Local right-wing blogosphere shows stupidity in attacking Hodge for Supervisor

No sooner had Hilary Hodge made her candidacy for District 3 Supervisor “official,” running against Dan Miller ( AKA “Dan has lived in Nevada County since he was a sophomore at Nevada Union High,” as Patti Ingram Spencer wants to remind all of us) than the local right-wing blogosphere began a pit-bull attack on Hodge.  They made fun of her job, her skills, and columns (“sounds like somebody done got fat shamed”) and even commented on her looks.

And they illustrated their sheer stupidity.

George Rebane wrote on his blog “Hillary Hodge running for Nevada County’s District#3 supervisor?!” And Rebane concluded his rant, writing “Would I be that far off to doubt that even the Sierra Business Council would have a hard time endorsing her as our county’s revitalizing sparkplug?  Well, maybe.”

No, George. As Steve Frisch had to remind him: “Just for the record the Sierra Business Council, the organization I work for, does not endorse political candidates. As a 501c3 nonprofit we are precluded from endorsing candidates.”

But wait there’s more.

Gregory Goodknight wrote: “Look at the bright side on the Hodge candidacy… it means she won’t be writing the column in the Tea Party Gazette until it’s over. I find it interesting that the candidate HH has opted for a new, cleaner looking hairstyle and covering up that tattoo on her chest. Now if she can button up the hate she has for people who think her worldview is at right angles to reality… nahhhh.”

Then Todd Juvinall weighed in: “She has a tatoo on her chest? LOL!”

Someone named “ScenesFromTheApocalypse” corrected them and and linked to a photo to prove it.: “This pic?http://www.theunion.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/HilaryHodge-GVU-mug-5.jpg Looks like a necklace.”

Gregory concluded: “I stand corrected…. in the low res color printing of The Union it always looked like a tat to me but zoomed in, it’s obviously a necklace.”

As I said, this race is going to be ugly.

Author: jeffpelline

Jeff Pelline is a veteran editor and award-winning journalist - in print and online. He is publisher of Sierra FoodWineArt magazine and its website SierraCulture.com. Jeff covered business and technology for The San Francisco Chronicle for 12 years, and he was a founding editor and Editor of CNET News for eight years, among other positions. Jeff has a bachelor's degree from UC Berkeley and a master's from Northwestern University. His hobbies include sailing, swimming, and trout fishing in the Sierra.

17 thoughts on “Local right-wing blogosphere shows stupidity in attacking Hodge for Supervisor”

  1. Ha ha! For the record: I have a tattoo on my right ankle that reads, “I’mPossible” which was the theme when I crewed the California AIDS ride in 2000. I have a moon and star on my left ankle, which I got when my friend Heather Sawyer got her first tattoo. I have an original design on my right wrist which symbolizes several iconic moments from my childhood (ask me sometime), and I have the = sign, plain and boldly on my left arm, which I got after Proposition 8 passed in 2008, along with several friends and members of the LGBTQ community, to remind us always what it felt like to be ‘other’ and to never ever forget to fight for those oppressed. I have no tattoos on my chest. But now I’m thinking about one.

  2. Well, when nasty and ignorant people make remarks about a person, consider the source. I know Hilary to be quite qualified for the Supervisor position and if she were in my district I would be voting for her. She will bring intelligence and a fresh perspective to the job.

  3. I have known Hilary for a few years through her work with the Nevada County Gleaners where she, and other folks, dropped off tons of leftover organic fruits and vegetables when I cooked for Sierra Roots and at Streicher House. She’s a true humanitarian and puts her energy where it counts, “with the people.”

  4. Jeff, thanks for being willing to paw through the local right wing garbage, so we don’t have to. I look forward to the day — probably not too far off as the county continues to become bluer – when they will all be so irrelevant that it won’t be worth your time to even bother.

  5. Rebane and Juvinall are non-entities. Their blogs feature the same half dozen or so posters and their influence goes no further than the usual suspects. The Tea Party and SOJ types who make up their primary readership will already support Miller based on ideological orientation alone, so what they and their posters have to say is really inconsequential. I would venture to guess that vast majority of rational undecided voters who might happen to run across those blogs would be grossed out at the juvenile rantings of a bunch of angry old white men. The Hodge camp should encourage voters to read those blogs to see what some of Miller’s supporters have to say.

  6. Hey Jeff, you left out one of the best crazy ass ditties:

    “Todd:, FYI. In some circles on the net, HH, 88, or HH88 is quite significant. H is the eight letter in the alphabet, thus the 8. HH is also Heil Hilter, or 88. In daily usage, you refer to a true racist as an 88. You know, the White Supremists, Black Supremists and segregationists, and just about most of the professors and composition of the Democrat Party. The religious bigots from the Left, globalists, Alt-Left, Democrat Party, liberals, socialists, Marxists, and progressives do not get an 88, unless you are hating on Jews.

    Easy to spot an 88 or a HH. Just read what they write. It’s either an old relic KKK dude or more often a Snowflake, which comes in all sizes, shapes, forms, color, and age. Never too old to be a Unhinged Buttercup with a bad case of hating the Righties.”

  7. Seriously though, we should play a role by NOT perpetuating the nonsense. I think Hilary and Dan are both fine people and want to do some good for their community. A campaign should not be about this slimy nonsense and we shouldn’t engage in, countenance, or even help perpetuate by dwelling on, this stuff. Let Hilary and Dan deliver their vision for the future, the strategies they would deploy to get there, and the benefits they believe would come to the community from their service. That is what a campaign should be about and its what we should demand from both of them. Let the others roll in the mud.

  8. What a hoot! Gregory Goodknight, who describes his career as “independent software engineer at my place” has the audacity to criticize Hodge’s resume.
    And Todd Juvinall refers to my four readers. Here are some signed comments on Facebook directed at our local basket of deplorables:
    -“Wow, some of those comments are amazingly rude. And they believe they are on the ‘good’ side?”
    -One of the posts, with 47 “likes” and 20 comments, reads “Haters going to hate.”
    -“How does someone mistake that necklace for a tattoo,”
    -“Even low res—- that definite looks like a necklace. What a weird conclusion to draw.”
    -“Stupid is as stupid does. LOL! Referring to the nasty people.”
    -“I do not miss Rebane and his ilk.”

  9. George Boardman has never been too bright. It’s reflected in his minor-league journalistic and “PR man” resume, along with his penchant for error after error (and correction after correction).

    When I write this is going to be an ugly campaign, he assumes that it is the candidates who will be ugly. No, dumbling, it’s some of their ardent supporters. And it’s already happening. And we have yet to hear from community gems like “Bradley Jackson.” lol.

  10. When people use negativity and trash talk for opponents of their views they drive sensible people to vote for those very opponents. Let them foam at the mouth…more votes for Hilary.

  11. Barry Pruett is a hoot! You’d think that losing an election in all the precincts, as he did in the clerk-recorder race against Greg Diaz, would cause some deep self reflection instead of lashing out at others. He’ll never get it. lol.

  12. As it turns out, Dr. Phil has been reading our local blogs, and he emailed me a message. “Hi Jeff, I have been reading your local blogs. Wow. I recommend you read this to deal with people such as Barry Pruett and ‘fish.'” http://www.wikihow.com/Handle-Haters-and-Jealous-People I will contact my friend Jerry Springer and suggest he contact both of them to be on his show. Meanwhile, good luck, Phil.”

    1. When you grow up in Harvey, Ill., as Barry Pruett did, it must be pretty intimidating to read about the North Shore. So you lash out.

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