Locals react to Wednesday’s meeting at Nevada City Hall

Chip Wilder says:

Another horrible gun nut incident (this time in Dallas)
A local woman makes a Facebook comment about law enforcement violence nationwide
The woman takes down what she posted after complaints of hurt feelings
The woman apologizes to anyone whose feelings were hurt.
The people whose feelings were hurt wouldn’t accept the apology
The people whose feelings were hurt got all their friends to demand something be done-
The people whose feelings were hurt wanted a kangaroo court and got it in “Podunkville”
Who were these people?
Law enforcement –

sgberg says:

Steve Cottrell: You wish you could’ve been there? Me too: I wish you could’ve been not only there, but still sitting behind the council table!
Jeff: Good point, re how we’ll be judging folks’ handling of the issue going forward. Not just Reinette and the Chief and the POA, but also the Mayor. I was disappointed she essentially threw Reinette to the wolves tonight, so to speak (or as I said to Marianna, back in the playground with the bullies), saying it’s all up to her to fix it now. Instead, I hope Mayor Phelps will exercise leadership in shepherding everyone along together, even if some of them kick and scream a while longer. I see that as the only decent way through, and it’ll make us a stronger community in the long run.

Author: jeffpelline

Jeff Pelline is a veteran editor and award-winning journalist - in print and online. He is publisher of Sierra FoodWineArt magazine and its website SierraCulture.com. Jeff covered business and technology for The San Francisco Chronicle for years, was a founding editor and Editor of CNET News, and was Editor of The Union, a 145-year-old newspaper in Grass Valley. Jeff has a bachelor's degree from UC Berkeley and a master's from Northwestern University. His hobbies include sailing and trout fishing.

10 thoughts on “Locals react to Wednesday’s meeting at Nevada City Hall”

  1. Reinette’s comments were inexcusable. Within 36 hours of taking office she completely alienated the entire police force within our community, she hijacked all the city staff’s time for a week trying to do damage control on the terrible publicity she generated for our lovely town. It costs money to hire lawyers for advise and pay overtime to police to monitor reaction she caused. She now has alienated the city council she claimed she wants to work with. What a shitty way to start a new term as a city councilperson. This has nothing to do with me and I am caught in the cross fire. You say it is my job to fix this. It is Reinette’s job to make amends to our community. Apologies with no follow up other than her conspiracy theories are hollow. I suggest that she should delete her facebook account and refrained from ranting on social media for her term of four years if she does not see the benefits of resigning from office. That would be a good start for me. My lesson learned is social media is toxic and an unhealthy addiction. Get outside, enjoy our wonderful community, and have real conversations with people face to face.

    1. Evans,
      A lot of people found your comments about Reinette’s supporters as “your ‘little friends’ to be demeaning and condescending. In fact, there’s even a YouTube video about it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6IGVpPA-4MY&feature=share
      I’m sure it’s stressful for you to begin your term as Mayor with a controversy, but the comment was inappropriate.

      We work tirelessly to promote our lovely town, and we are homeowners in the incorporated area of the city. So needless to say, we weren’t thrilled at Reinette’s comments. Having said that, we saw many opportunities to de-escalate this situation, yet we have not seen it. For her part, Reinette apologized twice.

      My offer stands: I will donate $100 to the Rudiger K-9 program if Police Chief Foley, Officer Ewing and others go to Los Mineros and “break bread” with Reinette. The mural on the wall of Los Mineros also carries a poignant message.

      Have a great weekend and thanks for all you do!

      1. It occurred to me that the crowdfunding campaign from the Amgen Tour of California shortfall also must have “hijacked” a lot of city time. We did not complain about that. In fact, we donated money to help cover the shortfall. And we’d do it again. But we also see the value of Reinette’s contributions to our town (farmers market, community cleanups, etc.) and find the “piling on” to be counterproductive.

    2. “You say it is my job to fix this”? No, please scroll up a bit and reread: I said, “I hope Mayor Phelps will exercise leadership in shepherding everyone along together….” Quite a difference. It’s you who told Reinette it was her job to fix this, and you’re still saying that here. You add, “This has nothing to do with me,” but you’re the Mayor of Nevada City; how can that be true?

      Just to show you there really can be – and should be – another way, check out what’s happening in Portland this week: http://www.kptv.com/story/32450154/police-union-president-angry-and-disturbed-over-controversial-email-sent-by-city-leader

      The similarities are truly striking. But just as striking is the difference in the police reaction: hurt, angry, yes. But instead of simply demanding the author of the offending email to resign, and refusing to budge, the head of the POA “is inviting [her], along with the Mayor and the Chief of Police, to sit down with him to talk about solutions.” He adds, “I’ve gotten emails, text messages, phone calls from dozens, and I do mean dozens up into the numbers of the hundreds, of police officers that feel that this is workplace harassment. …. How do we mend the fences, how do we build a stronger relationship in the community when we have our own directors of bureaus basically trashing police officers?”

      Fair questions, that deserve fair answers, which I hope he gets. But questions and answers = communication. A far cry from accusations and demands.

  2. The current situation reminds me of a brief conversation Paul Matson and I had years ago when we were serving on the city council.

    I apparently said something Paul didn’t agree with, so he asked to meet with me. When we met, he tole me I needed to understand his bottom line, followed by him saying, “I don’t want to see anything happen that makes Nevada City look bad.”

    And I responded, “I don’t want to see anything happen that is bad for Nevada City.”

    I told Paul that sometimes our goals would run a parallel course, and sometimes they would not, and that was pretty much the end of the conversation.

    Today, I am reminded of the brief chat Paul and I had way back in the 20th century.

    Has Reinette’s comments made Nevada City look bad? You bet.

    Has the negative publicity been bad for Nevada City? You bet.

    So sad –– on both accounts.

    1. You forgot to mention the others who escalated/continue to escalate the situation. Reinette apologized twice.

  3. It’s a microcosmic version, (in our own sweet little town) of the macrocosmic BS they’ve been piling on Hillary and Bill for 25 years. Eventually, even the left believes the big lies, because after all, they too, are not deep thinkers.

  4. I find this ridiculous! Reinette made the comment. It was a bit disturbing. She apologized. This story blowing up and hurting Nevada City’s (and Reinette’s, too) image is on all those that chose to go there, including the Nevada City Police Department and City Council. It is time to quit whining about what you created. If you wanted, this could have been handled in Community, very easily. That, obviously was not what was wanted. Get over yourselves, take Jeff’s idea ( and money), meet with Reinette, and move forward.

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