Millions gather for women’s rights, but The Union leads with 25 locals who attend a pro-life march

screen-shot-2017-01-22-at-10-40-02-pmWonders never cease at The Union newspaper. The Auburn Journal and this blog is reporting that Grass Valley City Manager Bob Richardson is returning to Auburn — a big surprise. And newspapers all across the world — big and podunk — are reporting that millions gathered for women’s rights this weekend all over the world, including a local contingent.

But what has The Union chosen for its lead article on the front page for Monday morning (known as the prime “real estate” in the upper righthand corner)? “A group of around 25 Nevada County people hopped a bus Saturday morning to join a pro-life march in San Francisco.”

The article, written by The Union’s “new” City Editor Ross Maak (a friend of the editor who worked at the paper before) is nothing more a one-source article, quoting Charlie Babiarz, who is involved with Knights of Columbus.

The Women’s March plays second fiddle to this “news” on the front page.

And the article about the Grass Valley City Manager returning to Auburn is nowhere on the page. You might be able to find it on the front page tomorrow. lol.

Author: jeffpelline

Jeff Pelline is a veteran editor and award-winning journalist - in print and online. He is publisher of Sierra FoodWineArt magazine and its website Jeff covered business and technology for The San Francisco Chronicle for years, was a founding editor and Editor of CNET News, and was Editor of The Union, a 145-year-old newspaper in Grass Valley. Jeff has a bachelor's degree from UC Berkeley and a master's from Northwestern University. His hobbies include sailing and trout fishing.

15 thoughts on “Millions gather for women’s rights, but The Union leads with 25 locals who attend a pro-life march”

  1. The Union can join the new Presidential Press Secretary in the delusional press release that the crowds were bigger than reported. – Were you aware that the Beatles — including John and George — played at the inauguration, and that the president applauded them with his huge hands? But that’s not all. One million invisibility cloaks were handed out to those who attended the event! But Trump’s inauguration pales by comparison to his other amazing accomplishments, hidden from the public by the dishonest media, according to #SeanSpicerSays (and its twin #SeanSpicerFact with iterations #SpicerFacts). Trump bench-presses 450 pounds, was the first man to walk on the moon, time-traveled to kill Hitler with his bare hands (did we mention the president’s hands are HUGE?), and on Sunday crossed Niagara Falls on a tightrope, published 100 poems in Spanish and lost 50 pounds.

  2. It appears the Union is attempting equal time for these two divergent groups.
    This kind of editing is just more of that good old, “small town lifestyle”. Ha, ha, ha!
    (Jeff, That’s the old-fashioned way the aging and declining say, LOL.)

    I’m sorry, but I’ll admit that what goes on in Auburn does not interest me as much as what is going on in my own town.
    I live in Nevada County so it would make sense that the local paper cover what is uppermost in folks’ minds, and at the moment it is the immense, collective roar which has risen up against an almost unimaginable state of affairs.
    Folks are not certain about what they have at the helm of the country, so they want clarity and assurance that they will be safe under this new administration.

    Sometimes local news goes global, a phenomenon we occasionally see in Nevada County.
    I don’t know how much attention Bob Richardson is getting on social media, but the protests are all over the place online and Nevada County is right out front with representatives in Washington D.C., Sacramento and downtown Nevada City.
    That’s news.

    1. Judith,
      It is podunk journalism: giving more weight to one to pander to the newspaper’s core demographics. When Swift keeps recycling its newsroom management, nothing will ever change. That’s all these folks know. And the trend is “aging and declining,” so it is doing just that. What a brilliant business strategy!
      Just so we are clear, what is going on in Auburn impacts our little hamlet — in this case, Grass Valley now has to find a new city manager. I posted the Richardson story on social media and it is getting a lot of traffic and comments.

  3. Judith,
    Here are some signed comments from social media:

    On the march: “Just read The Union article. Almost all wire news. Where was the reporting on Sacramento. Talking to a few women before the march isn’t quite the same as talking to folks who participated. Not even interesting photos.”

    On Richardson: “This is great news for all of Auburn.” (An Auburn reader). “Whaaa”? (A Grass Valley reader). Some “Wows” too.

    1. What makes journalism is putting events in context rather than pandering to a conservative readership. It is inexcusable to lead the newspaper with an event that 25 people went to compared with events that millions went to, including hundreds of locals (not 25). If you ever wondered what it was like to work at The Union, imagine trying to have a serious conversation with people about this and being stared at as if you had two heads. Darn those city slickers always trying to disrupt “our” newspaper! lol.

  4. Todd Juvinall thinks it’s OK to lede the paper with a protest of 25 people, compared with one that drew millions. Todd lets his own pro-life ideology dictate news judgment. Todd and Jeff Ackerman were pals. Now people know how The Union has twisted the news to suit its conservative readership, and why its demographic is “declining and aging.” Social media has overtaken The Union in our community. It’s an open secret.

  5. So, how does it benefit the pro-life group to see its numbers so unfavorably compared, side by side, with immensity of the pussy(cat) parade?

    1. They are thrilled to get the publicity! No other paper but The Union would give them this kind of publicity, leading the paper with a march of 25 people. And they gave it further “ink” here:
      This is the crux of what’s going on, reflected in an online comment under Terry McLaughlin’s article: “Terry, Once again thanks for your well written well researched column. You truly are the shining star of the opinion columnists in the Union… It’s a shame how ultra liberal the Union has become since the departure of Jeff Ackerman!”

      The Union continues to bow to political pressure to prop up its readership. It already has been overtaken by social media, and it will continue to be marginalized. It isn’t even printed in our community anymore in an effort to keep costs down.

  6. First a little housekeeping Jeff,
    I have been wondering why you always spell the word, lead as “lede”.
    So looked it up on Google.
    Thought I’d it share with your readers.

    The first paragraph of a news story is the lede. It is often just one sentence, but it can be two. * (Lede is often spelled lead. The odd spelling was adopted when newspaper type was set in lead. To keep from confusing the word for the metal with the word for the beginning sentence, the spelling “lede” was used.)

  7. I read Ms. McLaughlin’s opinion.
    She talks about PP using euphemistic language to describe its services.
    Come on, PP could take circumlocution lessons from Kelly Ann Conway!

    Women’s health encompasses much more than abortion, for goodness sake.
    PP provides family planning through contraception, sex education, cancer screenings and help with a host of the kinds of “female” health problems only women have.
    One of them happens to be the heartbreak of an unwanted pregnancy.

    It would be nice if humans had been designed so that the men could carry fetuses, but they weren’t.
    Therefore the wisest course of action for a society wishing to eliminate abortion, would be to legislate that all male newborns have their testicles removed immediately upon birth and cryogenically frozen, only to be returned upon the male’s full maturation, say at about 30 years old.
    Those mature males would also be required to provide proof parenting education and an income adequate to provide support for any offspring they might produce (whether they are married or not).
    My plan would eliminate rape from the face of the earth, keep teenagers out of the parenting business and make deadbeat dads extinct by assuring the financial futures of generations of children whose births would be cherished and wanted by those couples lucky enough to qualify for a breeding permit.
    It’s a good plan, flawless really, except that when Junior finally gets his balls back from the freezer, they would be awfully small.

  8. George Boardman, The Union’s paid weekly columnist, thinks that a pink-colored ink somehow mitigates leading the front page with an article about 25 people joining a protest. He is a bigger idiot than I thought.

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