Giddy on up for the County Sheriff’s race

Shannan Moon
John Foster







Giddy on up! The Sheriff’s race is going to pit longtime lawman and former Grass Valley police chief John Foster against Shannan Moon, a lifelong resident of the County and 27-year veteran of the County Sheriff’s Office. Others also could declare their candidacy.

If elected, Moon would be Nevada County’s first female Sheriff. Rightwing activists such as political blogger George Rebane have called Democratic women “somnambulant,” but the group Indivisible Women Nevada County is becoming a potent political force, thanks in part to the fumbling Trump presidency. Indivisible Women Nevada County now rivals Republican Women Federated.

Both candidates will appeal to Democrats and Republicans alike — a novelty for a polarized county such as ours. Foster is a staunch conservative, but he has reached out to progressive causes. Moon’s fans include progressives such as District 1 Supervisor Heidi Hall, who cite her commitment to reform and collaboration, but the Sheriff’s captain also is a Second Amendment proponent, according to conservatives.

Some things never change with it comes to local politics: Foster announced his candidacy in The Union. YubaNet first reported Moon’s announcement — and The Union ran the press release a day later.

Foster said he plans to run a campaign without political attacks. He has been gracious toward his opponent, stating: “I wholeheartedly welcome Shannan Moon and her candidacy for sheriff. I look forward to engaging with her on the campaign trail as we share our visions about the future of the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office.”

Moon’s commitment to to reform, innovation, and open communication resulted in her selection as 2016 Nevada County Employee of the Year. “Shannan Moon is an innovative forward thinker with a proven track record for positive change and working collaboratively with our partners in the community,” said Jeff Pettit, also a captain of the Sheriff’s Office. Shannon’s father, Jim Moon, is a former police chief of Nevada City.

Moon currently lives in Grass Valley with her wife Amy and three daughters. (Yes, Rebane, you read that right).

Foster was Grass Valley’s police chief from July 1998 to late 2015. He has been involved in law enforcement for over three decades.

The Sheriff’s annual salary is $177K. 

I wish both candidates good luck! Both are well qualified and it is heartening to see them run.

Author: jeffpelline

Jeff Pelline is a veteran editor and award-winning journalist - in print and online. He is publisher of Sierra FoodWineArt magazine and its website Jeff covered business and technology for The San Francisco Chronicle for years, was a founding editor and Editor of CNET News, and was Editor of The Union, a 145-year-old newspaper in Grass Valley. Jeff has a bachelor's degree from UC Berkeley and a master's from Northwestern University. His hobbies include sailing and trout fishing.

4 thoughts on “Giddy on up for the County Sheriff’s race”

  1. Hey Jeff I haven’t replied on your blog in a while. Who are you thinking is the best candidate? -Mac

    1. Hi Mac,
      I want to hear more from each candidate on some of the local issues. I am encouraged that neither would be as polarizing as in the past, however. I liked Keith more than most, but he attracted the likes of Don Bessee. Ha!

  2. Reading the comments regarding the sheriff’s race on Juvinal’s blog makes me wonder about the sanity of his tiny klan. I just read his post giving thanks to all the men who served in World War II. In his chauvinistic world, the 350,000 women who served are invisible and not worthy of respect.

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