Union columnist Boardman chides Heidi Hall for expressing her first-amendment rights

A candidate for Pink Hat Project!

The paid Union columnist George Boardman, king of  the curmudgeon, “get off my lawn” movement in our community, has a problem with incoming County Supervisor Heidi Hall expressing her first amendment rights.

In an insulting tone “Supervisor Heidi Hall’s on the job … in Washington,” Boardman writes on his blog:

“When Heidi Hall was sworn in recently as the new District 1 supervisor, she said she has a lot of things she wants to accomplish … but that doesn’t mean she can’t find time in her schedule to stand in solidarity with her sisters in Washington D.C. this weekend.” “Sisters”?

Hall is part of a peaceful march but Boardman — in the same paragraph — lumps that group with “festivities (that) included street violence, vandalism and the arrest of at least 100 demonstrators after Donald Trump took the oath of office.”

No, George, you’ve got the wrong group. And “brothers” (AKA men) also were marching with “sisters” in the peaceful march.

“Hopefully, Hall can avoid such unpleasantness and return to Nevada County in time for Tuesday’s supervisors meeting so that she can, you know, get to work on cannabis regulations, helping the homeless and getting ready for the fire season,” he concludes.

George and his like-minded “brothers” ought to be prepared for an invigorated group from our local left that likely will continue to shift the local political scene in their direction — not his.

I guess George forgot that in the election Heidi Hall won her race handily, and Hillary Clinton carried our County. Kamala Harris also carried our County. And Tom McClintock lost in our County while Doug LaMalfa won narrowly.

George Boardman would be well advised to trade his little tin foil hat for a pink-knit hat. (I came up with a rendering of what he might look like in a pink hat, choosing a fashionable one).

As for The Union, I keep wondering how George Boardman is a “growth strategy” for its own future. He is a “declining, aging” strategy.

Author: jeffpelline

Jeff Pelline is a veteran editor and award-winning journalist - in print and online. He is publisher of Sierra FoodWineArt magazine and its website SierraCulture.com. Jeff covered business and technology for The San Francisco Chronicle for 12 years, and he was a founding editor and Editor of CNET News for eight years, among other positions. Jeff has a bachelor's degree from UC Berkeley and a master's from Northwestern University. His hobbies include sailing, swimming, and trout fishing in the Sierra.

20 thoughts on “Union columnist Boardman chides Heidi Hall for expressing her first-amendment rights”

  1. Yo George—–“PUSSYHAT’ PARADE”
    Many participants wore knitted pink cat-eared “pussyhats,” a reference to Trump’s claim in the 2005 video that was made public weeks before the election that he grabbed women by the genitals.

  2. A typical comment on Facebook: “Why does this man even get a column? He is an idiot. What are his credentials, if any?” — Sue Williams Clark

  3. I posted this over at Boardman’s blog but he doesn’t seem to be posting stuff very quickly….

    George, I think you are really wrong on this one.

    According to the DC police there are more than 500,000 marchers in D.C. today, and according to estimates in so far from the Independent 2.5 million around the world with approximately 1.5 million of those in the US. The idea that the collective action of a couple of million people to get out of their houses and raise up their voices is a ‘futile gesture’ is ridiculous. The intent is not to change the Trump supporters; it is to galvanize the opposition. The entire event is intended as a warning to the Trump administration that if they go too far they are going to empower an opposition that they may not be able to overcome.

    Of course events like this are also about media; that is how one amplifies the effect of collective action and protest….so the idea that the march is meaningless because if the media didn’t cover it it wouldn’t occur is kind of nonsensical, the media does exist and it is covering it…it is like saying the event wouldn’t happen if there were no oxygen…true, but well, there is oxygen…the media is a tool for outreach and education…that is the whole point.

    Symbolism from elected officials matter. Heidi is stating with her actions that she stands with a particular constituency. She seeks to inspire and mobilize that constituency….that is kind of the definition of politics.

    Finally, even if she were not an elected official I am pretty sure she would be there. I know dozens of people there. She’s there because this issue is important to her and she has a voice, and an American right to use it.

  4. I believe Heidi Hall had wisely purchased, far in advance, a penny-wise ticket to the historic inauguration she had envisioned for Hillary Clinton. This would be entirely appropriate for a lady in her position as a 21st century pubic administrator.
    Good fiscal management of funds would suggest that leaving the ticket to D.C. after Hillary’s defeat unused would be a shameful waste of resources.
    Better to use the ticket to attend the alternative event and participate, as a private citizen on her own time, yet prepared as a civic leader and public servant, to report on this historical event to her constituency back home.
    This was resourceful thinking and good work on the part of Supervisor Hall.
    We who voted her in, voted well.

    1. Well, uh, if we are getting all transparent about things, I donated to her too…although not too much…but then I donated to about 10 candidates this cycle so I don’t get all sentimental about it.

  5. That’s correct Jeff, my contribution, which required no reciprocation of any kind from this candidate, demonstrates how much I believe Heidi Hall is a good choice for supervisor in our county.
    She has political integrity, and that is a rare quality which ought to be supported.

    1. Good for you Judith. If one wants to change the system help people get elected, volunteer, or cheerlead, or hold a house party, or donate if that’s what one can do. It seems to be the way a democracy works.

  6. Thank you Steve,

    It takes no small amount of internal fortitude to be proactive on behalf of one’s beliefs in this day of invasive social media.
    Jeff does a good service by investigating and exposing the private lives of active locals, it keeps us all on the straight and narrow.
    But, seeing details of my life that I would prefer remain discreet, rather than fodder for public consumption, does feel vaguely menacing the way it must have for the Pelline’s, when they received questionable magazine subscriptions at their home, or when their child’s privacy was targeted and breached, or when they are body shamed online with cruel surreptitious photo bombs .
    We must remember the times in which we live and that we are all vulnerable to massive loss of privacy.
    It’s just the way it is, now that Big Brother is here.

  7. Yes, some local creeps did send our family unwanted magazine subscriptions, followed by the “fat jokes” and disclosure of where our son goes to school.
    And our son’s bike was recently stolen off the front porch.
    When I donated $500 to Greg Diaz’ campaign for clerk-recorder it was front-page news in our local rag. And RL Crabb even drew an insulting cartoon that The Union happily published.
    It’s all part of our “small town lifestyle.” ROL.

    Having said this, the one appropriate report is who donates what to local political campaigns via public documents. It can be very enlightening.

  8. Memo to “Bored Georgeman”: My wife ran into Heidi Hall at the SPD Market this afternoon. So never fear, George, she is back in town from the “protest” with her “sisters” and will be able to attend Tuesday’s BOS meeting. You’re an idiot, George.

    1. Golly, how the heck did Ms. Hall get back to Nevada County so fast? Did the horse and buggy that carried her from the District of Columbia drive all night?

  9. Another comment from Facebook: “What is the matter with this man? Don’t want to have to cancel my subscription…only newspaper I take except for the Sunday Bee, and I do like to get local news. He is so unnerved by a woman on the Board of Supes and who isn’t in line with him?” —Audrey Ohlson Smith

  10. This from George Rebane: “We need to remind readers new to the socio-political doings on Earth that yesterday’s worldwide women’s marches had little to do with women or women’s rights. It was simply the global Left flexing its considerable bought and paid for (here) muscle, and for the time presenting itself as adherents of socialism. They have correctly identified growing global nationalism in the defense and continuation of Westphalian world order as their mortal enemy. Here the only naivete opponents of socialism may embrace is that socialism is the destination of such marching hordes. Their real objective to the rest of us is much more grim.”

    Why, on earth, would a nonprofit want to invite George Rebane onto its board or “news hour”? To divide and alienate the listeners and patrons, I guess. You can’t make this stuff up!

    1. Now how in the world does he know that this had little to do with women and women’s rights. Has he bothered to go out and ask any of the supporters of this march?

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