The Rebanes donate $1,000 to Dan Miller’s campaign — and don’t even live in his district

According to campaign finance reports, JoAnn and George “extreme political rightwing blogger” Rebane donated a hefty $1,000 to Dan Miller’s Supervisor campaign in District 3 — but don’t even live in that district.

I guess the Rebane’s fear that a Hilary Hodge victory would give progressives a 3-2 majority on the County Board of Supervisors and turn our little hamlet into a Commie State.

Mrs. Rebane also is a member of The Union’s Editorial Board.

Small-town politics are a hoot!

The campaign finance report is here: document-13

Author: jeffpelline

Jeff Pelline is a veteran editor and award-winning journalist - in print and online. He is publisher of Sierra FoodWineArt magazine and its website Jeff covered business and technology for The San Francisco Chronicle for 12 years, and he was a founding editor and Editor of CNET News for eight years, among other positions. Jeff has a bachelor's degree from UC Berkeley and a master's from Northwestern University. His hobbies include sailing, swimming, and trout fishing in the Sierra.

26 thoughts on “The Rebanes donate $1,000 to Dan Miller’s campaign — and don’t even live in his district”

  1. At least Dan’s campaign contributors are from Nevada County residents who will be effected by his votes on the Board. His opponent’s campaign contributions have been coming primarily from San Francisco, Stockton, and Sacramento. How does this outside influence help our resident? You need some full disclosure Jeff and knock it off with the half-truths. Because of your little misleading missive, I sent Dan another $200 to fight the half truths…

    1. Pruett,
      You knock it off. Do you still live in Penn Valley? And do you mean “effect” or “affect”?
      Here’s what Hodge has to say about your claim:
      “The ‘Hodge for Supervisor 2018’ campaign received 235 donations in the first filing period. 202 of those donations were from individuals residing in Nevada County. Of the 33 donations that weren’t local, all of them were individual contributions from California and were from Hilary’s friends and family. The vast majority of our donations, are from Grass Valley, Penn Valley, Rough and Ready etc. We are supported by local volunteers and donors.”

      1. In case you’re afraid to click on the endorsements:

        Hilary’s Endorsements

        Business Leaders
        Lars Ortegren, President & CEO of California Solar & Electric
        John Paul, Broadband Champion
        John Tecklin, Mountain Bounty Farm
        Shawn Garvey, The Grant Farm
        Tor Erickson, Erickson Woodworking
        Alyssa Orellana, Small Business Owner
        Vanessa Lambert, Small Business Owner
        Rachel Tuck, Small Business Owner

        Political Leaders
        Peter Van Zant, Former Nevada County Supervisor
        Elizabeth “Izzy” Martin, Former Nevada County Supervisor
        Kevin De Leon, California State Senator
        Dave Jones, California Insurance Commissioner
        Fiona Ma, California Board of Equalization
        Kimberly Ellis, Former Executive Director of Emerge CA
        Steve Hansen, Sacramento City Councilman
        Marnie Mendoza, Mayor Pro Tem of Colfax
        Joy Sterling, Chair of CDP Rural Caucus

        Community Members
        Claudia Adams
        Adella Albiani
        Erin Alders, Small Business Owner
        Jack Anderson
        Sabrina Ashjian, Public Defender
        Kara Asilamis
        Margaret Austin
        Julie Baker, Former ED of Center for the Arts
        Kat Barrie
        Cicely Bates Brookover
        Marival Bayles
        Jude Bischoff
        Joanne Bodine
        Neil Bodine
        Charlotte Bolinger
        Bob Branstrom
        Janis Bumgarner
        Mary Cahill
        Greg Cameron
        Sheila Cameron
        Shawna Campbell
        Nicole Carscadden
        Carl Cathey
        Carole Chapman
        Bill Checkvala
        Anne Christie
        Carla Cipollone
        Kimberly Clouse
        Janet Cohen
        Fran Cole, Attorney
        Shari Collom-Wilson
        Judith Cooper
        Bob Corrigan
        Shelly Covert
        Nina Cunningham
        Ijan D-Webb
        Spencer Dayton, Chair of YDA Rural Caucus
        Barbara Dehart, Co-founder of Indivisible Women
        James Devinny
        Stevee Duber
        Daniel Elkin, Educator
        Shanti Emerson
        Robert Erickson
        Nancy Eubanks
        Jerry Farrell, Reverend of Unity Church
        William Faure, Retired Educator
        Shirley Fenile
        Susan Ferrier
        Jacqueline Finley
        Lori Flynn
        David Franco, CPA
        David Fraser
        Irene Frazier
        Michael Freedman, Entrepreneur & Retired Educator
        Diana Gamzon
        Jo Garst
        Lance Gayhart, Self Employed I.T.
        J Regan Gere
        Lily Gicker
        Angela Gonzalez
        David Good, IDEO Administrator
        Susan Gouveia, Society of Garden Goddesses
        Roma Guy, Activist
        Cathy Harris
        Randy Harris
        Bob Hart
        Maryann Hart
        Patricia Henderson
        Sol Hensen
        Larry Hoffman
        Alex Horgan, Electrician
        Lindy Horwitz
        Lani Howard, Clergy
        Julie Hubbard
        Lee Hudson
        Tom Ivy, Plumber
        Josh Jacoby
        Margie Joehnck
        Amy Johnson-Ballenberg
        Annie Johnson-Ballenberg
        Diane Jones
        Joey Jordan
        Linda Jovanovic
        Jeff Kane
        Jeremy Kenyon
        Cherise Khaund
        Cathy Lee Knight, Retired Educator
        Bob Krueger
        Liam Lambert
        Robert Landrum, Retired Educator
        Bill Lawrence
        Deb Le Blanc
        Donna Levreault
        Ellie Lightfoot

        Dena Lockwood
        John Lorance
        Ellen Macdonald
        Stephen Mackenzie
        Alex Makeyev
        Craig Marquard
        Patrice Marshall Mckenzie
        Judith McCarrick
        Tana McDonald, Retired Clergy
        Kyle Mcelroy, Attorney
        Ian Mcnamara
        Marnie Mendoza
        Sushila Mertens
        Jessica Miessler
        Sarah Miller
        Tanya Miller
        Erin Minett
        Peter Minett, Retired Educator
        Jim Moe
        Meri Mohr
        Jerroyd Moore
        Colleen Morris
        Nora Nausbaum
        Celine Negrete, Director of The Onyx
        Angelica Niblock, Project Manager at Cal Solar
        Phillip Northcutt
        Marilyn Nyborg, Co-founder of Indivisible Women
        Itara O’Connell
        Laurie Oberholtzer
        Sharon Ohara
        Mary Orr
        Jeanne Palmer
        Elisa Parker, Founder of See Jane Do
        Jude Parry Jones
        Ronnie Paul
        Tracy Pepper
        Ken Posey
        Carolyn Price
        Charly Price
        Justine Quealy
        Marnie Ratkovsky
        Aaron Reagan
        Aimee Retzler
        Eric Robins
        Rick Robins
        Jenita Rodriguez
        Winslow Rogers, Retired Educator
        Susan Rogers
        Susan Rowe, Vice Chair of CDP Rural Caucus
        Lisa Rowe
        Andrew Rust, Small Business Owner
        Stephanie Samarin
        Steve Santillan
        Ray Saracino
        Mark Schaefer
        Leah Schwinn
        Sandra Scott
        Robert Shulman
        Meshawn Simmons, School Administrator
        Jennifer Sloan
        Tom Smith
        Chris Stahl
        Bonnie Stewart
        Allison Strong
        Alison Sweetser
        Lucetta Swift
        William Swingle
        Stephen Tassone
        Mollie Thomas
        Robert Trent, Founder of Sierra Commons
        Ronda Trujillo
        Carol Turner
        Rebecca Vandegrift
        Janie Vizino
        Joy Waite
        Diane Walker
        Dan Walmsley
        Julie Walton
        Kate Wanamaker
        Lang Waters
        Wanda Way
        Lynn Wenzel, Former President of Business & Professional Women
        Mary Wernette
        Wendy Wernigg
        Christopher Wightman
        Sarah Wilson-Daley
        Mark Wingerd
        Sarah Woolman
        Debra Worth
        Michael Wurm
        Shanin Ybarrondo
        Pinky Zalkin
        Lee Zasloff, Indivisible Gold Country

        Nevada County Democrats
        Nevada County Democratic Women’s Club

        Sacramento Stonewall

    2. Thank you for your comment Barry. I was considering donating to Ms. Hodge’s campaign and now I’m convinced I should

  2. Please Jeff. Over half of her donations came through Act Blue. ActBlue bills itself as “the online clearinghouse for Democratic action.” As a federally registered political action committee, it serves as a conduit for online contributions to Democratic candidates and committees. What about the Bodines donating nearly $6,000 to buy an office? They don’t live in her district either, but George Rebane’s $1,000 is a huge issue for you. She is a liberal democrat running in a non-partisan race with outside funding and resources. Period. Keep the mudslinging going brother. You are only motivating Dan’s gaggle of supporters including but not limited to both Democrats and Republican Grass Valley city council members who have endorsed Dan. Dan’s opponent had to go to Sacramento to get a city council member to endorse her…

    1. Pruett,
      “The lady doth protest too much”! When I was down at Spring Training last month, I figured we’d heard the last of your B.S. because you said nobody read this blog. Now you’re back, apparently sweating political bullets and repeatedly opening your wallet for a candidate who does not even represent the district where you have lived. What a hoot!

      Rebane’s $1000 donation is not a “huge” issue for me, but I can’t ever recall he’s opened his wallet so wide for a single candidate — ever. So, yes, it’s worth a headline.

      Let’s face it. The fear of a 3-2 “progressive” majority on the Board of Supervisors has whipped you, George, Todd and our other loud, nasty, hard-right political activists into a frenzy. Go read Todd’s blog.

      But your narrative falls flat on its face, just like it did when you ran for clerk-recorder and lost in every precinct! Unlike you, Hilary Hodge has run an exemplary campaign: She has “gone high” (as Michelle Obama would put it), won community wide, grass roots support (pointing out that “the vast majority of our donations, are from Grass Valley, Penn Valley, Rough and Ready etc. We are supported by local volunteers and donors).”

      So let the chips fall where they may in June. You,with your rants here on a blog that “no one reads,” are starting to sound like the loser, however! ROFLOL.

  3. Oh look, this local idiot Tim Gore just started following my blog. Lucky me!
    “ctgorectgore just started following you at They will receive an email every time you publish a post. Congratulations. You might want to go see what they’re up to! Perhaps you will like their blog as much as they liked yours!”

    Is this the same person?

    Small towns are a hoot!

  4. Oh, look, Gregory Goodnight finally woke up and is tapping away. And “scenes” is joining him.

    1. But wait, there’s more! Barry’s journalism hero is Jeff Ackerman. If Valparaiso Law School goes under, what will Pruett put on his resume? ROFLOL. The clowns in small towns; you can’t make this stuff up!

  5. Let them yammer away. It seems that’s all they have in life. Their comments here only encourage me to vote for whomever is running against their buddies.

  6. I noticed an expenditure on Miller’s documents that I have a question about. It shows a payment of $240 to the “Greater Grass Valley Chamber of Commerce” for “Chamber of Commerce member fees.” Can political campaigns join the Chamber of Commerce? I always thought it was for businesses.

  7. Jeff, I don’t get it. What’s the point? So they don’t live in the district. I don’t live in Nevada County, but still contribute funds to Bill Smethers for sheriff. It’s still a free country, is it not?

    1. Yes, it’s a free country. But it’s also telling. As for you stating “I don’t get it,” that’s no surprise. You were one of the biggest blowhards that Jeff Ackerman ever introduced me to. I cringed at our lunch meetings, which he pre-arranged like a wedding in India. (Though I would have preferred the latter experience). LOL.

      1. Speaking of Jeff Ackerman disciples, I wonder if Todd Juvinall made the deadline for property taxes this week? ROFLOL.

  8. Barry Pruett and Todd Juvinall are crowing about The Union’s recent journalism awards (against papers in places like Marysville, Eureka and Santa Maria). For Barry that is a real achievement. He grew up in Harvey, Il., and went to law school at Valparaiso University Law School. The law school “has stopped accepting students and may wind down.” ( Todd’s academic achievement — although unconfirmed — is a community college degree. When you went to Cal, Northwestern, worked at The Chronicle and helped launch the newsroom at CNET as it went public (and later was sold to CBS for $2 billion), the bar is a little higher. And it’s not just me: A regular reader on this blog was venting to me this morning about an oversight in the newspaper. Having said that, I’m glad The Union, Barry and Todd are proud of all their achievements. It’s what make small towns, well, small.

    1. At the same time Juvinall was praising The Union for its recent honors, he posted this on George Rebane’s blog: “I asked the Union if they knew if the woman that killed our two boys in the DUI was a citizen. I got a response from some babe named Thai who called me a racist for asking the question. You cannot make this stuff up.” Todd is a product of a small town. Go figure!

  9. Still no word from Pruett acknowledging that The Chronicle won 26 awards, including best large newspaper for three years in a row — an even greater accomplishment than The Union. Of course, Pruett was the one who mocked “San Francisco values” when he ran for clerk recorder and lost every precinct. Meanwhile, is this the same Todd with the big dragon breathe (sic) in the right-wing blogosphere listed here? Or not. Todd, maybe you can clear this up. Go figure!

  10. Pruett writes on Todd’s blog: “Some of Pelline’s regulars are my clients.” But the last time Pruett tried to comment here, he said nobody reads my blog. Which is it Barry? You’re getting tangled up in your own stream of bull. ROFLOL.

    1. This poor fellow is running off at the mouth again this morning. I wonder what the local judges think of him? Go Valpo Crusaders! ROFLOL.

  11. Todd Juvinall continues to run off at the mouth as well. Memo to Todd Juvinall: We always have paid our Nevada County property taxes on time. Have you? If not, you’ve got a lot of hubris. I’d be crawling under a rock if that were me — certainly not running off at the mouth in the local blogosphere. Go figure! ROFLOL.

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