The trolls who comment on Todd Juvinall’s blog

Todd Juvinall is a former County supervisor; now he has a blog where he misspelled “breath” for “breathe.” Todd tried to correct the title but the URL is permanent: (that is, with an “e.”).

Here’s the latest commentary on Todd’s blog:

Anonymous March 7, 2017 at 12:09 AM

When is Hilary Hodge up for reelection? Four years?
Does it really matter?
Nope, just another liberal.

Anonymous March 7, 2017 at 9:16

Heidi Hall is the district 1 supervisor, not Hilary Hodge.

When it comes to Todd’s blog, I’m reminded of the phrase: “You can’t fix stupid.”

Author: jeffpelline

Jeff Pelline is a veteran editor and award-winning journalist - in print and online. He is publisher of Sierra FoodWineArt magazine and its website Jeff covered business and technology for The San Francisco Chronicle for 12 years, and he was a founding editor and Editor of CNET News for eight years, among other positions. Jeff has a bachelor's degree from UC Berkeley and a master's from Northwestern University. His hobbies include sailing, swimming, and trout fishing in the Sierra.

29 thoughts on “The trolls who comment on Todd Juvinall’s blog”

  1. ROFLMAO! Not too politically astute over there. I would be proud to vote for Heidi and, if she were to run, Hilary. I would be just as proud if it put a burr in their saddle for doing so.

  2. Of all the opinions Hilary has written, this latest piece is my favorite.
    Here, a minor case of muted parking lot road rage becomes a moment of enlightenment and humanity for the writer.
    She humbly places herself with all of us who, in our rush to get things done in our frenzied lives, don’t often get that moment where we witness something as poignant as a grieving and tearful family carrying the body of their beloved family pet out of the vet’s office.
    Thoughtless parking space explained, the realization it wasn’t about “me”, followed by the blessing of forgiveness.
    Really nice work Hilary.

  3. Juvinall’s blog is just one little snapshot of American stupid and how Trump gets away with his lies. I would imagine those guys just eat the tweets right up no matter how outrageous the lie is.

  4. Those folks have been operating in alternate universe for decades. They buy into whatever reinforces their political beliefs, no facts necessary. You know what they like to say, “fool me once shame on you. fool me (*duh!) don’t get fooled again.

    1. But apparently there are now enough people who believe in “alternative facts” to elect the 45th, who also believes in tweeting out complete lies and distortions and prefers right wing/hate scream media for information over his own intelligence agencies.

      1. Remember, Hillary won by 3 million votes. Also, it’s the morons on the left who made a “statement” by not voting (26% of the electorate stayed home…more then those who elected Trump). Bernie said “This is NOT the time for a protest vote.” Which goes to show, in a large part, that the Bernie/Stein left was as clueless and without pragmatism as the morons on the right.. They are the ones who elected Trump. Willfull stupidity. They own Trump. And the Stein contingent…large enough to have put Hillary over. She not only had Russian handlers and manipulators during her visit and stroke job to Russia, her stock portfolio included most of the corporations she falsely railed against. And, she was, and is, not the brightest bulb in the box…which appeals to her moronic supporters. There is no dearth of stupidity in the amerikan electorate. Stupid on the right, and narcissistic and stupid on the left. We have exactly the government we deserve.

  5. I think that in the long run Joe and Bruce are bringing up a valid point–the propensity to believe what you want to believe and disregard the rest is a real danger in our society–what is our responsibility to support fact based and rational decision-making, whether on the ‘right’ where the alternative universe has existed for decades or on the ‘left’ where the alternative universe has emerged as a potent force.

    I watched during the election as the “equivalency” frame got built, first by the Sanders campaign with the claim that there was no difference between Trump and Clinton, then reinforced by the Trump campaign and used as a means of suppressing or diverting the ‘left’ vote to gain just enough advantage.

    It’s pretty clear that not even the Trump campaign really believed it would work, but the equivalency frame coupled with the clear intervention of Russian intelligence to weaken Clinton, created just enough space.

    Many within our own community, some of whom comment here, supported that equivalency frame.

    The equivalency frame is what allowed a large portion of the Bernie contingent, who made it abundantly clear that if the candidate did not embrace their principles 100% and COMPLETELY they were not a ‘real Progressive’ and were not worthy of their vote, to sit it out. We had to suffer the ridiculous buzzword politics of being told that anyone who was not a real Progressive is not “awake” or is a ‘neoliberal’ (proving their naiveté about political philosophy because they clearly did not know what the hell a neoliberal is) or is a ‘corporatist.’

    The equivalency frame is what allows people to fall of this mythical American chimera of the ‘third party’ that is always rumored to emerge. One regular commenter here says it doesn’t emerge because of the inherent corruption of election finance, and they may be right, but in the mean time we have a two party system, whether they like it or not, and we have Cinnamon Hitler.

    What is the functional difference between the right and lefts immature belief in what ‘should be’ over ‘what is?’

    This joining of forces of the left wing purists who are always waiting for Godot and the disappointed equivalency frame adherents allowed them to throw away their votes on crackpot third-party candidates like Stein and Johnson so they can puff themselves up on just how “revolutionary” they supposedly are and how ‘asleep’ everyone else is.

    Never mind that our entire system is designed around the principle of shared and divided powers, shared between the branches, shared between the parties or factions as the founders saw them, shared between the regions, shared between the states, shared, diffused, cooled in the saucer of the Senate, gradualist and incremental in its very founding DNA.

    Instead on both the left and the right we see the rise of the “100%” nihilists.

    My favorite anecdote from this election season was the die hard Bernie supporter who told me they could not vote for anyone else, and that they would dedicate their next 4 years to protest and struggle, and were willing to spill blood if necessary …and that they could do this because their spouse had a really good job with Wells Fargo so they didn’t have to work.

    Both parties ARE NOT THE SAME.

    One party cares about human rights, civil rights, voting rights, the environment, increasing equity in our society, social responsibility and advancing individual opportunity through a responsible role for government. The other side wants to starve the beast, drown the baby in the bathtub, feather their own nests on a scale that makes Midas blush, and take the sweat of your brow to the high tower so he can Tweet while sitting on a gold shitter.

    What is the difference between the insanity of the right that says we must ‘deconstruct the administrative state’ and the insanity of the left that says that only by tearing the whole thing down can a new pure Progressive phoenix rise?

    The effect is the same. The selfishness at the center of the arguments from both the left and the right are the same. The right doesn’t care who gets hurt because it’s not them and the left might care but they think that suffering is necessary.

    Regardless its pretty easy if you are not the one doing the suffering.

    Both approaches are essentially nihilism.

  6. Steve, Trump would have us believe it is a gold commode, but, it is merely gold plate (or imitation gold leaf). Pay no attention to the man on the crapper (he hates that more than anything).

    To continue with the crappy analogies, his health care plan is to take a turd, polish it, put his name on it, and call it ‘a beautiful thing’.

    The emperor wears no clothes.

  7. The trolls on Todd’s blog (who also include the likes of Barry Pruett) are crowing about the success of Riskalyze, pointing to a one-source article in the Auburn Journal. When you go to work as Editor for a startup that goes public and later is sold to CBS for nearly $2 billion like I did, Riskalyze is interesting but not the “holy grail.” Of course to the losers on Todd’s blog anything that grows is successful. Best of luck to Riskalyze in reaching a $2 billion market cap! Let’s hope Aaron has grown up a bit and keeps his politics to himself.

  8. I directed Dr. Phil to Todd’s blog: he read the comments and said he didn’t know where to start!

  9. Pruett is one of 23 sponsors of a softball tournament. For him that translates into “we are hosting a softball tournament.” He ran his clerk-recorder race like that — and lost in each precinct. The nation’s biggest b.s. artist. lol.

    1. Now Pruett is crowing that he is the “we” for the 23 sponsors, the PV Foundation, the PV Rotary, etc., for this tournament because he’s a “coordinator.” Talk about a mid-life crisis! lol.

    1. Now Pruett claims he “hosts” the softball tournament. But the website clearly states it is “hosted by Rotary Club of Penn Valley,” not him. He is a locals version of The Donald. lol.

  10. Is it a coincidence that the majority of the men who comment on Todd’s blog are “available”? Misery loves company.

  11. Another gem from Todd’s blog: “AnonymousMay 24, 2017 at 11:33 PM
    He needs a wall around his house to keep the shit eating dogs from having him for lunch.”

    BTW, Barry Pruett — an unsuccessful candidate for clerk-recorder — regularly comments in this forum.

    Dr. Phil would have a field day with Todd, Barry and the anonymous posters.

  12. Jeff, you have such a talent for rattling TJ!
    His remarks become quite emotional and filthy when you really get to him.
    Psych 101, so predictable.

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