Todd Juvinall: His deceptive email name is “Nevada City Guy”

(Drawing of Todd by R.L. Crabb that circulates on the internet)

What kind of a guy would go around hiding behind the email name, “Nevada City Guy”? And for what purpose?

Well, it’s not Matt Damon or Brad Pitt. Hold onto your bottle of Aqua Velva! “Nevada City Guy” is none other than Todd Juvinall, a grown man in his late 60s who acts like a two-year-old and who has become known for lashing out at many people in our community for years. (And a one-time county supervisor, no less).

I cannot think of a more unfit individual to represent our community as “Nevada City Guy” — even on his own terms or whatever his motive. In fact, Todd is an embarrassment to our towns.

His loud mouth is responsible for much of the political divisiveness in our towns. He is widely know for his personal attacks, name calling, and verbal bullying going back to his founding of CABPRO, an extreme right wing activist group that has fizzled as the western county becomes more “middle of the road.”  Todd routinely picks fights with locals in the community internet forums and insults women such as Hilary Hodge and Marilyn Nyborg. He has attacked me routinely — he likes to dish out the “fat jokes,” for example — because I challenge him and his extremist, sometimes hateful views. It is one reason this blog began — to address the hatefulness from Todd and his political allies who were trying to run our community.

Steven Frisch of the Sierra Business Council is another favorite target of Todd. Steve and I don’t hesitate to punch back, as well as others.

“Todd Juvinall has been spewing hostility and anger toward his Democratic enemies for years. I have not heard any constructive criticism, interest in listening, dialogue or understanding. I strongly question his motivation and targets. His writing seems very closed to anything outside of his own idea of truth,” as one local, Marilyn Nyborg, wrote in a letter to the editor of The Union.

The signed comments in The Union forum go like this: “Once again, Todd Juvinall spews his hate-filled rhetoric for all to see and hear,” wrote local Joan Merriam. “Todd Juvinall … your reply insults women,” writes another, Richard Sciaroni. “Todd Juvinall … this last one crossed a line into hate speech,” wrote Mike Mooers. “The Todd has been over the top for at least 25 years,” said Jon Shilling.

As the community becomes more “middle of the road,” extreme political activists such as Todd are becoming more vocal — and truly outlandish. I suspect the Trump presidency has emboldened them too. Lately, Todd has become as childish and unhinged as ever, lashing out like a toddler. I guess he (along with a few of his internet trolls, who are too cowardly to sign their real names) want to be heard.

Well, Todd, we hear you. Now go pound sand in your sandbox. lol

Author: jeffpelline

Jeff Pelline is a veteran editor and award-winning journalist - in print and online. He is publisher of Sierra FoodWineArt magazine and its website Jeff covered business and technology for The San Francisco Chronicle for 12 years, and he was a founding editor and Editor of CNET News for eight years, among other positions. Jeff has a bachelor's degree from UC Berkeley and a master's from Northwestern University. His hobbies include sailing, swimming, and trout fishing in the Sierra.

29 thoughts on “Todd Juvinall: His deceptive email name is “Nevada City Guy””

  1. Here’s the kind of comments that go unmoderated on Todd’s blog. Todd is a former county supervisor, if you can believe it: “Idiot doesn’t even know when you’re f**king with him!”

  2. Here’s an example of the routine “fat jokes” that go unmoderated on Todd Juvinall’s blog. The only signed name I ever see on Todd’s blog is Barry Pruett. (Pruett ran an ugly campaign against Greg Diaz for clerk-recorder; he lost in every precinct). But this continues. One example from a troll: “The fat fool FUe has to keep a box of simulated pearls handy because they keep getting lost in the folds of his neck. Sausage fingers, swollen hands and neck rolls make pearl clutching a challenge. Just another challenge to add to his very long list of challenges. ROFLOL”

  3. The problem with this country today is that people like Pruett and Todd have been so brainwashed by right wing propaganda that they can no longer tell the difference between what is true and what is not. Trump is the ultimate proven liar, yet they believe what he says not because it’s true, but because they want/need to believe what he says is true to support their political choices. Truth is the antidote to lies, so, of course, Trump is going to “call them on their bullshit” and label it as “fake news” to cast doubt on the truth and protect his lies from exposure.

  4. Todd is a hoot! On Facebook, he has a single signed comment on his page. One. A longtime friend of his saw his b.s. post and emailed me that he was an “asshat.” In contrast, notice all the signed comments on this post from Facebook pointing to Todd’s hatred. He whines how he was banned from NC Peeps. Go figure! The most hated man in our towns.

  5. Jeff, this is probably the best post you’ve written. I have no problem bouncing it back to him and groupies. You’ve mentioned he/they are still yammering about me but I really don’t care as the comments are just as null and void as they are. I don’t go to his blog as it will register as a “hit” in his favor.

  6. OK so let’s have some fun and flip this. Who is “Nevada City Guy”? And, let’s include women. I’ll start: Duaine Strawser, Matt Margulies, Jim Harte, Theresa Mann, Rich Costello, Dar Alcantar, Dave & Carol White, Brent & Julie Fraser, Ike Frazee, Peter Selaya, Richard Baker, Ken Baker, Gail Damskey, Rita Fuenzulida, Steve Cottrell would be if he handn’t died and his soul ended up in Florida 😉

    So many people make this town great. Let’s get this rolling………

    1. Cathy Whittelsey, Lee Good,Richard Bergman, Niel Locke.

      So many people I know from first name basis like Desmond and Judi and Fred.

    2. Chris:

      Appreciate the kind words. Thanks for remembering and thanks for including me on your list of nominees. Some good people, that’s for sure.

      For my two cents worth, I think the Nevada City Guy title was permanently retired when Bob Paine, then 88, died in 1996. There have been a few pretenders to the crown since then, but Bob was in a league of his own.

      When he knew the Grim Reaper was impatiently waiting on his front porch, Bob put out the word that he wanted Pat Dyer and me to come to his Zion Street house. Pat and i went at different times, but we came away with the same message from Bob: When he died, he didn’t want a memorial service, and he knew if there was going to be such an event, Pat and I were the people most likely to organize it.

      After his death, Pat and I met at McGee’s. We talked about what Bob had requested, then we discussed what we could do to honor him in some way while respecting his wish that there be no memorial service.

      The solution was simple.

      With his widow Ruth’s permission and support, we arranged with the fire chief to have the fire horn on top of City Hall pulled for one verrrrry long blast at a designated time that March. Then we contacted local and regional media and promoted a “A Final Toast” for Bob. We encouraged people to drop by their favorite adult watering hole, listen for the fire horn to blast away, then hoist a glass in Bob’s memory.

      Folks who hadn’t read the paper or listened to local news on the radio, were startled by the loud, extended fire horn blast, but at least no one walking past City Hall at the time had a heart attack. (It did, however, prompt a couple 9-1-1 calls).

      The Sacramento Bee ran stories before and after the Final Toast, as did The Union, and both KNCO and KVMR helped put out the word.

      Bob Paine –– a guy who never shied away from publicity for himself or the town –– would have been proud of the local and regional media coverage, not to mention the packed downtown bars with crowds lifting a glass in his honor.

      Boy, could Nevada City use Bob these days.

  7. Todd’s blog continues to cross a line with his trolls making false, libelous statements about me and other “political enemies.” I sent Todd a response but he refused to publish it. I hung onto that email. This is a political culture in our towns going back to Tom McClintock’s election (when he said it was time to replace the Democratic clerk-recorder), CABPRO. It has to change. And it will.

  8. I would like to add Miriam and Jim Morris for working hard on their own to beautify our town and its trails.

  9. This shows how Pruett lies. So let’s call him out on it (again):

    He writes on Todd’s blog: “Barry Pruett July 11, 2017 at 1:37 PM
    You see how this started. I post a copy of the grand jury report last week about Gregory Diaz failing to adequately train poll workers. Pelline dutifully and snarkily comes to his friend’s defense. Then ya’ll (including Pelline) go medieval. Everything was fine until Pelline arrived on the scene. Shocking.”

    The real timeline is different:

    *Pruett makes mention of the grand jury report of Diaz in the comments. But it also includes snarky, exaggerated comments about how Diaz is “never in the office.” There was piling on from trolls and Pruett. (In essence Pruett started it. as usual: he commented under a post that had nothing to do with Diaz. He can’t let go of his contempt for Diaz.)

    *I attempted to de-escalate it by sending Todd a private email that said Greg is dealing with a cancer illness in his family, figuring that would “call him and Pruett off.” But nope; it continued.

    *In fact, Todd escalates it with a stand-alone post that is another personal attack on Jeff being fat, repeating the lies about working at The Union in 2009. Running a picture without permission, etc. I asked Todd to print my response: “The Editor job was eliminated for economic reasons, I was offered a $40k severance and received good reviews. (This is all a matter of public record). The Editor position was filled by the publisher.” But Todd refused to publish that. He said “sorry” in an email.

    That’s how it started. To use Pruett’s words, everything was fine until Tom McClintock came on the scene and Barry Pruett tried to ride his coattails into an office against a more qualified candidate. (McClintock showed no integrity, either, stating at a meeting it was time to get rid of the left-wing clerk recorder). Shocking, to use Pruett’s words.

  10. Pruett is ignoring the facts and clinging to a self-serving false narrative. A real creep. We saw it coming, though, and that’s what eats at him. He and Todd make a perfect couple.

  11. Over on the Union letters to the editor, “Time to give our president a chance”, several people commented negatively about Trump and Todd responds to all of them in an attacking mode, including mine, calling me a communist, which is typical Todd. Arguing with Todd on the Union is like throwing the squeaky to to my dog. We play tug of war with the stuffed toy, he growls, I growl back, I take it away and throw it so he can go get it, brings it back and do it all over again. Its just a game. I don’t take ranting back and forth with Todd any more serious than throwing the squeaky to with my dog.

    1. A 67-year-old man who acts like a 2-year-old. A “60-something” drama queen. A relic of the past in our community. Etc.

    2. I saw Mrs. Crouch’s hypocritical screed as well. Why wasn’t she saying this 8 years ago? Regarding Toddler, just what does he hope to accomplish? Does he think people will bow down to his whims and do as he says? I’m surprised he doesn’t realize many are digging their heels in against his demands to the point he will never get his way. Having to get the last comment in doesn’t mean he won the discussion LOL!

      1. “fish” is like the one of the hyenas from Lion King. He dutifully reports to Scar (AKA Todd) what he hears in the blogosphere.

  12. But ,Steve, aren’t we all Commies now, getting ready to make America great again?
    U.S.S.A., all the way!

  13. The Trump family is just digging their hole deeper and deeper. Now this morning we see Don Jr. lied again, their was a former Kremlin counter intelligence agent at the June 9th 2016 meeting in Trump Tower.
    Yes we do need to give our President a chance, a chance to come clean with how exactly they worked with Russians to influence the election.
    This is just incredible, and keeps getting worse.
    I wonder how Todd is going to defend this latest revelation with Don Jr and his lies.
    I wonder how Fox people are going to take this latest lie? On Tuesday Don Jr was on Hannity, Hannity asked him is everything about the meeting out, and is there anything more. Don Jr. lied to Hannity and all the Fox viewers when he told him there is nothing more.
    “Oh! What A Tangled Web We Weave When First We Practice To Deceive”

  14. Steve, you forget that these people are so invested in their BS that no facts will ever penetrate their supposed intellect. These are exactly the morons that the GOP designed and planned for, and will perpetuate with their plans for our educational system (see De Vos)…”keep em poor keep em stupid.” The GOP depends primarily on their base’s lack of conscience, moral compass and intelligence. These are greedy, egocentric morons and sociopaths. They are an exact reflection of Trump. It’s a pervasive disease that I think is too far gone for any amelioration. Like with the climate…we’re screwed, plain and simple.

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