, but Lexie (as she’s known to friends) links to an article on Forbes.com that begins: “On May 31, 2019, a 21-year-old American woman named Lexie Alford stepped foot in North Korea and broke a record, becoming the youngest person in history to travel to every country on earth. In doing so, she beat out the 24-year-old current Guinness World Record holder and joined the historic ranks of other travelers like Cassie De Pecol, who at 27 became the first woman on record to visit every country, as well as the person to do it the fastest.”

Cramer: “I suspect Trump wants to crack down on big tech because he views them as political opponents”

  • The Justice Department and Federal Trade Commission, agencies run by Trump appointees, are reportedly planning to crack down on the business practices at Google-parent Alphabet, Facebook, Amazon and Apple.
  • “I suspect Trump wants to crack down on big tech because he views these companies as political opponents,” “Mad Money” host Jim Cramer said.
  • “For whatever reason, the president’s whims have trumped his pro-business attitude. And if the Trump administration is going to be less pro-business, investors are going to pay less for the earnings” of companies, Cramer said.

    The rest of the article is here.


So much for British stuffiness!

Photo credit: BornEco

“A Bishop’s Stortford student has been busy this weekend creating a stiff message about climate change for Donald Trump in the hope of catching the US president’s eye as he flies into Stansted on Monday morning for the start of his state visit,” according to the Bishop’s Stortford Independent newspaper.

“Online upcycling entrepreneur Ollie Nancarrow, 18, spent part of Saturday and Sunday mowing the message in the grounds of his family home just outside Hatfield Heath, with the full approval of mother and stepfather Vanessa and David Ambler.

“Alongside the greeting ‘Oi Trump,’ the teenager – who is taking A Levels in art, product design and business studies at The Bishop’s Stortford High School – has crafted a cock and balls.

“This is followed by the message ‘Climate Change is Real’ and accompanied by a polar bear.

“Ollie, who runs online marketplace www.born-eco.com, connecting buyers with eco-friendly traders, said: ‘Donald Trump and his denial of climate change are not welcome and I want him to be fully aware of that when he flies into Stansted on Monday.”

The rest of the article is here.

Longtime Nevada City educator Trisha Dellis accepts new job in Carmel Unified School District

(Photo credit: Nevada City School District website)

Trisha has been an outstanding administrator, educator, and mentor in our District, but has opted to pursue an opportunity that will allow her to be closer to her family on the coast,” as Nevada City School District board president Sandy Hakala said. “Accordingly, we also want to wish Trisha a fond farewell and great success in her new position as the Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources with the Carmel Unified School District which she will begin later this summer.”

Trisha also was the founding principal of Ghidotti Early College High School. We will miss our neighbor and longtime, local educational talent.

I can understand the draw, however. I love the Carmel area, and it’s one of the best school districts in the state. In fact, I was just reminiscing with Shannon about all our trips there when I was growing up. We return now and then.

The Carmel-Monterey area is home to landmarks such as the late Doris Day’s Cypress Inn (where we brought our beloved Norwegian Elkhound Eloise when I was a teen); the Mission Ranch (where we often ate dinners, even before Clint Eastwood bought it; see this article in Architectural Digest for more); Neil DeVaughn’s restaurant that helped revitalize Cannery Row in the ’50s (where we’d go for fresh seafood and the trademark fondue), and the Bing Crosby Pro-Am (where we went annually and my mom once visited for 15 minutes with Bing Crosby without interruption. Ha!)

As for the Carmel school district, it was always top notch — one of the best in the state. The principal of the school district where I grew up in Southern California relocated there in ’72 and just died. (See Carmel Pine Cone, page 14 A for Dr. Bullock).

We will miss Tricia. Our area needs to work harder to attract and retain our “best and brightest,” not to mention ramp up its economic development efforts. After all, our school’s enrollment is declining and our population is aging. “Hello? Hello?” Is anybody listening?

Mystery mailer causes voter outrage in Dahle-Kiley race

“There is outrage this week from California voters and voter advocates after a controversial mailer showed up just days before a special election,” as KCRA is reporting.

“The mailers come from a group called the Northern California State Voter Project, but there’s no website and no phone number for the promoters, whose only known address is a post office box.

“The mailer threatens to reveal people’s voting history to friends, family and neighbors.

“’I was really upset,’ said Susan Strand, a voter in El Dorado County. ‘I felt violated.’

“Strand showed KCRA 3 the letter she received from Northern California State Voter Project.

“The letter includes a chart with names showing her who voted in her neighborhood and who did not — with a warning that her name might be on the list if she fails to vote in the upcoming special election for California Senate on June 4.

“‘I did not know that some of our information is available to the public, Strand said. ‘But I really felt like this was an invasion of my privacy.’

“The address for the Northern California State Voter Project is just a post office box at the West Sacramento post office, where ownership records are considered confidential.

“But the group’s hidden message of outing nonvoters is troubling to Kim Alexander, president of the California Voter Foundation.

“’It’s telling voters: ‘We’re watching you. We know if you’re voting. We know if your neighbors are voting.’ And it’s trying to vote-shame people into voting, and that’s just not the way to go.”

“’We have very strong disclosure laws in California,’ Alexander added. ‘But this mailer apparently is able to skirt those laws because it doesn’t actually say to vote for one candidate or another.’

“The state Assembly is the battleground for Senate District 1, where Brian Dahle and Kevin Kiley, both Republicans, are vying for an empty seat vacated by Ted Gaines.

“The Kiley campaign denied any involvement in the mailers.

“The Dahle campaign did not return phone calls to KCRA 3.

“And while it’s not clear who sent the anonymous mailers, California’s top elections official, Alex Padilla, sent KCRA 3 a statement, proclaiming, ‘The Secretary of State’s Office is reviewing whether this mailing violates state election law.'”