Now you can talk to your microwave, thanks to Amazon

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Jeff Pelline is a veteran editor and award-winning journalist - in print and online. He is publisher of Sierra FoodWineArt magazine and its website Jeff covered business and technology for The San Francisco Chronicle for 12 years, and he was a founding editor and Editor of CNET News for eight years, among other positions. Jeff has a bachelor's degree from UC Berkeley and a master's from Northwestern University. His hobbies include sailing, swimming, and trout fishing in the Sierra.

12 thoughts on “Now you can talk to your microwave, thanks to Amazon”

  1. Oh, this is great. Let’s microwave everything inside the microwave as well as outside. Seriously. The ubiquitous use of microwave technology is getting many, many people sick, causing miscarriages, cancers, auto-immune diseases, and, yes, death. We’re seeing these numbers, as expected, in the US Cancer Registries…. and it’s the young getting nailed the most. Keep it up, Big Industry. You’re bound to make a bucket-load off of our illnesses and deaths.

      1. Hi Steve: Good morning. I’m not sure what your post means. It is interesting,sandwiched between Russ’s and Reinette’s.

  2. 5G Is Not Going To Microwave Your Brain

    With the transition to a new networking technology, some familiar scare stories are reemerging. You might even have seen a few in the comments here. “5G will give you cancer,” “mmWave technology leads to brain tumors,” and “smartphones are microwaving our bodies,” or so the stories go.

    It’s all hogwash. Details HERE:

    This chart tells the story, cell phone use increased, but cancers did not. This would indicate there is no immediate connection.

  3. Peter, I think Steve is calling out the redundant, superfluous, unecessary, use of the word, “many”. My concern is that Siri and Alexa are always listening.

  4. Keep repeating the Big Industry lies. Ignore the small print that comes with your smartphone that clearly states NOT to hold your smart phone to your head or have your cell phone on your body, gentlemen. It’s no loss to me. In the meantime, continue to ignore the overwhelming peer reviewed studies (not the Industry claims Russ is quoting) and let’s keep watching those deaths pile up as we are clearly seeing in the US Cancer registries.

    And just as a reminder, if I’m wrong I’m the fool. If you all are wrong we have a lot of sick and dead people…. You all really want to take that chance?

    You can start here if you don’t understand how you’re all getting so duped:
    How big wireless made us think that cell phones are safe: A special investigation: Accessed April 2, 2018.

    Here’s just a small sampling of some of the latest studies:

    “Clear evidence of cell-phone RF radiation cancer risk”
    August 28, 2018

    In a new paper, “Clear evidence of cell-phone RF radiation cancer risk” published in the journal IEEE Microwave Magazine, Dr. James C. Lin states that the results of the National Toxicology Program (NTP) cell phone radiation study suggest that current radio frequency (RF) exposure guidelines are inadequate to protect human health (1). Furthermore, the paper recommends that the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) re-assess the research and consider upgrading the classification of RF radiation from “possibly carcinogenic to humans” (Group 2B) to probably carcinogenic (i.e., Group 2A).

    Although Dr. Lin raises some criticisms of the NTP study in this and an earlier paper (1, 2), he recognizes the importance of this research to the field and the implications of the study findings for public health (2).

    He praised the FDA and the NTP for the initiation and conduct of the study and emphasized the need for the “U.S. government to step in and conduct such research programs and not leave the matter entirely to the cell-phone industry” due to his concern that “The wireless industry has had nearly free reign to develop and distribute cellular mobile phones and related RF devices as they see fit.”

    Dr. Lin was one of fourteen experts convened by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences to review the National Toxicology Program’s cell phone radiation study in March of this year. He is a professor of electrical engineering, bioengineering, physiology, and biophysics at the University of Illinois, Chicago. His publications include ten books, hundreds of papers and book chapters, and he has made hundreds of presentations at professional conferences. He has served on the editorial board of fifteen professional journals and has received numerous awards and honors throughout his distinguished career.

    Key passages from Dr. Lin’s new paper and references to both papers along with a summary of the NTP study can be found at:

    National Toxicology Program (NTP) Finds Cell Phone Radiation Causes Cancer:

    National Toxicology Program: Peer & public review of cell phone radiation study:

    5G Wireless Technology: Cutting Through the Hype:

    Brain Tumor Rates Are Rising in the US: Role of Cell Phone & Cordless Phone Use:

    Scientific Evidence of Harm from Cell Phone Radiation: Two Years of Research:

    International Perspective on Health Effects of Low Intensity Non-Ionizing Radiation:

    ICNIRP’s Exposure Guidelines for Radio Frequency Fields:

    Recent Research on Wireless Radiation and Electromagnetic Fields:

    Effects of Cell Phone Use on Adolescents:

    International Scientist Appeal on Electromagnetic Fields & Wireless Technology:

  5. In a world awash in pollution, with poisoned oceans, lands, air and humans, tilting with “Big” anything seems Quixotic on the surface, but it’s actually more of a diversion.
    The lack of transparency on the Nevada City Council is beginning to stir the masses, so it’s time find a culprit and make noise.
    My main concern is how NCC’s mute recalcitrance has affected the Nevada City Rancheria.
    I would also like to know why Grass Valley now has our canine officer, after NC stepped up and paid for him.
    What has happened to Los Mineros, shuttered now for more than a year?
    That’s just for starters.
    Cue the crickets.

    1. Reinette, Thank you for the offer of a private chat.
      Those sequestered types of exchanges have not worked out well for me in the past, just ask Duane.
      Stuart was right, the City Council does indeed have transparency issues, and it was rude of Duane to interrupt Erin and attempt to refute her statement to that effect.
      People want to know and on behalf of those citizens, I will take my answers on this blog.

  6. Yes, I believe in civility.
    I know you are not Duane, but you do have some things in common.
    The only real issue, one that I have spent the last ten years trying to solve, concerns the rescinding of the Nevada County Board of Supervisors disastrous county recognition to the Tsi Akim Corporation.
    This has to be the biggest blunder in the history of this county and refutes any notion that real historical accuracy actually counts here.
    Nevada County could become a laughing stock to the entire California Historical Society.
    Many people, powerful, wealthy, high profile, pillars of the community appear to have been bamboozled into following the corporation. Some of them seem very reluctant to discuss how this all came about and what their parts were in it, and I can’t blame them.
    You, yourself, officiated at the taking of that corner, and I felt sorry for you and Barbara when I saw that because I knew it would come back to haunt you.
    You were too busy to find time to speak with me then and that’s why you rushed in where angels fear to tread,
    But, and I mean this, it wasn’t anybody’s fault, Nisenan history was buried as deep as the Empire Mine.
    All that has changed thanks to the growing awareness of the public and the amazing love and support our true tribe is getting now.
    As I see it, the person who needs to see to the return of Robinson’s corner to it’s original owners would have to be Shannan Moon.
    She needs to school her family about native protocols and how rude it is to try and overtake another tribes homelands.
    That painful duty, as a LE official and close relative of the Tsi Akim leaders, should fall upon her shoulders.
    But she’s not talking yet.
    You like to dig into a good mystery, help solve this one.
    Then we can talk about nice things, like the re-imagining of the Broadstreet Bridge and the interior beautification of the old theater.

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