Memo to Publisher Don Rogers: Others calling out The Union’s deplorable reporting on Measure B

This is from local resident Richard Baker’s Facebook page, echoing sentiments from this blog. Good going Richard!:

“To clarify a couple of things related to the ongoing poor coverage of the measure B in the paper.

“1 – There is nothing stopping local contractors from bidding on school related projects. They simply have to be willing to work in that realm which requires them to register with the Department of Industrial Relations ($300 per contractor) and to file certified payroll – there are CPA’s that do this. The only thing holding them back is them not doing it. Comments to the contrary are misinformed, misguided, shortsighted and tone deaf!

“2 – The letter to the editor talking about the Superintendent of Schools new office and Earle Jamieson school have nothing to do with the Nevada Joint Union High School District. It is a wholly separate organization with a wholly separate budget.

“Please don’t allow the poor information keep you from supporting this important bond measure that will provide safe, clean, contemporary schools for our high school age children. On top of that, why would someone want to move to a place that had aging, dirty, possibly dangerous schools that are decades behind in technological updates – oh that’s right, all the dissenters are people who moved here to retire! Don’t believe the hype – Yes on B!”

Author: jeffpelline

Jeff Pelline is a veteran editor and award-winning journalist - in print and online. He is publisher of Sierra FoodWineArt magazine and its website Jeff covered business and technology for The San Francisco Chronicle for 12 years, and he was a founding editor and Editor of CNET News for eight years, among other positions. Jeff has a bachelor's degree from UC Berkeley and a master's from Northwestern University. His hobbies include sailing, swimming, and trout fishing in the Sierra.

2 thoughts on “Memo to Publisher Don Rogers: Others calling out The Union’s deplorable reporting on Measure B”

  1. Here’s another extremist opinion article on Measure B from a resident named Dee Mann (full of lies and misleading statements) that The Union does not scrutinize before publishing — under the guise of “free speech” rather than exercising editorial judgment. It is journalistic laziness. “Consolidate the fiefdoms.”
    Dee does not mention that Sacramento provides no funding for school capital improvements. From his rant, it is clear Dee has no clue about the nuances of school budgeting, either.

    Dee does not provide examples of “poor NJUHSD management,” just platitudes. He does not mention that Nevada Union High is 60 years old.

    Then Dee writes “this Measure allows for too many optional, nonessential things like bleachers, music rooms, tennis courts, landscaping and swimming pools.” Since when were bleachers, music rooms and swimming pools “nonessential” to California high schools? Where was Dee educated?

    Dee claims to be a “successful business owner.” Does Dee understand that a declining aging population is not a growth strategy? Does Dee think it’s prudent to lay off teachers to afford gas lines? That’s what will happen.

    Then there’s The Union’s paid columnist George Boardman, beating his chest because he claims Dan Walters of the Sacramento Bee agrees with him. Well, George and Dan have one thing in common: Neither have children in western Nevada County schools and are removed from the specific local issue. Other than that, Dan’s column singles out a bond for BART; he mentions the schools in passing.

    When did George Boardman or Dee Mann tour our schools to see what the administrators are talking about? How come The Union isn’t being a “thought leader” in our towns. Because it is beholden to the aging, declining demographic (AKA its readership).

    Nothing has exposed the dysfunction, selfishness, short-sightedness and narrow-minded thinking of our towns more than the opposition to Measure B. What must a would-be resident, with school aged children think? And where’s the NCERC on this issue? How pitiful.

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