Facebook posts under articles about Reinette Senum articles

Editor’s note: I have been interested to read some of the Facebook posts under Reinette Senum articles this week.

Reinette removed the offending sentences and apologized, but never mind that: stories were being “shared”; petitions were being signed; internet trolls were out in full force; law enforcement associations called for boycotts of her restaurant (“Los Mineros is a great restaurant to avoid if you’re looking to dine in Nevada City,” said the Placer County Deputy Sheriff’s Association); and NC Scooper — which The Union has praised as “amusing” — was getting its kicks (and still is).

I do not believe this was all “organic,” either. Regardless, we are experiencing a real cross section of “Americana” I guess. Here we go:

“Boycott her restaurant.”

Response: “Amen”

“I will NEVER step foot in her business and I know none of the NCPD will either.”


Response: “Perfectly stated, Steve!”

“I’d like to flip this bit** off in person.”

“Now go live off Obama food stamps.”

“Please dig out your blue lights in Support of Police Officers. See Nevada County Peeps for pic. Please post your pics tonight. Spread all over social media.”

“I am sickened by Los Mineros ‘reviews’ on Yelp. Is everyone aware of this? Photos of rats and cockroaches all stolen from the internet posted on Yelp as being taken at Los Mineros. I have reported many of these posts, but it takes a ton of work.”

“She is useing (sic) the Hillery defence (sic). i did not know what i was doing.”

“Sc**w her.”

Response: “You sc**w her. I have too much respect for my di** to put it anywhere near this wench. They are communists and the day Obama took office was the quietest coup d’ etat’ in the history of any country on earth.”

“We need to exercise restraint until Trump is sworn into office.”

“Los Mineros restaurant in Nevada City is owned by this who*e. Boycott if you are an American who supports our police.”

“Cu** bag. I hope she gets fired.”

Response: “Cu** bag. Perfect.”

“Cut her tires on all her cars. Make her life miserable.”

Author: jeffpelline

Jeff Pelline is a veteran editor and award-winning journalist - in print and online. He is publisher of Sierra FoodWineArt magazine and its website SierraCulture.com. Jeff covered business and technology for The San Francisco Chronicle for years, was a founding editor and Editor of CNET News, and was Editor of The Union, a 145-year-old newspaper in Grass Valley. Jeff has a bachelor's degree from UC Berkeley and a master's from Northwestern University. His hobbies include sailing and trout fishing.

22 thoughts on “Facebook posts under articles about Reinette Senum articles”

  1. I suspect the biscuits and gravy crowd calling for a boycott of her restaurant wasn’t going to eat there anyway. Any post that calls for harm to Reinette or her property should be reported, and it usually takes several reports with Facebook before they remove the offending content.

  2. That language and it’s the same mouth they put food (not Los Mineros) into. I hope trump does not become president although the language spoken would be the same (I understand Hillary is rather foul mouthed too and don’t care for her either).

  3. There is no excuse for this kind of filth in civil discourse.
    It is horrifying to witness.
    Perhaps these very prurient fantasizers will be exposed one day.

  4. Perhaps it took something unfortunate like this to happen in order for us all get out of our Nirvanna Fog and see this community for what it really is, or becoming. As Jeff would state, “podunk” at best. On some days I wonder if I’m living in East Jesus Tennessee instead of just 3 hours from the bay. After this witch-hunt, I have come to believe that small minded people speak with their mouths wide open. Despite the unworthy persecution of one of our better citizens, there are many of us who will stand behind Reinette and focus on the larger picture and what she was trying to convey as a private citizen. Having grown up in the 60’s, I remember well the racial combat, the anti-war riots and the Kent State shootings. Move forward to 2016 and look at who’s running for president on the republican ticket, seriously…our country is messed up and we are slipping radically backwards as our political parties become more polarized. Agression and bullying will continue to rise. There may be a threshold at which the population puts a lid on itself in dealing with the contempory “human condition” of overpopulation. We are fortunate to live where we have room to stretch, however, the new mentality reeks of too many rats in the cage when we all start turning our backs on one another or start to self-mutilate. Wake up world!

  5. This mob mind set is more scary then what She originally said. I am very disappointed that the Nevada CIty Chief of Police did not go directly to her and speak to her- but chose to go even more public and to make it far worse.I do not like to see division- but to see it nurtured by a person of authority is unacceptable.I hope this is resolved with less violence then is being suggested.

    1. Trump’s ascension and the extreme part of the GOP has tacitly encouraged many of the previously hidden reptiles and walking,talking diseases to come out from under their rocks and proudly strut around while displaying their insidious, insipid and diseased opinions on how we all should be. We are in the midst of a very sick country where the dark underbelly minority of society makes the most noise and whips up “group mind” , with little of their own capacity for actual thinking. It can even be seen in the minority but vocal and extreme end of the Bernie circus. I read the comments from people who are upset at his Hillary endorsement and their is NO DIFFERENCE AT ALL from the crap coming from Trump’s side of the spectrum. We are screwed.

  6. These vicious comments (with the exception of the kind person trying to delete the Yelp reviews) reflects much more poorly on our community than Reinette’s FB post. Flashbacks for me to the heinous racist comments I grew up hearing here. Hate is hate. When did public officials in Nevada City lose first amendment privileges anyway. I missed that.

  7. I don’t understand the value of reprinting this upsetting garbage. I suppose you could justify it as anthropologically interesting. But it’s inflammatory, even when only inflaming disagreement. Very upsetting.

      1. Hi Don,
        I could think of no better way to illustrate how this has snowballed out of control, even after Reinette apologized. And I do not believe it was all “organic” either. Sorry to upset you; sometimes we confront ugly things. The good news is that this is the exception, not the rule, here.

      2. Sadly, it’s not all wisteria and white picket fences around here, though I wish it were.

  8. These comments are unacceptable in a decent society. Some people cannot respect ALL of the Constitution including the first amendment. She explained her statement. I have never felt that the police of Nevada City or Nevada County were out of line but some department are.

  9. I don’t necessarily think all the vitriol is about Senum in particular, although she is a local favorite when it comes to bashing from the far out right. These people exhibit the same kind of behavior toward any so-called liberal for virtually any reason. They are so desperate to justify their absurd political views that they will jump at any and every excuse to bash and trash anyone with an opposing opinion in a meager attempt to elevate their own opinion of themselves and ease the guilt of their stupidity. This is NOT to say I approve nor condone what she said as I think her statements were ill conceived and insulting at best, especially to the many public servants who risk their lives daily. Her conspiracy theory of cops killing innocent black people to incite riots or whatever, ranks right up there with the climate deniers.

    The bottom line is that every time there is a mass killing the stock in gun manufacturers goes up. Do something about that and killing will slow to a trickle. Paranoid heavily armed people are not who we want walking the streets.

  10. Joe- I am not the “far out right”. Nothing even close. I’m left of center on most issues but Reinette’s screed was so far beyond the pale it left me feeling hollow. Beyond angry, I am simply at a loss for words or emotions. She is welcome to her fantasy fringe world, but when it slams our own law enforcement and first responders it is beyond any left or right thing. The lefties are blaming the righties for fanning the flames and the right wing is putting Reinette on a pedestal as the poster child for how the lefties feel. Neither accusation is close to fair. We all look bad. She has somehow crossed all boundaries and become a lightning rod that all sides want to use as an example of how f**ked up the other side is. We had dinner tonight at the river with a large gathering of friends (mostly “hippy” types) and I am comfortable in saying my words speak for all of us.

    1. “Jon Smith,” I notice you continue to pollinate the blogs with your anonymous negative comments long after Reinette has apologized. When are you going to help de-escalate this issue? We don’t even know who you are.

  11. “fish” and Todd Juvinall are a real hoot!
    Here’s an example on Rebane’s blog:

    “I stand corrected. Apparently “song kowbell”….pretentious affectation aside actually exists.
    Carry on!
    Posted by: fish | 13 July 2016 at 06:15 AM

    “Yes she does exist. When I was a Supe we had a hearing and she came down off the Ridge to be a part of it. I don’t recall the issue. Anyway when she came to the mike she sang a song about birds and trees and critters. She came to other hearings for a while. Then I never heard she was still here until this week when she started attacking me on FB Vents. Nasty little dame. Posted by: Todd Juvinall | 13 July 2016 at 06:52 AM”

    I wonder if “fish” (David of Carmichael) and Todd have self-awareness as to how both are perceived. No, gentlemen, you are not the “voice of reason” around here. ROFLOL.

    1. Good point Jeff. For those who think I don’t exist they certainly are chatty sots in responding to me. One even speaks of getting the fist – TMI for my book.

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