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“The 1st Nevada County Candidates Forum of 2018 features the men and women running for County Board of Supervisors District 3 and 4, and for County Sheriff. A nonpartisan club that does not endorse any candidate hosts event. Produced by Touchdown Productions and sponsored by the Committee to elect Dan Miller.”

Author: jeffpelline

Jeff Pelline is a veteran editor and award-winning journalist - in print and online. He is publisher of Sierra FoodWineArt magazine and its website SierraCulture.com. Jeff covered business and technology for The San Francisco Chronicle for 12 years, and he was a founding editor and Editor of CNET News for eight years, among other positions. Jeff has a bachelor's degree from UC Berkeley and a master's from Northwestern University. His hobbies include sailing, swimming, and trout fishing in the Sierra.

26 thoughts on “Local candidate forum”

  1. Karla,
    “nonpartisan club” refers to the Business & Professional Women of Nevada County, the group that sponsored the event. The Dan Miller campaign signage was added to the YouTube video by TouchDown productions. “The Committee to elect Dan Miller” apparently sponsored the videotaping of this program. I guess Touchdown Productions needs a sponsor to broadcast a candidate’s forum.

    1. That is correct Jeff. We are a for profit business in Nevada County. We depend on local support to remain in business like any other business in the area. Thank you for sharing this important video because it allows many who could not attend to see all the candidates that spoke.

      1. Gil,
        I’m out of town but called Ms. Hodge, who said she was not approached about a sponsorship but said she would have been glad to chip in. Perhaps others would too. I wonder if a better approach would have been to reach out to the group that hosted the forum and worked together to raise what was needed for the broadcast?

  2. I watched it from home.
    Lots of good old boys in the audience and among the candidates.
    There weren’t any tough questions among such good friends, so I don’t really take these kinds of forums seriously.
    I did notice Dan Miller had is campaign logo on the screen while he spoke, while the other candidates did not.
    Is that permitted?

  3. Judith, The Campaign to elect Dan Miller sponsored the recording of the video for himself. Dan decided to share the entire forum with the community and was happy to have the video put out to the public so everybody could see all the candidates. If anyone has any questions please feel free to call Gil at 530-263-2482.

    1. So to be clear, this was a Dan Miller production?
      Whose decision was it to place that logo on the screen?
      Sorry Mr. Dominguez, but some of this is troubling.
      Explain how this is ethical, please?

      1. Judith, Any one of the candidates are free to record a forum. It is not unethical to do so. He had the recording done. Since it is his recording he can have his logo on the recording if he chooses. I hope this is clear and understandable for you If you need further explanation please feel free to call me as I stated in the last post.

    2. Gil:

      Politics aside, thanks for once again recording the Mardi Gras Parade and posting it so that former residents like me, living 2,8000 miles away, can still enjoy a great Nevada City event. It was great to see so many familiar (and unfamiliar) faces strutting down Broad Street, and I was very happy to see that my friend Pat Dyer is still the same ol’ Pat.

      1. Steve,
        Agreed. That event is right in Touchdown’s wheelhouse. And logo(s) from the sponsor (s) flashing on the screen would have been totally appropriate. I am in Phoenix this week for spring training. It is only 49 degrees, at least right now. Cheers,

      1. Well, judging from some of the feedback here (and what I’ve heard from others in the community), a different approach might have been more effective — while still generating money that you desire to cover your time and production equipment. Just a thought. Cheers,

        P.S. — The sponsorship costs is public information that will appear in campaign finance reports.

  4. Was there a notice, as in “sponsored by Miller for Supervisor” anywhere on the broadcast? If Miller paid for it wouldn’t that have been appropriate? Or, from a legal sense, did the logo represent that it was a paid advertisement? The logo gives the whole thing a political intent. I don’t think Miller would have shelled out money just to be a nice guy so voters could see and hear the candidates or perhaps to show at family gatherings like a home video. It’s possible but unlikely. A candidate would make that effort to either create soundbites for future political advertising spots or run the whole thing as a paid public service and score PR points and hope your opponents didn’t outshine your performance.

    1. Joe, thank you for your questions. Yes, the video has a notice at the beginning and the end. Yes, he contracted to record sound bites of his speech. Before the event we were asked to record the entire forum. Many people wanted it aired. Dan took this under consideration and decided to air the entire recording for everyone to see. BPW approved the final version. BTW Dan IS that nice of a guy as he did decide to air the entire program.

    1. Barry,
      Are you kidding? This has generated a lot of buzz; even upset some of the hosts. I was never Gloria Zane, but didn’t you donate to Dan’s campaign? I am enjoying Spring Training at the Arizona Biltmore. The Cubs beat the A’s. Sorry about the snow! I decided to extend my trip. “Weather is here, wish you were beautiful,” as they say. lol 2.

  5. While I was out enjoying a game at Spring Training, Barry Pruett left two messages here, albeit totally unrelated to this post. The gist of his messages were:
    1. He is going to Paris (and I’m not)
    2. He repeated that Dan is “nice” and his daughters “absolutely love him.”
    3. “Nobody knows you.”
    Thanks Barry! Small towns are a hoot!

    1. Please help me out here. If “Nobody knows you” then why are people responding to your posts? If “Nobody knows you” then why is he and his ilk whining about you?

  6. As an outsider to local politics, I find these forums to be pure pulp.
    Insiders pitching soft questions to other insiders.
    We learn nothing substantial about the candidates.
    Pitiful waste of time and resources just like the National debates, all production and no hat.

    1. Judith:

      Over the years, I probably took part in 15-20 candidate forums, maybe more, and I agree with you. If they were actual debates, with candidates exchanging serious ideas and positions with each other, that would be one thing –– but for the most part they’re white bread questions with white bread responses.

      Several times when I took part in candidate forums, I could look out at the audience and know who was going to vote for me and who was not going to vote for me. But it wasn’t what the audience heard or thought that counted –– it was what The Union, KNCO and KVMR reported the next day. (And now what Gil is able to record and broadcast).

      When I made an ill-fated run at county supervisor in 1984, the first gathering of candidates was a breakfast forum at the Coach House on Zion Street. Three minutes for each of us to say “Howdy,” followed by softball questions. I began my three-minute opening statement by paraphrasing the Bible verse that he who is without sin should cast the first stone, and followed that by mentioning that people in glass houses shouldn’t throw rocks.

      No one knew what the hell I was talking about, but I then pulled five small, smooth stones from my pocket, walked behind the other four candidates and handed a stone to each of them. Then I returned to the microphone, held my stone up for the audience to see, and suggested that the five of us should keep our stone in a pocket until the June Primary, and when we were tempted to attack an opponent or say something unkind, we should reach in our pocket, feel the small stone, and remember to keep our forums and debates as civil as possible.

      Naturally, that stunt became a one-minute news snippet on radio and got some ink as well. I got more publicity from that forum than the other four candidates combined, but on Election Day I got eaten up –– barely 9% of the vote. (So much for candidate forum stunts, eh?).

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