Commenters on former County Supe Juvinall’s blog now incite gun violence against “liberals”

Former Nevada County Supervisor Todd Juvinall has never been the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to his commentary, and he harbors trolls on his blog who post ugly comments anonymously — like Pakistan has harbored terrorists. But now Todd’s blog has reached a new low: Inciting gun violence in our community against “liberals.”

One of these creeps writes: “My solution to the ‘Liberal Infestation’ problem in Nevada County is to call Clark Pest Control or have a lottery whereby we conservatives and the liberals name one each conservative and liberal to have a duel with a matched pair of black powder dueling pistols from Cabela’s and the representative from each political faction at fifty paces will duel it out on Broad Street in front of the National Hotel in Nevada City.”

“If I were the conservative pick I’d prefer the liberal to be fat and an easy target and
Jeff Pelline would certainly fit the bill.

“Thought yall would get a laugh out of this?”

So funny I forgot to laugh, you jerk. An article “Black power guns can be deadly” is here.

Perhaps it’s time for local law enforcement to confiscate Todd’s computer and begin interviewing Todd and these commentators as to exactly what they mean. What do you think Sheriff Keith Royal? What do you think “Bradley Jackson”? I think I’m going to call the Sheriff on Monday morning and find out.


Author: jeffpelline

Jeff Pelline is a veteran editor and award-winning journalist - in print and online. He is publisher of Sierra FoodWineArt magazine and its website Jeff covered business and technology for The San Francisco Chronicle for years, was a founding editor and Editor of CNET News, and was Editor of The Union, a 145-year-old newspaper in Grass Valley. Jeff has a bachelor's degree from UC Berkeley and a master's from Northwestern University. His hobbies include sailing and trout fishing.

23 thoughts on “Commenters on former County Supe Juvinall’s blog now incite gun violence against “liberals””

  1. Outrageous especially in these troubled times when so many think the answer to any disagreement is to use a gun, not their brain!

    1. I was in a consignment store in downtown Grass Valley (close to the police station) when 3 or 4 snippy looking homely broads began talking about taking a gun and shooting Liberals. A senior lady looked at them astonished and left as did a lady and her child. I shook my head thinking of Liberal friends of mine that are . . . gun owners! I am so happy this ilk is gone now and a decent business moved into their old spot.

  2. Pruett writes on Todd’s blog: “Barry PruettDecember 3, 2016 at 7:24 AM
    So I have not really been reading any blogs for a year until just recently. Has Jeff been off his meds the entire year?”

    What meds Barry? I don’t take any meds. As a lawyer you should be careful about making unfounded allegations like that. Didn’t you learn anything at the “Valparaiso School of Law”
    Pruett also says he has not been reading any blogs “for a year until just recently.”
    Huh? On Rebane’s Ruminations alone, he was commenting (not just reading) with a signed name last spring
    You got caught in another lie. Glad you were never an elected official. lol.

    Have a great weekend! Hope 2017 is a low-stress year for you! Sounds like you need it.

    1. Now Pruett writes: “Nobody I hangout with knows who Pelline is.” Is he in high school? Still no acknowledgement that he lied outright about his “yearlong” blogging hiatus. Off. The. Rails.

      1. Fish writes, “the previous link provided takes the reader to the search results at Rebanes and the ‘newest’ post from Barry is the one I referenced.” No fish, that link takes the reader to the URL for search results for “Barry Pruett” on Rebane’s blog. Click the “next” button at the bottom of the page to scroll. Sheesh.

  3. Yes, Gail, that’s the MO of a cyberbully. Also notice that in this “duel,” the cyberbully chooses his target (ie, involuntary). And as Steven Greenberg pointed out at the beginning of this thread “We’re now living under an emboldened bullyocracy.”

  4. My favorite recent line from Todd’s blog….””And my color, white, has made others so angry I exist they call for our extinction. So how do we get along when they want us dead?”–Todd Juvinall

    1. Yes Steve that caught my attention too. I believe he posted that on the Facebook comment on the Union. Reminded me of a disturbing NPR piece about Kalispell and Whitefish Montana where a citizen said he wasn’t Xenophobic but just trying to preserve the white, Christian Anglo.

  5. I also got around to reading Todd’s “Other Voices” that The Union published, “I think I’ll gloat.” What he left out is that Heidi Hall, a Democrat, is now his district supervisor. In Nevada County, Hillary Clinton beat Donald Trump, Doug LaMalfa narrowly beat challenger Jim Reed, Tom McClintock lost big, recreational marijuana passed, and all three local ballot measures passed (two of which were opposed by the local Republican Central Committee). Who’s gloating Todd?

  6. Now Todd weighs in: “Todd JuvinallDecember 3, 2016 at 11:08 AM
    He has no humor. It sucks to be him. Maybe a Turkish style hot oil wrestling match? That I would pay to see.”

  7. Who needs brains if a gun is handy? What does that say about some law enforcement officers then? Wow. This really encourages a trust of law enforcement and general good will for it. We have some very good officers in our community and I really don’t think this tact is doing them any good.

  8. Judging from their comments, “fish” and Todd got an “F” in the high school cyberbullying curriculum. Go figure!

  9. What a hoot! George is lecturing “his readers” to quit cutting and pasting my comments into the thread. (He’s referring to “fish”). I don’t think George understands that his commentators are not exactly the cream of the intellectual crop. They are right-wing ideologues.

  10. What a hoot! Rebane couldn’t take the heat of the pointed dialogue on his blog, so he censored the thread. In the “sandbox,” no less. roflol.

  11. Pruett bullied Greg Diaz in his campaign for Clerk Recorder. I had never made a campaign donation, but after I read what Pruett was doing, I donated $500 to Diaz’s campaign. He won too.

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