Boardman: A “get off my lawn” column directed at our schools


9ryvxqhThe Union’s paid columnist, George Boardman (AKA “Bored” Georgeman), this week is using his column to advocate for a “no” vote on Measure B — a selfish and short-sighted perspective that undermines our schools, our children, and exemplifies the geezerish “get off my lawn” mindset that is counterproductive to our community’s progress.

He claims “Measure B” doesn’t pass the “smell test.” He blathers on — taking a cue from the “talking points” of none other than Wade Freedle, the tea party and State of Jefferson activist. Wade’s spouse, Fran, was active in county politics during a “bitterly divided” political scene. Real role models for community progress.

What’s missing is that George never got up out of his arm chair in his “gated” community and actually visited the schools, the students and the administrators to get the real “scoop.” If he had, he would have seen the value of this $47 million bond issue. He would have heard about the need firsthand.

Broken gas main at NU
Broken gas pipe at NU

“Our facilities are in urgent need of safety upgrades and basic repairs, as our schools have broken plumbing and bathrooms, aging fire prevention and electrical systems, outdated wiring for computer technology and limited access for students with disabilities,” as the “Yes on B” campaign notes.

This week, I’ve been invited to return to Nevada Union High to address the AP government class. I enjoy having a dialogue with the students, hearing about their concerns, and learning firsthand what issues concern them.

I’ve been asked to speak about the role of media and politics. “I am sure they will be interested in hearing about a small town newspaper versus a publication like the San Francisco Chronicle or Time magazine, as well as the role of social media,” I was told.

I’ll ask the students — among our “best and brightest” — what they thought of George’s column and The Union newspaper in general. (I’ll bring along a copy of George’s column just in case they missed it).

I’ll ask them whether they think The Union management does a good job of reflecting their perspective, whether it’s Measure “B” or anything else, in the newspaper. And whether it is helping to lead our community in the right direction.

Author: jeffpelline

Jeff Pelline is a veteran editor and award-winning journalist - in print and online. He is publisher of Sierra FoodWineArt magazine and its website Jeff covered business and technology for The San Francisco Chronicle for years, was a founding editor and Editor of CNET News, and was Editor of The Union, a 145-year-old newspaper in Grass Valley. Jeff has a bachelor's degree from UC Berkeley and a master's from Northwestern University. His hobbies include sailing and trout fishing.

22 thoughts on “Boardman: A “get off my lawn” column directed at our schools”

  1. Another kiss of death for Boardman is when he starts to quote Fran Freedle. End of story. When you drag out all the assh***s to back up your play you might as well have Trump next to your name and an L on your forehead. ……

    Hey George— ask Freedle, how’s that fire insurance thing is going, down in South County? Great to see that “not” spending $150 a year can cause so much trouble for people to get insurance, what nice people you hang with-.

  2. Here’s a sampling of the signed comments on Facebook this morning about George Boardman’s column:

    * “Please add George Boardman to the list of people not to refer to about measure B. Our kids deserve to attend schools that are safe and contemporary. Sports facilities are as important as classrooms and his comment about booster clubs doing the work is just ignorant. Booster clubs do too much work because the state has under funded our schools for an entire generation. We have deferred maintenance because the state has under funded our schools for a generation. Yes on B!”
    -Richard Baker

    *”I wonder where his kids went to school?”
    -Julie Gerngross Baker

    People who “liked’ Richard’s comment: former Grass Valley police chief John Foster, Jennifer Litton Singer of the Friendship Club, BriarPatch general manager Chris Maher, and former SYRCL executive director Sean Garvey.

    As I’ve said before, The Union management of Don Rogers and Brian Hamilton is shooting itself in the foot by hiring George Boardman to be its weekly columnist. He continues to alienate the “doers” in our community. Wake up Don!

  3. With the present level of on-campus shootings and other kinds of violence we also need to rethink our ideas about how schools and playgrounds function, from a safety point of view, for the protection of students, educators and law enforcement.
    That will take new buildings and new ways of using them.
    It’s getting hotter too so energy efficiency, lacking in older schools, would become critical.
    Perhaps having state of the art schools and being a stellar educational hub would be one way of attracting those millennials and professionals we need to revivify our economy.
    (Cue, John Lennon’s “Imagine”)

  4. It has been frustrating to read and listen to the half truths and misinformation re: Measure B. However, I can more easily accept that from folks who aren’t passing as journalists. Mr. Boardman could have contacted someone, anyone at the school district (go to the source!) and gotten the most current facts on projected enrollments. He could have gotten the facts about the Oversight Committe that must prioritize and agree to how bond funds are spent. Assist. Superintendent Karen Suenram has significant data related to Measure B. I thought this type of expanded research is what journalists do. Sad.

  5. George Boardman is continuing to get skewered on social media for his rant against Measure “B”. (“tone deaf neighbor,” “heartless,” “old folks who don’t pay taxes,” etc.). It’s endless. I can’t imagine how many readers he alienated.

    His only comeback to “Jeffie” is “what has the Chronicle done to advance journalism”? Sure George. BTW, Don Clark played Irish music at our wedding. You’re a bigger idiot that I thought.

    Memo to The Union: What is the value of George Boardman’s column?

  6. The Union’s paid columnist “Bored” Georgeman continues to come under fire on social media:

    “Caleb Buckley: He doesn’t mention matching state bond money. Why do locals want the state to spend their money in other counties?

    “Richard Baker: It’s not hard to imagine that he doesn’t have the whole picture Caleb.”

    “Pamela Biery: Finding retirees lack of commitment to education hard to swallow myself.”

  7. This is the best “Bored” Georgeman could muster on The Union’s own Facebook page:

    “Chow Panda: Another example of misguided priorities. I vote for and support educational opportunities for students but this measure is simply to support football culture at Bear River. Two high schools would be great but it is unsustainable with declining enrollment, even in the short term.”
    And it was “liked” by Bradley Jackson.

    No it’s not. BTW, Bradley, do you even have children?

  8. Here’s George Boardman’s latest post on his blog. Memo to Don Rogers and Brian Hamilton of The Union. And this guy is your paid weekly columnist? You’re kidding me, right? Time to use the proverbial cane, or vaudeville “hook,” to remove George from the “big stage” ( This is not funny; it is stupid:

    “Podunk encourages punks to abuse our seniors!
    Posted on October 25, 2016 by George Boardman

    “Jeff “Podunk” Pelline loves to mock senior citizens who want to protect the green, green grass of home from vandals and other scumbags.

    “All he’s doing is giving license to young punks to abuse our valued seniors, as this disgusting video shows:


    “Pelline better hope his son decides to stay in the foothills because you can bet nobody else will raise a hand to help him through his golden years.”

  9. The Union ought to replace “Bored” Georgeman (a Jeff Ackerman “mini me”) with Megan Ross. Whether you agree with Megan or not, she is involved in the community and does her homework rather than hiding behind a PC:

    Here’s the background about Boardman:

    1. In contrast, look at all the additional people who “liked” this statement on Facebook: “Please add George Boardman to the list of people not to refer to about measure B. Our kids deserve to attend schools that are safe and contemporary. … Yes on B!”
      -Richard Baker

      Sharon OHara

      Kimala Breaux DeSena

      Lucy Bottrell

      Sage Arias

      Kimberly D’Urso

      Molly Fisk

      Jennifer Litton Singer

      Deb Foxen

      CiCi Stewart

      Mary Evans-Peterson

      John Foster

      Shawn Garvey

      Jill Sonnenberg

      Donne Westmoreland

      Dana T. Nadeau

      Vance Goss

      Lindsay Dunckel

      Steffen Snell

      Maya Cordes

      Gayle Seese Long

      Sherri Osorio

      Deborah Curtis

      Howard Levine

      Lars Ortegren

      Ed Thomas

      Claire Kimple

      Greg Cameron

      Jon Buttemere

      Jan Kopp

      Linda Hartman Landsburg

      Chris Owen

      Dawnie Gloar

      Solomon Bassoff

      Kelley Johnson

      Chris Maher

      Nori Whisenand

      Celine Adrianna Negrete

      Lauren Roark Maddux

      Terri Fenton Tilly

      Marina Bernheimer

      Judith Hill-Weld

      Teddy Hill-Weld

      Lisa Napier

      Eric Gross

  10. On behalf of the Yes on B Committee, thanks to all who are supporting this school bond. Be sure to turn that support into a VOTE, and encourage all you know do to the same. Yes on B!

  11. Louise,
    Let’s hope that Barry Pruett and Todd Juvinall are voting yes on “B” despite showing poor judgment on “Bored Georgeman’s” blog.

  12. I think both of the above named Nevada County residents should indeed vote yes on “B”, judging by writing samples observed in their cumulative Internet posts. Particularly ‘Big Bad Todd whose writing suffers greatly from a mental process that seems to flow uphill, the impossible direction for that sort of thing. Defying laws of nature inevitably twists his assertions into unrecognizable and idiotic concepts and bassackward arguments.

    While Boardman is not an appealing substitution for Gene Lyons or even Dear Abby his sentences, often, are at least compound sentences, an elusive achievement for Big Sad Todd. Problem is Boardman’s proboscis functions poorly. Measure B smells just right, like napalm in the mourning.

    I can’t understand why so many older farts like me and Boardman — who’s got me by half a decade at least — have such a problem with continuing their contributions to insuring high quality local education facilities and retaining a highly qualified, professional staff. It takes money to retain teachers and repair retaining walls by the track field, or even get the smell out of wrestling mats.

    Down south, in Auburn, we have Measure M — I think — which would raise taxes for High School bonds, similar, I suppose, to N.C.’s measure “B.” For me it’s a no brainer: vote yes. I always vote yes for such measures and I have no offspring nor could I have sired any since my full body radiation treatments and semi-experimental (at the time, 1969 to 1971) chemotherapy protocol comprised of Nitrogen Mustard, a nasty substance and cousin to WWI’s mustard gas, Vincristine and several other potions presumably found in Harry Potter’s class with Professor Snape. (?) Yet I continue to support these type of bond measures despite my main source of income being V.A. payments for a service connected, 100% disability and a very modest teacher’s pension which has been paid in varying amounts since 1970, till now while I am inconvenienced with a very rare form of leukemia, cancer number four since returning from the defoliated fields and paddies in Vietnam.

    It is not even a question of good or bad (whatever that means) teachers, but simply a matter of doors shutting properly or scoreboards not falling upon ‘the’ or ‘a’ student body. If buildings didn’t deteriorate then we wouldn’t have ‘ruins.’ Bite the bullet, George. Play a couple fewer golf tournaments per year to keep your books balanced. We don’t want to raise kids capable of issuing answers to questions such as the following conversation demonstrates: (a routine on Tonight show with a twenty-something guest.)

    “Do you ever read any of the classics?” (Jay) Leno inquires. The guest draws a blank. “Anything by Charles Dickens?” Another blank. “A Christmas Carol?”

    “I saw the movie,” she blurts out. “I liked the one with Scrooge McDuck better.”

  13. The kid your tax dollars help to educate when you are in your forties may just be handling the scalpel when you need surgery in your eighties.
    It’s simple really.

  14. People just don’t want to accept that taxes are a part of life. In a society that measures success by wealth, greed is the elephant in the room that no one wishes to acknowledge. Why else would a person who has millions and billions of dollars continually seek out more? Lower corporate taxes, deregulation, international trade agreements, off-shore shelters, the weakening of trade unions and bargaining units, etc. etc. have all weakened everyone’s pockets except those at the very top of the monetary food chain. I can understand why those lower down the food chain do not want more taxes as many of them are having a hard enough time as it is. In addition, they have been convinced by the uber-rich owned information machines that government is bad, not to be trusted, is ripping them off. Who wants to support that? All of which seems to have coincided with the rich getting richer and the rest of us losing ground on a daily basis.

    You can fool some of the people all of the time. The better educated our society becomes the fewer the fools. Education is the best investment a society can make for its future.

    1. Greed is a disease with no cure and no treatment, along with clinical narcissism and psychopathology. No cure, no treatment. And often the person is proud of their pathology…like Trump.

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