Union columnist Boardman’s uncalled for attack on YubaNet

The Union newspaper’s “growth strategy” seems to be clinging to a declining, aging, deeply conservative demographic, and nowhere is it more apparent than with its paid weekly columnist George Boardman.

Boardman’s latest target is YubaNet, which has been delivering daily news to the Sierra since 1999 — for free. Its fire coverage is impeccable and its co-founder and editor, Pascale Fusshoeller, is widely respected.

Yet Boardman claims that YubaNet is “smoke and mirrors” when it comes to being a “genuine news source.”

The real issue is that Boardman can’t stand that YubaNet won’t agree with his own views, so he belittles them.

And it has polarized the community. Here’s a comment on Boardman’s blog from Todd Juvinall: “Funny how even I wore (sic) to ask the Yubanet babe be allowed to stay in America. So have we seen any thanks? Nope. And I am told there are other reasons the Yubanet folks are not going to do anything to hurt Senum.”

No one else has commented. No one.

Boardman has a conflict of interest, because he is paid to write for The Union, a competitor.

But worse, you have to wonder what in the world the new publisher Don Rogers thinks is so valuable about paying Boardman to be its weekly columist. Boardman is a “mini me” of The Union’s former publisher Jeff Ackerman, a highly polarizing force who is “yesterday’s lettuce” in our community.

I wonder if Don will have the fortitude to replace Boardman with a columnist who reflects the future of our community — not the past. The community is watching, that’s for sure.

Author: jeffpelline

Jeff Pelline is a veteran editor and award-winning journalist - in print and online. He is publisher of Sierra FoodWineArt magazine and its website SierraCulture.com. Jeff covered business and technology for The San Francisco Chronicle for 12 years, and he was a founding editor and Editor of CNET News for eight years, among other positions. Jeff has a bachelor's degree from UC Berkeley and a master's from Northwestern University. His hobbies include sailing, swimming, and trout fishing in the Sierra.

16 thoughts on “Union columnist Boardman’s uncalled for attack on YubaNet”

  1. Boardman is getting roasted on Facebook. As Placer County supervisor Jennifer Montgomery wrote there: “Yubanet is a highly valued community news source in Nevada and Placer Counties.”

  2. This combined with the Norm Sauer hit piece over the weekend is just what we don’t need. Conspiracy theorists, dog whistle cut and pasted hate from Sauer. Boardman- picking a fight with an online news source that gives our community up to the minute, factual, unbiased coverage. Unbiased, up to the minute, and factual—- being the operative words. Things these two folks on the Unions editorial board aren’t interested in — as usual.

  3. George is now trying to backtrack. But he can’t backtrack from what he wrote: “… its attempt to become a genuine news source for the foothills is pretty much smoke-and-mirrors.” That’s what he said.
    This is clown college from the foothills “journalist” who never made it past the “C-level” newspapers in the Bay Area before he scurried into P.R.
    Sorry The Union management continues to hang on to this fossil.

  4. “We see the results in America of words that inspire hatred. We are all familiar with the radical Saul Alinsky. He was a Ashkenazi Jewish radical who trashed his own country, America. He wrote “Rules for Radicals” a handbook for those who want anarchy. Many of the book’s recommendations have to do with undermining the rule of law and law enforcement. Words to guide those that want to undermine America.”—Todd Juvinall

    Only from Todd Juvinall and the septic tank he calls his blog could we see a former County Supervisor and self styled community leader who chooses to identify an author by his religion.

    Here, let me re-write that for you Todd.

    “He was a [Protestant, Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, etc.] radical who trashed his own country, America.”

    Can you imagine Todd writing that?

    A hint Todd–if one has to continuously repeat that they are not a bigot they are probably a bigot.

    Oh, and one more thing “America” is not a country you functional idiot, it is a continent; the United States of America is a country.

  5. The gun lobby has done way more to undermine the rule of law and law enforcement than any one person or thing on the planet. The police are afraid they will be shot by an armed person (fill in the religious/racial/ etc. villain of your choice), citizens (especially those who fit certain profiles) are afraid they will be shot by the police, stir in the wide availability of weapons made solely for killing other humans, add a pinch or two of heavily armed bat ass crazy people (for any number of reasons), a media system whose first rule of order is “if it bleeds it leads.” Add a quarter of a billion dollars in propaganda and lobbying (over 400 different bills last year) by the NRA (formerly a sport shooting and hunting organization and now a shill for the arms industry) and you have the formula for massive fear. People are afraid for their lives so they shoot first and ask questions later.

  6. Memo to George Boardman:
    Bid on NCERC contract? No, we didn’t. Once again, you can’t get your facts straight. You also ought to bone up on your local electeds in your home in Auburn. You should resign as a columnist of The Union for sheer incompetence. LOL.

  7. Here’s yet another Facebook comment about Boardman’s post: “Yubanet is by far a better news source than the Union. Is he a bit jealous?”

  8. Here’s a sample of what The Union’s Facebook readers are posting under Bored’s column. In a nutshell, not much. I wonder if Mr. Rogers the publisher reads this:

    Kelli Phenix: Go Board yourself George.

    Jezra Sinistra: The main topic of the ‘article’ was the horrible non-work related comments of a County official. Hopefully Boardman has an equal amount of outrage in regards to County official’s dishonesty when discussing official County business with the electorate.

    Jezra Sinistra: Much like Measure W getting put on the ballot, this subject is wonderful filler that is meant to distract the citizens from other more important issues.

    Jan-Michelle Sawyer: Give it a rest. We get it. She got it. Move on

  9. Yubanet is not a member of the fourth estate, because it parses the news according to what it believes and not always what is happening.
    On all matters Nisenan, the Nevada County’s First Peoples, it has fallen flat on its face.
    The fire watch YN provides is valuable, but do not mistake this site for true journalism.
    SNR and YN are members of the fifth estate in which the rules are a bit more flexible and not up the standards of our greatest newspapers, now of the past.
    The internet is indeed changing the way we communicate.

    1. Judith,
      Your lens is myopic; it seems that anyone that doesn’t please you on all matters Nisenan is not up to par. We “subscribe” to YubaNet for its fire coverage alone. I figure it could save our life someday. Pascale’s journalism experience far eclipses anything at The Union, including “old timers” such as George Boardman. All members of the fourth estate “parse the news according to what it believes and not always what is happening.”

  10. God almighty! What is wrong with people today? I love YubaNet and I love the Union. Does it have to be either/or instead of both? Although they both report the same stories on occasion, they serve different functiions.

    Having submitted many articles to Pascale, I can vouch that she is a stickler for not printing anything factually suspect. I can’t count the number of pieces that have been rejected because of the slightest inaccuarcy. She has forced me to become more disciplined in my writing which is a really good thing.

    Case in point. I submitted an article yesterday where I referrenced the resolution the BoS passed to repeal the outdoor cultivation ban if Measure W failed. They stated it was their “intention” to do so. I called that a Resolution of Intent. Pascale corrected me and said a Resolution and a Resolution of Intent are two different thing. Who knew?

  11. You just gave the perfect explanation why The Union is worthless and YubaNet is a treasure. And you still want to defend The Union? The Union is and has been a rag for around ten to fifteen years. Let’s not try to put lipstick on the pig, it just annoys the pig.

  12. George Boardman continues to attack YubaNet. He writes to himself on his blog:
    George Boardman says:
    July 21, 2016 at 3:06 pm
    At 11:30 a.m. this morning, all 10 “news” stories listed in the regional section at YubaNet were press releases. As we know, press releases are always a reliable source for accurate news and information.

    Well, George should know: He scurried off to be a p.r. flack after he worked for the “C”-level newspapers in the Bay Area. I’ve heard his wife has worn the “financial pants” in the family. It would make sense, based on his behavior.

    1. It may just be my masculine false pride but I think the that ‘pants’ observation might be a lower blow than ‘diminutive stature.’
      Fortunately for our pocketbook my wife wears the financial pants in our family 🙂

  13. Facts is facts. I have an acquaintance who has become disabled to some extent. His wife has been supporting his “art” for their almost 30 year marriage as he never really pulled his weight even when he was healthy. He has all the right wing bulls**t points down pat yet he has been on public welfare all this time and rails against the liberal welfare state. BS is BS. Hypocrisy is hypocrisy. Sociopathy is sociopathy.

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