Trump leaves Rebane et al. out in the cold: retreats on border policy

What a hoot! The stooges at Rebane’s Ruminations were played for stooges by “their” President (AKA The Donald). For 1 1/2 days, the blog and its loud-mouthed disciples (all six of them) have steadfastly defended Trump’s ill-informed policy to separate children from their parents at the border.

But this afternoon — much to their chagrin — President Trump retreated after a border policy outcry, eating crow on national television. He conceded that his wife and daughter were outraged, along with other First Ladies, oh, and millions of other Americans. Duh!

About 200 comments later, including multiple misspellings of “border” (yep, 200 comments), The Donald left his defenders over on Rebane’s Ruminations out in the cold. They were defending the indefensible. I guess The Donald proved he also was “a light thinking conservative” (to borrow Rebane’s phrase). ROFLOL.

Rebane wrote in his typical nasty tone: “Today, as part and parcel of the spread of national dumbth, progressives (and even some light thinking conservatives) are hyperventilating about Trump having invented a new policy for ripping children from the loving arms of parents who really did nothing wrong other than leave their shithole country, illegally transit other benign countries, and sneak across our border to live the American dream.  All they want is asylum, jobs and/or US govt checks, and amnesty.”

Russ Steele, George’s longtime political sidekick, wondered what the fuss was all about, citing the ultra-conservative Washington Times: “Unlike the congressional outcry over President Trump’s zero-tolerance policy targeting illegal immigration, there has been no mass protest of or investigation into the separation of children from those in jail,”  he rationalized.

“Fish” seemed to suggest that allowing children to be with their parents is was somehow “insipid moral preening,” as Paul Emery pointed out. “Fish,” a real piece of work, is an out-of-towner who shares the wingnut blog’s views. The locals are his “pen pals.” And he seems to have A LOT of spare time on his hands, even in the full-employment economy.

Todd Juvinall agreed with majority of the comments and took it a step further: “All the child porn abusers and the porn industry are democrats.”

Bill Tozer struck a professorial tone: “Q: What is the big difference between then and now? What is the difference since ‘I lift my lamp beside the golden door!” was inscribed on the Statue of Liberty?
A: Welfare. Welfare is now not just the lamp besides the golden door, welfare is the golden door.”

And who can forget Don Bessee? He toed the line: “We now care for them. We have high standards. We give them meals, we give them education, we give them medical care.”

“All the world’s a stooge” on Rebane’s Ruminations!

When did caging kids become the art of the deal?

“Watching President Trump blame Democrats for his administration’s inhumane practice of snatching immigrant children from their parents at the border evokes nothing so much as an abusive husband blaming his wife for the beatings he delivers:

“Why do you make me do this? I hate doing this! If you’d only be reasonable and listen to me, things wouldn’t have to be this way.

“As anyone paying even minimal attention to politics knows, this immoral policy is not ‘the Democrats fault for being weak and ineffective with Boarder Security and Crime,’ to quote one randomly spelled and capitalized tweet out of three to that effect in a little over 12 hours. It’s not really Republicans’ fault, either — at least not yet.

“Both the Obama and George W. Bush administrations began efforts to curtail the flow of people across the southern border, but neither went so far as to pursue a ‘zero tolerance’ approach that tore apart families en masse. Congress has not passed any bills requiring the practice since then. This bit of nastiness belongs entirely to Mr. Trump — he has made a choice to torment undocumented families — and his attempt to pass the buck is dishonest and gutless. In other words, it’s what we’ve come to expect when Mr. Trump finds himself in an uncomfortable spot.

The rest of the article is here.

Here’s the Child Catcher from “Chitty, Chitty Bang Bang”:

Lake Wildwood: Blame it on the geese

“Lake Wildwood looks to remove geese, cites E. coli issues,” The Union is reporting.

“‘We feel that given the events of last July, we need to go to the next level to protect the health and well-being of our members and guests who use the lake,’ the memorandum (on Lake Wildwood’s website) states, according to The Union.

“The memorandum doesn’t use the word ‘kill,’ but that possibility is real and it’s stirred anger among some in the Lake Wildwood community.”

The article is here.

Great stay at the new Kimpton Sawyer Hotel

I had some business in Sacramento this week, so I stayed at the new Kimpton Sawyer Hotel for three nights, adjacent to the Golden 1 Center, instead of commuting from Nevada City every day.

It’s a great addition to the Sacramento hotel scene. (I normally stay at the Hyatt Regency, across from the State Capitol, or the Grand Sheraton).

My corner room had a big balcony and view of the Tower Bridge (site of the annual farm-to-fork dinner) to the west. I could see the Amtrak station and Railyard project from the side window.  The room itself was big and clean, with a giant flat-screen television, stereo, and a walk-in shower in the bathroom.

The swimming pool on the third floor was big and sparkling, and it was surrounded by cabanas and comfortable furniture. It’s a lively scene at night, with a full bar and music.

The food was great. The room service was much better than average (smoked chicken hash with poached eggs for breakfast, for example), and the restaurant called Echo & Rig had excellent dry-aged steaks, seafood, pasta and imaginative side dishes.

I’d definitely recommend the Kimpton Sawyer if you have a stay in Sacramento. It’s named after the landmark Sawyer environmental decision, a nod to the South Yuba and our neck of the woods.

Most local races close — except Diaz routed for Clerk-Recorder

Most of the local races were close — except the re-election of Greg Diaz for Clerk Recorder/Elections Office. Diaz won a whopping 69 percent of the vote, compared with 15 percent each for Elise Strickler and Mary Anne Davis.

The races for Sheriff, District 3 Supervisor, District Attorney, and Nevada City all were close — some just a few hundred votes apart. The latest results are here.

Hodge congratulates Miller on re-election as District 3 Supe

“We are excited for everything we’ve accomplished this year!

“I am honored to have had your support and enthusiasm throughout this entire race and I am honored to have been your candidate. We are proud of the race we ran. We ran with integrity and honesty. We focused on our optimism for this community. It was a tight race right down to the finish.

“This afternoon, I called Dan Miller to congratulate him on his re-election.  We learned today that with likely fewer than 200 votes left to tally in our district, 181 votes separated the two campaigns.  This was a hard-fought race and we should all be proud of what we accomplished.

“I told Dan, and I meant it, that I will continue to fight for our community and that I will continue to work for Nevada County in whatever capacity I can find. This is my home. You are my family. We are all in this together.

“When people are engaged, when people learn about the issues facing their community and study the candidates, when people show up to the polls, there is no such thing as defeat in our democracy. We changed the conversation. We registered voters.  We made sure that all the candidates showed up for this community. We came together as a progressive community, and engaged many first-time volunteers in our cause.

“Let’s continue our enthusiasm and our work to ensure that we are truly represented in our local government. It is my hope that you will join me in continuing our efforts to enact positive change and electing good candidates in November.

“Be sure to mark your calendars for our Volunteer Appreciation Party on Thursday, June 28th at 5:30pm @ Hilary’s house! We are excited to announce that this event will be catered by Emily’s Catering.

“Thank you for all you have done, and continue to do for the cause! “

Handshakes and hopes

“President Trump concluded a historic meeting with North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un, on Tuesday, saying that denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula would begin ‘very quickly,'” as The New York Times is reporting.

“In a televised ceremony held in Singapore, the two leaders signed a document that Mr. Trump called ‘comprehensive,’ though its contents were not immediately disclosed. ‘We had a historic meeting and decided to leave the past behind,’ Mr. Kim said at the ceremony, adding that ‘the world will see a major change.’

“’We’re very proud of what took place today,’ Mr. Trump said. ‘I think our whole relationship with North Korea and the Korean Peninsula is going to be a very much different situation than it has in the past.’ He said that copies of the document would be distributed and that he would speak to reporters later about it.

“The signing ceremony came after several hours of discussions between the two leaders.”

The rest of the article is here.