Who’s endorsing Hilary Hodge for District 3 Supervisor?

This email was sent from Hilary Hodge’s campaign:

Hilary Hodge, candidate for Nevada County District 3 Supervisor, released her endorsements this week with support from former Nevada County Supervisors, community leaders, and some of California’s top lawmakers.

Hilary Hodge’s supporters include former Nevada County Supervisors Peter Van Zant and Elizabeth “Izzy” Martin.

“I’m endorsing Hilary Hodge for the new ideas and fresh energy she will bring to the Board of Supervisors,” said Van Zant. “Hilary’s long time roots in Northern California and her experience in local jobs development and economic development are needed now. She understands the unique and strategic role the Board of Supervisors plays in the economic, cultural, and social life of Nevada County.”

Two of California’s Constitutional Officers endorsed Hilary Hodge along with California State Senator Kevin de Leon. California’s Insurance Commissioner and candidate for state Attorney General, Dave Jones is among Hilary’s supporters along with California Board of Equalization member, Fiona Ma. Hilary’s supporters also include neighboring community elected officials Marni Mendoza, Mayor Pro Tem of Colfax, and Sacramento City Councilmember Steve Hansen.

“We need a Supervisor who is going to reach across community and county lines in order to work for Nevada County. I will be that Supervisor,” said Hilary Hodge. “We need innovative ideas and collaboration to ensure our community’s future. With my experience and my relationships, I’m the best qualified candidate for the job.”

Hilary Hodge is supported by a number of community members including the past Executive Director of the Center for the Arts, Julie Baker; local broadband champion, John Paul; CEO of California Solar Electric, Lars Ortegren; and Co-founder of See Jane Do, Elisa Parker.

Author: jeffpelline

Jeff Pelline is a veteran editor and award-winning journalist - in print and online. He is publisher of Sierra FoodWineArt magazine and its website SierraCulture.com. Jeff covered business and technology for The San Francisco Chronicle for 12 years, and he was a founding editor and Editor of CNET News for eight years, among other positions. Jeff has a bachelor's degree from UC Berkeley and a master's from Northwestern University. His hobbies include sailing, swimming, and trout fishing in the Sierra.

17 thoughts on “Who’s endorsing Hilary Hodge for District 3 Supervisor?”

  1. Jeff,
    Do us all a favor and never claim to be “middle of the road” again. You are not — I know it, you know it, and everyone who follows your blog knows it. Just proudly claim your strong left wing views and stop the ruse. We all would appreciate it and still follow your blog.

    1. Rich,
      “Strong left wing views”? Lighten up! I voted for Nate Beason, and even put a sign in my yard, when he ran against Sue McGuire. I’m not afraid to vote for a conservative. How many times have you voted for a Democrat? I’m all ears.

  2. Hillary Hodge !
    Recent Scorecard-Miller/ Scofield have seen to it that this cannabis regulation taxation mess is out of control. For a group of so called conservatives to impose restricting regulations on any business is a bad thing, but they went way out of their way to restrict a fledgling startup. Those two own this mess-
    Then the “set-up on Diaz” over the mail in ballot.
    The little show of ignorance when Sect. of State Padilla was asked to speak to these so called Supervisors about a plan that would save the County money in the long run with the “Voter Choice Act”. But Noooooo, they had to put on their asshats, and turned it into an ugly show of partisanship .
    Take a look at the Chamber of Commerce building in Grass Valley and once again they have no moral compass at all hanging a Miller banner over the front door (whatever their bull**** excuse about whose building it is-).
    Vote Hillary Hodge-

    1. The building belongs to “local Kingpin Keoni” whose “esteemed political advocacy arm of the contractors’ trade group” (yep, “esteemed,” the press release read) endorsed Dan! But even the “nonpartisan” Chamber has made no secret of whom it is supporting — so the silly sign returns. But instead of being “Miller Time,” a more appropriate sign would honor our local craft brewers — which are growing in size. Small town politics are a hoot!

      On a more serious note, congratulations to Hilary for running an inspiring, clean race and to Dan, for sounding more gracious as the “favorite.” It sure beats the mudslinging of the past — for now.

      1. I can’t resist this. If Dan has sign that says “Miller Time”, how about a sign for Hillary that reads, “This Bud’s for you!”

  3. The candidate who speaks up for the Nevada City Rancheria and calls for the immediate dissolution of Tsi-Akim Corporation’s Nevada County recognition, which apparently has a stranglehold on our city and county governments, has my support and my vote.
    For those who support the T/A, recent activities by Rep. LaMalfa are alarming to the Nisenan from Nevada County, Stawberry Valley And Todd’s Valley Colfax. These tribes are mobilizing to defend themselves.
    To those who continue to support the Corporation over our true heritage tribe, who suffer at your pleasure, the gloves are off and you have nowhere to hide.

  4. We are lucky to have a person like Hilary move here and care enough about this area to run for an elected office. I hope she wins. We need more younger people in local offices to mix up the same old status quo of mostly older grey haired men. Thank you Hilary Hodge for giving it a shot, you got my vote.

  5. Young folks are fine Steve, but they aren’t the complete answer.
    What we need is good folks, smart folks, folks with integrity and vision.
    Those qualities are not defined by age.
    But then, the majority of non-Native people have never really understood the value of their elders.

    1. I think you are both right. And I would only add that elders have to win respect, just like the rest of us. Oddly enough, in our community, some of our elders have the sense of entitlement, not the millennials. You know who I’m talking about. lol.

      1. Hopefully by the time folks get old, they have already “earned” some degree of respect and should be teaching respectful behavior to the young. Entitlement is an interesting subject.
        Let me pose a theoretical question. If there were a senior nutrition program and a children’s nutrition both needing funding in a desperately poor community, but only one could be chosen, which would you choose?

  6. “Hopefully by the time folks get old, they have already “earned” some degree of respect and should be teaching respectful behavior to the young.’ Really? That sounds like a pile of entitled horse s**t. Longevity doesn’t mean anything. It’s what you do with the years. I can give you lists of “elders” pages long who aren’t worth s**t. You’ve , periodically, espoused some of the most shallow, narrow, obsequious observations that I’ve seen on this site. You really do think a lot of yourself.

  7. Bruce, you asterisks don’t hide the fact that you were cursing at me.
    It’s males like you that make me feel fortunate for the husband I have, a true gentleman.

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