McClintock gets an earful at Sierra Foothills town hall meeting

“California Rep. Tom McClintock showed up Tuesday and faced his constituents at a town hall meeting — something many of his fellow Republicans have declined to do during this week’s Congressional break,” as the San Francisco Chronicle is reporting.

“About 900 people filled the Mariposa Fairgrounds and Exposition Center to toss pointed questions at the five-term congressman. Such a large crowd was a sign of how the resistance to President Trump has crept into the California’s Republican hinterlands — even to Mariposa, population 2,173.

“McClintock, first elected to Congress in 2008, has done more than 100 town halls, and his Mariposa stops typically draw 60 to 80 people. On Tuesday, every metal chair was taken 45 minutes before the event started. While a few wore “Make America Great Again” caps, the majority didn’t appear to be supporters of the president. Many of them carried signs that read, “Answer the question!,” “Dump Tom McTrump!,” “Lies!,” and perhaps most telling, “Not usually a protester … but geez.”

“’I’ve never been to anything like this but I’m frightened,’ said Penny Otwell, a painter who lives in Mariposa and held that sign. ‘But we have gone over the edge.’

“McClintock, of Elk Grove (Sacramento County), isn’t alone in facing blowback at town halls across the country during what Congress is calling its district work week. Some of the loud activism of the past few weeks — continuing rallies and protests, large letter-writing and phone-call campaigns that have overwhelmed Congressional offices — has been generated by organizing groups such as Indivisible and MoveOn and has kept many GOP members off the public stage. A list compiled by the Town Hall Project showed that of 24 political town halls, coffees and other events to be held in California this week, just five were being hosted by Republicans.

“While the minority who attended Tuesday’s town hall supported McClintock’s conservative positions opposing sanctuary cities and the Affordable Care Act, most were angry and fearful — mainly about losing their health care, the lack of legislation to combat climate change or about how their schools might change under controversial new Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.”

The rest of the article is here.

Author: jeffpelline

Jeff Pelline is a veteran editor and award-winning journalist - in print and online. He is publisher of Sierra FoodWineArt magazine and its website Jeff covered business and technology for The San Francisco Chronicle for years, was a founding editor and Editor of CNET News, and was Editor of The Union, a 145-year-old newspaper in Grass Valley. Jeff has a bachelor's degree from UC Berkeley and a master's from Northwestern University. His hobbies include sailing and trout fishing.

7 thoughts on “McClintock gets an earful at Sierra Foothills town hall meeting”

  1. A far cry from the town halls where the red shirts defended him by yelling and screaming at and in the faces of those supporting the ACA at the Granite Bay town hall 7 years ago.

  2. FYI folks, this is on the Nevada County Democrats website:

    Demonstrate Against La Malfa – MCWRA @ The Ridge Golf Course and Event Center
    Feb 24 @ 8:30 am – 1:00 pm
    Note timing of the event. Please read, and update your advertisements. Special thanks to Lang Waters and Mike Smith of Indivisible Dems–Mike met face to face with the General Manager of the Ridge Golf Club and answered many questions.

    What: The Mountain County Water Resource Association is holding a water symposium. From their website, “At MCWRA’s first regional event of 2017, meet Federal and State representatives in person and hear their views on the new Trump Administration on regional water interests. In the afternoon, we have put together a regional panel of top managers to provide their views. Panelists will also discuss challenges and opportunities and how to work with our state and federal partners to enhance local and regional interests in the mountain counties region.” LaMalfa, McClintock, and other California politicians will be there in the morning. We will meet to demonstrate at this event.
    Date: Friday, February 24
    Time: From 8:30am-1pm. That is the time we are protesting outside of the event. Politicians will arrive in the am and leave at lunch time.
    Location: The Ridge Golf Course and Event Center, 2020 Golf Course Rd, Auburn, CA 95602. This is NOT the golf course in Nevada City. Some people have confused this location with the golf course in NC. It’s in Auburn.
    Where to Stand: Golf Course Rd is -private- and we are not allowed to demonstrate on it. Demonstrators should line up at the intersection of Golf Course Rd and New Airport road and extend north and south along New Airport Rd, on the golf course side of the road. Politicians could arrive from either direction, but they are more likely to arrive from the south, coming in from Bell Road. There is a very broad shoulder on New Airport Rd. Pedestrians can use a bike lane if there is no sidewalk available, which is our case. Pedestrians (other than ourselves) and bicyclists should not be blocked–line up single file. If the shoulder is blocked by a group of people that’s an invitation to the Sheriff’s department to get involved. It’s also more dangerous. Even if Golf Course Rd were not private New Airport road is preferable as it is far more visible to traffic. It will be impressive with a lot of people lined up.
    Where to park: frankly, it will not be easy as parking is limited. Carpooling is -strongly- recommended. The general manager of the Ridge has told us that we can’t use their parking lot. It may be possible for some folks to get in there, if they arrive very early, are unobtrusive, and the demonstration remains peaceful. Parking here is a possibility, but not recommended. If the Ridge lot were selected, folks should go directly to the demonstration area so as not to interfere with Club activities. I’ve attached a map with two prime parking spots marked in red (thank you Mike Smith!). They are a very short walking distance from the demonstration area. After these spaces filled up, drivers could find other nearby parking, especially down Earhart Avenue.
    Why: As this is a water symposium an environmental theme is appropriate for signs. ResistanceUS has called the event “Stand Up To Climate Change Deniers LaMalfa and McClintock”. Signs about climate change and water issues e.g. DAPL, Centennial Dam, dam alternatives, or anything to do with the Bear or Yuba watershed, reopening mines, LAFCo’s sphere of influence reduction, local pollution standards for businesses, agriculture, groundwater, reserves, distribution etc. Also, LaMalfa is dodging constituents, that fact should be called out.
    Police: Auburn police advised that the golf course is actually Placer County, not Auburn. Consequently the Placer County Sheriff’s department has jurisdiction. The PCSD has advised that “as long as the demonstration is peaceful, on public property, and not obstructing traffic (either cars, pedestrians or bikes) PCSD does not have an issue with citizens expressing themselves”. We were also told that we do not need a permit. While all of this is certainly what we would expect to hear, as organizers have pointed out–the larger the demonstration the more variables are in play and the more risk involved for everyone that the PCSD will feel the need to intervene. Since we have no idea how many people will attend, we reiterate our intention of peaceful demonstration at this event. We’re taking a cue from David Frum’s article in the Atlantic–The more conservative protests are, the more radical they are. Be orderly, be polite.
    Dress: We are encouraging people to wear blue to this event so that we are easily identified and will look solid. A theme color is a great way to show solidarity. We are discouraging the color pink. If we look like a whole new group of people the press can’t dismiss us as “those crazy women”. Don’t be afraid to add red and white accents.
    Sound: bull horns are legal, microphones with amplifiers are not.
    Restrooms and breaks: Readily accessible restroom facilities aren’t obvious. Someone has mentioned that there is a cafe near the airport, which is a short walk from the demonstration area. There are two different breweries with tasting rooms within a very short walk, on Earhart and on New Airport road. Both of these breweries open at noon, so they may be nice places to hang out afterwards. Folks should arrive with empty bladders in the morning.

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