Sheriff’s office: Nevada County has 1,404 concealed weapons permits

Former County Supervisor Todd Juvinall’s blog is the “Pakistan” in the local blogosphere — it harbors trolls who post ugly, nasty comments under “anonymous.” They are too cowardly to identify themselves, and Todd protects their identity.

This week one of them — who is too dumb and egotistical to know that his writing style, word choice and grammar/spelling errors always gives up his identity — wrote: “Chip Wilder the ranting lefty loon had a letter to the editor in the Union today. Chip rants about wanting the Union to do a investigative story about carry concealed weapon permits in Nevada County and how the process works.

“Here’s the Nevada County basics for Chip. Nevada County has a population of 98,877, the adult population is 71,158. Nevada County is 957.6 square miles in size. Nevada County has 967 CCW permits issued and in effect. This is a relative low number of CCW permits per person when compared to other counties.” The troll implied that this information was online. Then Todd dismissed Chip as an “idoit,” along with me because Chip posts comments here (under his real name).

After reading this dribble, I sent an email over to the Sheriff’s office. It began: “Hi Keith, This is a post on Todd Juvinall’s hateful blog. Is this CCW information available online? How did this person get it? I notice the post is ‘anonymous.'”

The response from the Sheriff’s office: “We do have CCW info on our webpage regarding applying for the permit.  The #’s of permit holders is not online though. I don’t know how he got his information. .. . We have 1404 valid CCW permit holders in the county.  We issue CCW’s for the cities as well as the County.”

Troll is way off base with his CCW number — it’s much higher

So the real idiot turned out to be Todd and his troll. Todd published more “fake news.” The difference between 1,404 (the real number) and 967 (the ignorant troll’s number) is a whopping 437 permits. The troll is way off percentage-wise and as an absolute number!

And using his population data, which the Sheriff’s office said looks “fairly accurate,” that’s 1,404 permits with an adult population of 71,158. If you do the math, that’s one permit for every 50 adults. And keep this in mind: “In order for inclusion on a CCW license in Nevada County, a weapon must be a revolver or semi-automatic pistol no smaller than .32 caliber and no larger than .45 caliber.  No more than 3 (three) weapons shall be listed on the CCW license.” Yes, up to three weapons per permit!

The Sacramento Bee’s recent front page report titled “Concealed gun permits soar in Sacramento County,” concluded: “About one out of every 135 adults in Sacramento County now has a license to carry. It added: “In El Dorado County, about one in every 60 adults now has a concealed carry permit.”

In his letter, Chip wrote: “I have read that in the Sacramento Bee that the sheriff down there has issued more than 8,000 concealed weapons permits. Does The Union ever plan a story to see how many concealed weapons permits our sheriff has seen fit to issue in our county? What are the parameters for getting a permit to carry a loaded gun around? Does he do a background check? Is there a records check to see if they have a criminal record? What’s the waiting period?”

Chip is right! The Union needs to investigate this.

Author: jeffpelline

Jeff Pelline is a veteran editor and award-winning journalist - in print and online. He is publisher of Sierra FoodWineArt magazine and its website Jeff covered business and technology for The San Francisco Chronicle for 12 years, and he was a founding editor and Editor of CNET News for eight years, among other positions. Jeff has a bachelor's degree from UC Berkeley and a master's from Northwestern University. His hobbies include sailing, swimming, and trout fishing in the Sierra.

15 thoughts on “Sheriff’s office: Nevada County has 1,404 concealed weapons permits”

  1. Only thing I left out was to ask the Union to publish all the names of the people who have these permits. It seems the only thing you have to do to get one of these is to ask. So-
    “To protect and serve” should go both ways. If you have the right to wave a gun around in public I should know who your stupid ass is-

  2. Jeff, I know some Pakistanis and have friends from Pakistan. Unlike a certain blog/blogger/blogettes these are very nice people.

  3. An FOI request might be appropriate. Another ongoing issue — separate from the number of CCWs — are the audits that slam California for failing to ID mentally ill for the gun database:

    “The reports are supposed to go into the Armed Prohibited Persons System, which lists people who, for different reasons, cannot purchase or posses a firearm. The criteria include a court’s determination that a mentally ill person poses a danger to others,” as the Bee stated.

    I NEVER see any substantive gun coverage like this in The Union. Podunk. With 1,404 CCW permits in our County (and up to three guns per permit) that’s a lot of “customers” for Publisher Don Rogers and editor Brian Hamilton to reach with some hard-nosed gun reporting.

      1. And this:
        “He checked only a case for his semi-automatic handgun and no other luggage, according to Jesse Davis, chief of the Anchorage Airport Police and Fire Department.

        “Broward County Commissioner Chip LaMarca, who had been briefed by airport security officials, said the suspect went to the baggage claim area to retrieve his luggage, took the gun from bag, went into the bathroom to load it and then came out and started shooting.

        “The shooter appeared calm and started to fire, without saying anything, said Mark Lea, a witness who spoke in a phone interview with CBS News. People ducked behind chairs and pieces of luggage, as the shooter squeezed off shots.”

  4. When I submitted this letter to the editor it was, and still is, an idea for a story. It is just one story I have waited for in hopes of “more” local reporting of our own environment. This is a simple enough list about every day in Nevada City:
    How did the guy who turned in Terry Lamphier come upon the so called evidence? Seriously. Was he walking by and saw his computer on in his office? I could go on, but why? Shouldn’t we have gotten some kind of in depth timeline story? Very suspicious how this just “happened”.
    Public parking is not nearly resolved and after the Sunset Magazine cover, well a shuttle service may not be far off ( how bout one that is hybrid that runs all day from a central piece of county land?) Did you know the cost of a parking ticket when the meter runs out? ($33 ouch). That parking tickets are a subcontract to a Newport Beach company?
    Costs are escalating for local eateries on both sides of the table/counter what does a night out cost for two at say 5 of the places in downtown? Say from Sushi at Sushi N the Raw to a Combo Plate at Mi Pueblo. Include a real cost for two that includes a bottle of wine with your steak, Saki with your California Rolls, a Corona with your tacos, or just iced tea with your salad. (try and get out of the new cocktail lounge downtown without leaving the best part of $25) They could report on that every day.
    How efficient are the woodstoves inside all these houses? They have banned wood burning in many areas-
    And the beat goes on-

    1. Chip,
      You should be the editor! BTW, I do have some good news and it’s a scoop. A plan is quietly in the works to add dozens and dozens of parking spaces to downtown Nevada City — all at little cost to the city. Stay tuned for the reporting.

    2. And the beat goes on- I submitted this letter to the editor Dec. 22. It took 2 weeks to print. It took one day for a reply to appear with the rules to carry a gun in public— shoot at a paper target, write in any reason you feel is necessary, pay a fee, gun up.
      I can get a speeding ticket in Chicago, Ill. and 3 months later my insurance in California knows about it and will raise my rate if I don’t take a driving class to get it off my record.
      I could pistol whip someone in Chicago, shoot out the neighbors windows, spend 18 months in jail, move to Nevada and buy a gun without a problem. My point being that when they say there are supposed to be back ground checks on individuals who want to carry a gun — our laws are absurd.
      BTW—-You only have two weeks left before Obama finally comes to your house and gets your gun.

  5. More from the morons on Todd’s blog after running out of “bullets” for logical arguments:

    •From out of left field: “Todd, get someone to rent the FUE’s cabin in Tahoe. …Invite a bunch of 2nd amendment lovers and have a real shoot em’ up ”

    •”The rental house and CCW permit posts are two different discussions and are not related or meant to be related. Two different topics.”

    •”Sure they are. So discuss them.” — Todd Juvinall

    Todd is an embarrassment to the natives of this area. A real loser.

    1. You can’t be a 2nd Amendment Lover if you can’t accept its first 4 words. Time to make this loud and clear.

      1. Yup! “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

  6. Todd’s blog is a safe space for conservative snowflakes. It is where they can reveal their innermost desires in a nurturing echo chamber environment. Opposing points of view are blocked.

  7. And the biggest source of “fake news” in our community. This is just the latest example! He ought to rename the blog “The Village Idiot.” lol.

  8. There is a gun store in Bend, OR, named “Trigger Happy”.
    I plan to go visit the store next time I visit up there and find out if the owners have gotten any grief over the name of their business.
    Somehow I just know that if Trigger Happy had tried to open in this county, there would have been a strong negative reaction from the community.
    Is there anything really wrong with that name?

    I am considering purchasing a smaller firearm for myself, taking a refresher course in gun handling and safety as well as some target practice before applying for a CCW permit.
    I would actually like to form a small group of friends and make it a shared activity.
    Military gun ranges are often available to dependents, so in high school we Army brats enjoyed weekend target practice as both a recreational and educational activity, and we had a great time.
    I don’t know too many military fathers, especially the ones who had served in combat and seen death, who weren’t sticklers about gun safety and impressed that on us firmly.

    The animosity being whipped up towards the aging folks these days in the form of head bashings, shootings, stabbings and burnings, has me convinced that it’s probably a good time for me to get comfortable with a weapon again.

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