The Rebanes have forked out $1,500 for Dan Miller’s campaign — “oh my”

So far, George and Joanne Rebane of Nevada City have forked out $1,500 to re-elect Dan Miller as a County Supervisor, according to the latest campaign finance reports — although George and Joanne doen’t even live in Dan’s district. They live near Nevada City, not Grass Valley. “Oh my!” as George’s pal Russ Steele would put it. The details are here (click for larger image):

George is a “prominent” (in a small town, that is) right-wing blogger. Meanwhile, Joanne (though to my knowledge she has no professional qualifications to do so)  is educating all of us on homelessness in a new four-part series in The Union titled “How long should we wait to fix something that hasn’t worked and it isn’t working?”

Let’s face it: A 3-2 “progressive” majority on the BOS would be like Santa Claus delivering black coal in the Rebane’s Christmas stocking.

And as the Church Lady on Saturday Night Live would have put it:

Author: jeffpelline

Jeff Pelline is a veteran editor and award-winning journalist - in print and online. He is publisher of Sierra FoodWineArt magazine and its website Jeff covered business and technology for The San Francisco Chronicle for 12 years, and he was a founding editor and Editor of CNET News for eight years, among other positions. Jeff has a bachelor's degree from UC Berkeley and a master's from Northwestern University. His hobbies include sailing, swimming, and trout fishing in the Sierra.

10 thoughts on “The Rebanes have forked out $1,500 for Dan Miller’s campaign — “oh my””

  1. Just saw the opinion piece on Hillary getting contributions from outside our area. Wondered if Dan had taken any? Does Dan have other major donors like the Rebanes?

    1. Hi Jon,
      The public access portal is here:
      Just type in the candidates’ names “Miller” and “Hodges” and you can see all the contributions. The contractors PAC gave $3K to Dan, but $1,500 is large compared with the other individual donations ($100, etc.)
      Hope all is well! On an unrelated topic, I was reflecting on UC Davis Prof. Charley Banforf’s lecture on brewing that we saw at Jernigan’s. Charley is retiring and he just was honored by the American Brewers Association:

    1. Barry, Experience counts when you’re a Clerk-Recorder or Assessor — a lesson I hope you learned when you lost the Clerk Rercorder’s race in every precinct. And for a County Supervisor, a specific set of job skills is less important because it is more of a “generalist” position. But I’ll grant you that. You’re conflicted, however: You are supporting a candidate who is less qualified than the incumbent for Clerk Recorder, yet you also gave money to an incumbent who has more experience that his challenger for Supervisor. For you, I think, it is all about partisan politics! That’s sad because these positions aren’t supposed to be partisan. On a separate note, you came to this blog in March, while I was enjoying watching the Giants and Cubs at spring training, and said nobody reads this blog. Yet you keep coming back to make comments. No offense, Barry, but you are like gum on my shoe — for almost a decade now. Here’s wishing you as much happiness as I have in my life.

      1. Pruett continues to yammer on here. His obsession with this topic is becoming a little troubling to me. Anyway, one excerpt: “For some county offices (assessor, auditor, treasurer), some experience is required by state law. For supervisor and recorder, the only requirement is to be a registered voter. ” Now I get it. This is why the novices like him run for recorder, figuring it’s “easy pickins'”. The trouble is that in reality it does require experience — just like most professional positions. Voters get that. That’s why Pruett lost in every precinct when he ran against Diaz. Ouch!

        Then he writes: ” I don’t know any non-political junkie who knows who the auditor is, yet they all know Diaz.” Wrong again, Barry. We do know: Our county assessor’s name is Sue Horne. Unlike Diaz for clerk-recorder, she had no experience as a county assessor when elected. That was wrong, but she garnered plenty of votes from her politically like-minded constituents — in true western Nevada County fashion!

        For somebody who says nobody reads this blog, Pruett is like gum on my shoe. The next time he comes here, I’m going to donate another $100 to Diaz’s campaign. lol.

      2. Repeating this for Pruett: “Unlike Diaz for clerk-recorder, she had no experience as a county assessor when elected.” Yes, assessor, Barry!

  2. Now Todd is complimenting Barry on his blog because he has a “a pretty nice and fit girlfriend.” If Todd didn’t exist, we’d have to make him up. But we don’t have to. lol.

    1. Pruett responds to Todd: ”
      Girlfriend?! Wife. Lol.” I guess Todd and Barry really don’t know each other too well despited being politically like minded. lol.

      1. Barry informed Todd on his blog that he got married last weekend in Morro Bay. The internet is changing the way we communicate! lol.

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