Two published corrections in two weeks from The Union columnist Boardman — this time on Measure “B” for our schools

George “CORRECTION” Boardman (Photo: The Union)

We find this gem buried at the bottom of  paid weekly columnist George Boardman’s (AKA “Bored Georgeman’s”) column on Monday morning (October 31) in The Union newspaper, stemming from an inaccurate, embarrassing and uninformed rant against Measure “B,” a needed initiative to upgrade our schools (and support our youth):

“CORRECTION: A $784,000 expenditure for a new track at Nevada Union High School mentioned in last week’s column on Measure B is money earmarked for a new turf field at Hooper Stadium if voters approve the bond issue. District officials state the proposed expenditure is a low priority item.”


It comes on the heels of another inaccurate, embarrassing and uninformed rant — and this correction — from “Bored’s” October 16 column:

“CORRECTION: Sloppy note taking and some ham-handed typing turned a mention of Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap in last week’s column into Dr. Bonner’s Magic Soup. I apologize for the error.”

When is The Union’s management (AKA Publisher Don Rogers and Editor Brian Hamilton) going to dump this moronic column? What are Don and Brian afraid of? The ghost of Jeff Ackerman (a Boardman “mini me”)? Jeff is safely out of the state, much less the community.

Give us all a break! I double dare you. BTW, why isn’t Boardman’s confidant R.L. Crabb cartooning this? It should be titled CORRECTION. roflol.

Author: jeffpelline

Jeff Pelline is a veteran editor and award-winning journalist - in print and online. He is publisher of Sierra FoodWineArt magazine and its website Jeff covered business and technology for The San Francisco Chronicle for years, was a founding editor and Editor of CNET News, and was Editor of The Union, a 145-year-old newspaper in Grass Valley. Jeff has a bachelor's degree from UC Berkeley and a master's from Northwestern University. His hobbies include sailing and trout fishing.

8 thoughts on “Two published corrections in two weeks from The Union columnist Boardman — this time on Measure “B” for our schools”

  1. Shouldn’t the question be when is Swift going to can Publisher Don Rogers and Editor Brian Hamilton? Actually that’s not going to happen, they are made for each other.

  2. George’s retort to being called out on two egregious corrections in two weeks — a record, even for a sloppy journalist like him — is to write a stupid parody article on his “blog” that begins: “Jeff Pelline, the portly publisher of an alleged magazine that promotes purveyors of food, booze and fun in Nevada County, has been banned from the Weather Channel’s popular “Fat Guys in the Woods” series after being caught with food in his possession.”

    Like hyenas, George Boardman and his friends think this is funny (AKA, the litany of “fat jokes”). In fact it is totally asinine, reflecting on him; The Union, where he has been hired as a paid weekly columnist; and the management, including Publisher Don Rogers and Editor Brian Hamilton, who keep running his column for whatever reason. It is a throwback to the Jeff Ackerman era, when as reader Don Pelton here noted, “Ackerman? Here’s my one and only (thank god) interaction with him: I wrote a note to the Union some years ago when I was involved with fighting the re-opening of the Idaho-Maryland Mine. He didn’t like my question and (in the following email) accused me of “sniveling:”

    There is no professional judgment, just like the Frank Pinney paid political ad. Some examples from that debacle:

    “Don Rogers You assume I am angry? I am not. Incredulous, disgusted, and extremely disappointed, yes. I am a long-time journalist (as is my wife, a former San Jose Mercury News reporter), so it is through that lens we view the decision you made to accept advertising dollars rather than refuse to publish garbage. And, to be clear, you have already set a “regular pattern” by publishing this, Pinney’s second piece. Even in your acknowledging that publishing this piece was not, perhaps, your finest hour, you have yet to apologize for it. That might stay a decision to cancel a subscription.”

    “Yes. Beyond the rascist headline – and in this context it is rascist, coded but rascist – I feel you have the right to take the ad dollars and run the submission. But the deeper look you need to take is this – why would someone want to spend their dollars with you? Is it because of the readers you attract? And why, then, are you attracting these readers? Who are you alienating? Your answers will show the picture that The Union has already painted.”

  3. Fat jokes are unacceptable, I get that, but ageism is okay?
    This from an aging declining, “oldie”.
    I usually respond to younger people who put down elders by saying, “Your turn is coming.”
    But, with the planet steadily heating up each year with no end in sight, that may not be true anymore.
    In times like this, knowing how uncertain a future the millennials will face when the average daily temp tops 120-130 degrees, perhaps we should all have a bit more compassion and ditch the name calling.

    1. Judith,
      This “oldie” comment (“Why are the oldies always trying to drag us down? (meaning Nevada County)” came from a teenage boy. That’s no comparison to George Boardman’s ongoing drumbeat of fat jokes when he doesn’t have anything intelligent to say. Fire him!

  4. Jeff,
    Adolescent males become men who carry forth their family and social values.
    And much as we would like to think otherwise, men still wield more power than women.
    We must take care not to foment ageism in the young.
    The lad’s father might have had a serious talk with him about bias, rather than proudly publishing his statement.
    This sort of prejudice leads to a false sense of entitlement, a hallmark of the millennials and to some extent dissatisfied, resentful, middle-aged Gen-Xers who wish to lay the blame for their woes at the feet of the previous generation, without examining their own hyper-consumerist lifestyles.
    The current generation gap is even wider than when I was a young person.
    Electronic devices and social media are accelerating that chasm daily.
    So it goes.

  5. We respectfully disagree on a number of issues Jeff, your blog is a good site for civil debate.
    As I mostly knock around the northwest, and rarely travel elsewhere, my favorite feature of your blog is journeying vicariously with you and your family to all the interesting places in the world you visit.
    Have a great day.

    1. We’re at much different places in our lives in this community, and we often have different circles of friends whom we socialize with around here; hence the different perspectives. But I appreciate all you do to support appreciation of Native Americans — and of course, your artwork.

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