The “George Boardman rally”

On October 31, The Union’s smug columnist George Boardman wrote on George Rebane’s blog: “After learning Sunday that the Trump mask is the most popular political mask this Halloween, I sold the rest of our stocks this morning. We decided around Labor Day that if Clinton wasn’t a clear winner two weeks before election day, we would sell our stocks so that we are in cash election day. I hope I’m not in a position to say I told you so when the markets close Nov. 11.”

We first brought this up on November 23. Since then, the market has continued to go up! And to think George was once a business writer. Gadzooks!


Author: jeffpelline

Jeff Pelline is a veteran editor and award-winning journalist - in print and online. He is publisher of Sierra FoodWineArt magazine and its website Jeff covered business and technology for The San Francisco Chronicle for 12 years, and he was a founding editor and Editor of CNET News for eight years, among other positions. Jeff has a bachelor's degree from UC Berkeley and a master's from Northwestern University. His hobbies include sailing, swimming, and trout fishing in the Sierra.

23 thoughts on “The “George Boardman rally””

  1. Unfortunately, rising stock market prices do not necessarily mean America is getting great again – but the rich are getting richer.

  2. Brad,
    About 55 percent of Americans own stocks (except Boardman, I guess), so this run-up that been a good thing. It’s not all Trump, either. It’s a “Santa Claus rally.”

    Memo to Greg Goodnight (AKA Mr. Math)
    We have equity in two homes, not one. And you? BTW (Mr. Science) is this you?–gregory-goodknight-grass-valley-ca-20060802×01075-60067/
    “A condition known as vapor lock can occur when the engine heats the fuel lines and the contained fuel becomes a vapor. This tendency is increased if the fuel in the tank is warm, commonly as a result of high atmospheric temperatures. The fuel vapor can result in partial or complete interruption of fuel flow to the engine.”
    You ought to get off the blogs, and get to work! lol.

    1. And this is Greg “Mr. Science” Goodknight’s comeback: “PS general question for all… have there been any reports of parents working behind the scenes, pulling strings, to get their kids accepted into Ghidotti or the other charters like Yuba River or Grass Valley? Just wondering. All three do a lot of cherry picking.”

      No, Greg. High acceptance rate at Ghidotti this year — from all the middle schools. I’m always one step ahead of you. No surprise there.

    2. Jeff, yes the runup is good for the upper 55%, but it is the lower 45% that need the help, hence the Trump presidency. Alas, Trump is heading the same direction as the lower 45% as he has dropped form 121 to 156 on the Forbes 400 (richest Americans). Lol

  3. Don Bessee has the hubris to think this post was somehow his idea. Sure Don. And how about those court documents that were circulating around town during Measure W? Yuck.

  4. Boardman seems unconcerned. Then how come it took so long to make up the delinquent taxes on some properties up here?

  5. Boardman writes: “Thank God for high tech. Those boys don’t even blink when you quote the outrageous rents those properties command these days.”
    This is what Crabb refers to in his cartoons all the time: S.F. area landlords and their outrageous rents pushing out the middle class. Go figure! George is one of them.

      1. Annie,

        Everybody is “greedy” because we all have an hypothalamus.
        Calling people names doesn’t help anything, but it’s all part of the same gratification process.
        I have to catch myself from time to time as well, so I get it.
        We now have an over-sharing and unfiltered POTUS elect.
        Perhaps we should try to set an example for him.

      2. Judith, I didn’t come up with the term “yuppie” and at first liked it when I first heard of it over 30 years ago – then I saw them in action. I do not understand the obtuse chastising when I am speaking from my observation. I believe the person who is named as the president-elect will not learn from favorable examples unless he benefits from them.

      3. Make no mistake, regardless of who repremands you for identifying it. Greed is a disease without a cure, and often it is malignant and pervasive. It’s only a matter of degree. And one should call it out any time it appears in society. If one can control their own, great for them. But the socipaths who exploit their disease need to be identified accurately and quickly. It should be easy over the next 4 years. As for calling names…when it helps society to call a spade a spade, we owe it to ourselves to do it. False magnanimity is also a disease.

      4. Thank you Bruce. I completely agree. If they are not called out on it, the behavior will only get worse.

  6. November 9th, DOW was 18,317, today it’s up to 19,704. That is a hell of a move in one month. Great call selling all those stocks George.

  7. Bruce and Annie,
    I love how you sidestep your own accountability as you cast aspersions on others, neatly conferring the sin of greed onto anybody but yourselves.
    Are your electronic devices on standby?
    Do you have hot and cold running water?
    Are you complaining about the price of energy, groceries and medical care?
    Oh, the needy list goes on and on.
    Look to yourselves before you cast stones.
    Just sayin’, let’s not judge.

  8. Judith…complete BS and strawmen. “I love how you sidestep your own accountability as you cast aspersions on others, neatly conferring the sin of greed onto anybody but yourselves.”…never stated or inferred. And your whole stated argument show a remarkable lack of depth and self awareness. Your examples of “greed” for the “rest of us” are almosr pathological.

    1. Bruce, you nailed it again. I don’t see where I sidestepped any of my own “accountability” because I shared a true experience. Judith, if you don’t like what I experienced why don’t you turn back time and correct it? Why not look to yourself as this is not the first time you came off so “holier than thou” on myself and others with your condescending replies?

  9. Todd Juvinall thinks Bruce and Annie are sock puppets. What a hoot! Let’s drain the swamp that Todd calls his “blog” in 2017! (He can’t even spell “breath”).

    1. Yeah. Hasn’t he pulled this supposition out of you know where before, or was that a different member of the local swamp. You posted about it some months ago. Todd doesn’t have much in the way of a functioning mind. Many locals know me and know where I stand on issues…it’s not like my opinions are held in obscurity. Then again Todd’s not too bright, maybe he latched onto the phrase “sock puppet” without really understanding what it is, to appear to be a thinking organism.

    2. Did I just read this correctly? Todd THINKS? That is a hoot! Can the Union do a feature on that? This is yuuuge, bigly news in our community.

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