Boardman Part II: Even Hodge thought The Union columnist was being unfair to Miller

What a hoot! Besides belittling staunch conservative Brian Dahle’s ability to work with progressives on some issues, The Union’s weekly columnist Boardman took a swipe at Dan Miller.

Boardman was challenged, and as usual, his response was defensive and arrogant on The Union’s website: “One more time, Linda: KNCO is a major force in a small media market, and any on-air personality associated with a popular activity like high school football develops a ‘good guy’ aura that can influence undecided voters in an election. Major networks remove personnel from the air when they declare their candidacy but before they officially file; KNCO should follow the same policy.” Then he blamed ‘Dave Bear at KNCO,’ instead of himself, for getting Dan’s tenure in the booth at football games wrong. How’s that for accountability?

But it gets better. Even Hilary Hodge, who is running against Dan for District 3 Supervisor, thought Boardman was being unfair.

She wrote on The Union’s website: “While The Union asked me to step down as a columnist, I think it is a mistake for KNCO to remove Dan Miller from the air as a local football commentator. Both Dan and I spend a lot of time in our community. We live in a small town, and our contributions to our community matter. Dan’s commentary is a service to our community. Whereas, my column was issues-based. While I understand that FCC regulations require equal time, I don’t think Dan’s contribution for NU Football poses a problem. Of course, if KNCO is worried about equal time, Dan and I could do the broadcast together. I love football.”

That had Boardman gnashing his teeth, responding: “That’s practically the same thing Terry Lamphier said four years ago. That approach didn’t do him any good.”

And Hilary handled the snipe beautifully, stating: “George Boardman I’m not Terry Lamphier.”

You can’t make this stuff up! Memo to Don Rogers: Take George out of his misery, and find a new columnist.

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Jeff Pelline is a veteran editor and award-winning journalist - in print and online. He is publisher of Sierra FoodWineArt magazine and its website Jeff covered business and technology for The San Francisco Chronicle for 12 years, and he was a founding editor and Editor of CNET News for eight years, among other positions. Jeff has a bachelor's degree from UC Berkeley and a master's from Northwestern University. His hobbies include sailing, swimming, and trout fishing in the Sierra.

7 thoughts on “Boardman Part II: Even Hodge thought The Union columnist was being unfair to Miller”

  1. George Boardman is having a meltdown! The thread on The Union keeps growing:

    “George Boardman
    Hilary Hodge: True enough, but you’re likely to get the same result on election day if you just go along with the way the good old boys have always done things around here.

    “Andy F. Owens · Chief Financial Officer at Owens Estate & Wealth Strategies Group
    Andy Owens — avid Nevada Union Football fan
    George’s facts are not even correct! Dan Miller started taking stats with me for NU football in 1985 and has been involved in the football program since then. Dan went from the sidelines to the KNCO radio booth and is in his 18th season. George, if you are going to make your observations, please get your facts correct before you go to print! Dan has served on the Grass Valley City Council, serving as Mayor, served on the Nevada Joint Union High School District School Board and is now a Nevada County Supervisor, all the while calling NU football games.

    “George Boardman
    If you had bothered to read my reply to Linda Bennett, you would know that I was given bad information by KNCO.

    “Pete Christensen · Works at Retired
    Dear Mr. Boardman, I have been reading your articles in the Union Newspaper and you seem to specialize in negative criticism, especially when it comes to politics. It seems you have drawn a line in the sand with your comments about Supervisor Dan Miller. Supervisor Miller has earned the respect of this community with his leadership and knowledge and devotion to make this a better place to live.

    “What have you done Mr. Boardman, other than stir the pot with your one sided negative criticism? Why don’t you discuss the more important issues in our area, such as the homeless or how to bring more jobs to Nevada County? A fitting quote ” A Lion doesn’t lose sleep over the opinion of Sheep.”

  2. To be sure, some of these people are supporters of Dan. But when the opponent even speaks out that the post is a “hit piece,” you have to conclude that George is unfit for the task — once a week, no less. ROFLOL.

  3. Monica Senter wrote a fine response to Mr. Miller’s suggestion that the cannabis industry use its revenues to fund local charities.
    It isn’t a terrible idea, so it got me to thinking about all of our alcohol related businesses.
    Vineyards impact the land and use up water to make wine, a controlled, mind-altering substance.
    Liquor stores and bars prosper by selling controlled substances that have the demonstrated potential to destroy lives.
    To mitigate the effects of alcohol related deaths due to illness or drunk driving, perhaps local wineries, liquor stores and bars would like to join in to help fund recovery centers and child welfare organizations in our area.
    It makes a lot of financial sense to tap into those lucrative businesses for help and it makes moral sense as well.

  4. This is why it’s hopeless to deal with clowns like Boardman:
    “George Boardman says:
    September 6, 2017 at 9:25 am
    I’m the only guy who can get Pelline to come to Dan Miller’s defense by criticizing KNCO for leaving him on the air after announcing he’s running for reelection. That’s quite a reversal for the guy who constantly criticized the “Miller Time” banner hoisted over the Grass Valley Chamber of Commerce’s office during the last election. If I wrote Miller is a candidate for sainthood, Pelline would claim he’s the Devil incarnate.”

    George doesn’t understand it’s “apples” and “oranges”:
    1. As Hilary Hodge pointed out, not me, being on the air for high school football is not the same as writing an opinion column for the newspaper as she did. Boardman was off base.
    2. Hanging the “Miller Time” banner over the Chamber was wrong. And I will call it out again, I suppose, because I expect it will happen again.

    Boardman is either not too bright or deceiving — or both. He’s a poor choice for The Union’s columnist. Podunk.

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