Donald The Diplomat: China, Canada and now Mexico punches back

Editor’s note: ‘In our culture we punch back,’ Xi told Trump. Canada’s Trudeau called Trump’s immigration policy “wrong” and “unacceptable.” And now it’s Mexico’s turn.

“Mexicans on Sunday appear likely to elect a left-wing populist president who has campaigned on standing up to President Donald Trump, potentially ushering in a more confrontational era of U.S.-Mexico relations on everything from immigration policy to trade,” according to Politico.

“Andrés Manuel López Obrador, a former mayor of Mexico City who styles himself as a champion for rural Mexico, has enjoyed a double-digit lead over the other top candidates from the country’s major parties for months.

“His vows to eradicate violence and official corruption — long unaddressed by outgoing Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto’s ruling PRI party — have played a major role in lifting him to the head of the pack. But his pledge to defend Mexicans from Trump, coupled with his nationalistic rhetoric, has also bolstered his standing with Mexican voters.

“López Obrador traveled through the U.S. after Trump was elected to advocate for Mexican immigrants living in the states and even published a book called “Oye, Trump” (“Listen Up, Trump”) that condemns Trump’s plans to build a border wall and “his attempts to persecute migrant workers.”

“Mexico ‘will never be the piñata of any foreign government,’ López Obrador, 64, told more than 90,000 supporters at a rally here to close out his campaign on Wednesday.”

The rest of the article is here.

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4 thoughts on “Donald The Diplomat: China, Canada and now Mexico punches back”

  1. Speaking of trade: General Motors said a threatened tariff war over imported cars and car parts would result in “less investment, fewer jobs and lower wages” for American auto workers. Thanks MAGA fans for your careful consideration of the effects or your knee-jerk policies as dictated by a madman.

  2. Commodity prices like corn and soybeans are going straight down, after China announced retaliatory sanctions for Trump doing his sanctions on them. All those red state farmers are going to take a big hit if this keeps up, and it seems like it is just getting going. Trump’s answer to trade is about as good as his agreement with North Korea’s nukes, which according to the intel from satellite images says NK is busy building more. Trump is a fool.

    1. You know what, they voted for him. I don’t care if they get screwed over or go out of business. They made their uniformed choices. They deserve everything they’ll get.

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